College Kids React To The Game Grumps
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College Kids React To The Game Grumps

– They’re called the Game Grumps,
but this isn’t a game. Which is cool. – Oh, cool. They have
a gaming channel too? ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – Dan, do you like cooking? – Oh, thank God.
I thought you were gonna say– – (both) Game Grumps! – Oh, my god!
I love Game Grumps! – Awww. The Game Grumps. – (Arin) Do you like cooking with me?
– Is this a cooking show? Oh, I love these. – I have no idea who these people are. – (Arin) It’s an Easy-Bake
ultimate oven! – I haven’t cooked with
an Easy-Bake oven since maybe 2003. – (Arin) Vanilla frosting mix.
– (Dan) Okay, excellent. – (Arin) Sugar crystals.
– (Dan) Excellent. – (Arin) Ooh! Easy to use. – (Dan) They’re like Neosporin
but you can eat it. – They’re called the Game Grumps,
but this isn’t a game. Which is cool. Clearly, they can
create diverse content. – (Arin) Uh, cupcake pan. – His hair looks like
the guy on Workaholics. – (Arin) Are you– what the [bleep]?! We’re supposed to be making this! – I’m sure that powder tastes nasty. – (Arin) What even–
what did you even eat? The brownie mix?!
– Ew! – Who are these guys? I need to start
watching this right away. – (Dan) Dude, your teeth are so pink. Are you eating more of that frosting?
– (Arin gulping) – This is what people do. They just get high
and they do stupid stuff. – I like their vibe.
They have stoner vibes. – (Arin) Throw that in there.
– (Dan) All of it? – (Arin) Yeah, all of it. – This is not gonna turn out well. – (Arin) Tea–
– (Dan) Boop! – (Arin) That’s a teaspoon, right? – I don’t think that was a teaspoon. – (Arin) “Stir in and press
the mixture together until it’s thick and doughy.” – I don’t think they know
how to cook very well. – I used to go to school for pastry
and it just bothers me. – (Arin) Where has this been?
– Ugh! That’s disgusting. – (Arin) That’s what happens
when you put too much water in an Easy-Bake oven. – There’s nothing you can do
but laugh when they talk. I literally love them! – (Arin) Press each ball down
using the palm of your hand– – This is like watching
a How To Basic video right now. – (Arin) You gotta
put it on the tray first. – They’re just nailing it, every turn. – (Dan) I’m sorry, did you
want me to cook or not? – (Arin) You have
to put in a hamburger, not a hotdog! Just the experience alone– – He just