College Kids React To Their First Episode Of Teens React #7
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College Kids React To Their First Episode Of Teens React #7

– (FBE) So today, you are
going to be reacting to yourself. – Oh, no. – I hate this. No! If it’s 14-year-old me
in my first episode, I’m gonna lose my [bleep]. – (FBE) You are going to be
reacting to yourself from the first Teens React
episode you were in. – Wow, this is gonna be fun
and embarrassing. – I don’t mind what I say,
I don’t mind how I sound, but I look really bad.
I had just dyed my hair black for the first time. – I remember going into that
and, oh, god, first of all, it was the older building
and it had a “for lease” sign outside of it, so my mom,
who drove me, was like, “This is the place?” It’s so bizarre to think about though
because it was such a small office, and then now we have this much room
and it’s completely different now. – (FBE) First, we’re gonna show you
this picture from your first episode. – No, stop! Can we just skip that? – Oh, it’s me in
that stupid white bow. Oh, my god. Yep! I was probably not even 100 pounds yet
because my mom was always like, “Is she gonna grow?” I wasn’t allowed
to wear makeup until I was 15. I remember begging my mom
that morning, like, “Please let me at least do
my eyebrows and mascara.” Those were the two things–
so, of course, she let me do that, but I think it’s just so funny
to see me all barefaced, slightly oily. The fact, too, that I’m on
the adults one now, there was no Adults React
when I started on Teens. I thought it was just Teens,
and then it was gonna be Elders, so it was nice that once I got older,
Adults React started because then I was like, “Hey,
I get to still be on the show. This is nice.” – Ah! I hate it. Bye. I had had my hair red,
not a Hayley Williams red, but a red, and I was
in a show at my school. I had to play someone
who spoke Spanish, even though I don’t speak Spanish,
and my director was like, “So she wouldn’t have red hair.” And I’m like, “Okay.” She was like, “You need to dye it.”
So I dyed it black. I was into the music scene
and I was sometimes kind of labeled scene emo-y at my school,
even though I wasn’t. – That’s me all right. I just look more awkward
because I was 17. Definitely still going through
my awkward phase. Pretty much until,
like, five minutes ago. I remember going down the street
to shoot this episode back when they were doing it
out of a little place and I remember just being like,
“I have no idea what this is, but I’m just gonna do what they say.” – (FBE) Now we’re gonna
show you some footage of you from your first episode.
– Okay. – (FBE) Do you remember
what the topic was? – Oh, of course.
Its was Teens React to Twilight. It was the very first episode
of Teens React. – Of course, Twilight. – PrankvsPrank, and I was
thinking about this recently because I was like if they had me
in any other episode, I don’t think I would have
done as well, only because I was already familiar
with PrankvsPrank so I was in my element
as soon as that video started. – (Tori) Oh, I love PrankvsPrank. – Aaaah! (laughing)
Do I still sound like that? I hate this but I love this. – (Tori) Run, Jesse, run!
– Oh, god. I still laugh the same way, though. I still do “Eh-heh-heh-heh.” This is so weird. I feel like I’m such
a different person than 14-year-old Tori now
that it doesn’t even feel like me watching myself. It feels like just me
watching a 14-year-old. – (Tori laughing)
That is so messed up! Oh, my god. – Okay, the other thing is too
I used to laugh– I laughed really weird
during this time because I used to laugh
really ridiculously and I was always embarrassed
about that, so I had to consciously be like, “Ah-hah-hah”
and laugh out so that I wouldn’t sound like a clown. – (Tori) The payback.
– “The payback.” I was such a shy kid during this time,
but I was such a fan of the show that I was like, “Okay, Tori,
this is your chance to be that talkative person
that you’ve wanted to be.” – (FBE) So you’ve
watched these before? – (Tori) Yes, PrankvsPrank.
– (laughing) That was such a perfect topic for me
because at least, like, I know there were
a few people in this episode who didn’t really know
what it was exactly, so it was nice being familiar
because that kinda helped me stand out just a little bit more. – (FBE) Their names
are Jesse and Jeana. They’ve been dating since 2007,
pranking each other for years. – (Tori) That’s a really long time
for people who are so cruel to each other.
How did they not break up? Like, seriously?
– I sound so fake. I know for sure
at the time I was like, “How did they not break up?” Like, trying to slow down my words
because my brain goes so much faster than my mouth goes. – (FBE) …their relationship?
– (Tori) I don’t know. I guess it brings them closer together
because it’s something they like doing together.
– (laughing) I sound like such a little kid! PrankvsPrank, like this was
a huge channel back in the day and Jesse and Jeana
are completely different people now. It’s just so weird that this is like–
it’s a whole different era! – (FBE) They’ve been together
for over five years now. Do you think they’ll be able
to stay together forever or do you think a prank
will one day lead to a breakup? – (Tori) I guess they kinda have
their fanbase to depend on. Like, “Come on,
let’s do this for them. Let’s stay together for them.”
– That’s not a good mentality. That is not a good mentality to have! That’s like a YouTube couple
being like, “Yeah, let’s stay together for the fans.”
That’s awful! – (FBE) And they also have–
– Oh, my god! Adam, why is he wearing a coat? Also, it’s crazy to watch Adam,
Jeanie, Ethan, Eric, because I was a huge fan of the show,
so I was watching them before I was on the show,
even though they weren’t on that much longer than I was,
I probably came on maybe a little less than
a year after Teens React started, but it’s so weird.
Like, these are my friends now. – (Tori) They’re just so random. Jesse and his cookie dance,
where’s he’s all like, “Cookie. It’s a cookie.
It’s a cookie.” – Noooo! So one of my friends
from high school saw this video and she– every time she
would see me in the hall, she would go, “It’s a cookie.
It’s a cookie. It’s a cookie.” – (FBE) If this couple was watching
this video right now, and you could give them an idea– – I don’t remember
what I said for this. – (Tori) Oh, my gosh, she has
to do something with ghosts because Jesse’s afraid of ghosts. If Jeana did something
with a projector and a ghost coming in or something,
that’d be amazing. – I just realized something, too. My brother, my little brother,
he’s 14 right now, so he’s my age, which is why
when I hear myself talk I’m hearing him talk now. Like, this is exactly
what he would sound like. Oh, my god! Also, the fact that I just knew
that much in-depth about these YouTubers
is kind of insane. – (Edward) To love…
– (Bella) To cherish… – I was so over Twilight
at that point. This is so awkward. – (FBE) Are you a fan
of the Twilight saga? – (Jade) I’m a fan.
– (snorting) I was a fan but
I wasn’t in love with it like I was before. Honestly, the fans
turned me off of it, and then I found better books.
– (FBE) Are you Team Edward– I remember what I said here.
“Switzerland.” – (Jade) Team neutral. Switzerland. – I just remember all
the Team Jacob, Team Edward stuff and I didn’t really care that much
about either of them. Team Switzerland, it was a thing
people would say in the Twilight fandom. – (Jade) You need
to not have a weak female. What are you showing?
This is how all girls are? No! – I do like what I said.
See, I was starting– well, I’ve always been
a feminist and stuff, but it was just starting. It was good to know
I was a “woke” teenager. – (FBE) Finally, are you going to see
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1? – (Jade) Yes.
– I did see it… I think months later, though. I went in and filmed this
in Rafi and Benny’s apartment and then I was seeing it grow,
and then they got their next office
that was a little bigger and they had some people
that they started hiring, and then when they moved
into their bigger office, and now they have 50 people
working for them. It’s just crazy,
seeing how far it’s grown and I’m so proud of what
they’ve built this company into and it’s really cool
to have been a part of it from the start of Teens React. – (Austin) Bow-chicka-wow-wow!
– This guy. This guy knows where it’s at. – (FBE) Are you a fan
of the Twilight saga? – (Austin) I like the Twilight saga. – Ooh, I regret saying that on camera. This was the first episode,
so it’s just some random thing I did out of all
the little weird random things I did/do every day,
so I didn’t think much about it, to be honest.
Little did I know. – (Austin) I’m an avid reader. That’s probably the reason why
I’m male and I read them. – (laughing)
It’s so terrible. Although, I think I have a point. That’s probably the only reason
why– I just read a lot at that age. – (FBE) So what is
the story of Twilight? – (Austin) It’s basically about
Prince Charming, if he was trying to eat you.
– (scoffing) Nice! I stand by that. – (FBE) And so are you Team Edward,
Team Jacob, or Team I Don’t Care? – (Austin) Team Edward all the way.
– I stand by that again. Man, I was pretty smart back then. – (Austin) The producers and directors
see this stuff and they’re like, “Oh, okay, that’s what’s working,
so let’s just make more of that.” – It’s a very ineloquent way
of putting it, but, yes, that is true. They do jump on the bandwagon. – (FBE) How does it make you feel
about society, knowing that things like Twilight
are things that become so popular? – (Austin) Yeah, it does
make you wonder a little bit about my age group
and a little younger. – What’s this? What’s that?
Do I do that? Do I do that now? – (FBE) And what would
you say to the Twilight haters? – (Austin) Give it a chance
because there are cool moments. I’m not gonna say it’s all fluff. – I just noticed that I’m
wearing a necklace over my shirt. Hold a minute.
Can we go back in time and undo this?
– (Austin) Yeah, I’ll see the movie. I can’t help myself.
– I couldn’t– follow up, I couldn’t help myself.
I did see the movie. – (FBE) What seems
to be the plot of this? – (Austin) Two people get married,
go to an island, make sweet, sweet lovin’,
and then the baby starts killing people
and then dogs get mad. – (laughing) Oh,
make sweet, sweet lovin’. Somebody’s a virgin. I feel like when I came back,
I was more nervous than I was the first time
because I was like, oh, I did this thing forever ago
and I had no idea what it was and now it’s this big thing
but it’s gonna be really uptight, but the people here are so chill.
It’s just like any other day, so it was a little nerve-racking,
but now I feel I’m pretty settled in again. – (FBE) So how does it feel
to watch yourself having now grown from Teens React
to now being in Adults and being able to continue
watching yourself over the years? – It’s cool for me, but it’s awkward
knowing that people could just go and watch me when I was 16. It was cool seeing that evolution. I’m also seeing
what I thought back then versus what I think now,
which is not that different. It’s just, I think, more informed. – It’s weird. It’s definitely partially nostalgic,
partially embarrassing. It’s nice to see where you come from
and remind and humble yourself, like how you used to be. – FBE and Teens React, for sure,
just brought me out of my shell. I don’t think I would have
been this opinionated and this sort of talkative
if I had not done Teens React. I think getting thrown into the water
of something this big, it sort of forces you to–
okay, I’m gonna let my true self come out now because
there’s no hiding anymore. The fact that one decision
I made when I was 14 got me to here,
I don’t know, honestly, what would have happened
had I not been on FBE. I think I would’ve just gone
through high school like normal and gone to college,
but I don’t think I would have had as set of a mind as I do now
of what I want for my future. – Hey, guys, Vartuhi here,
a producer here at FBE. Thanks so much
for watching this episode. What other react-ceptions
do you guys want to see? Let us know down in the comments. Bye, guys.

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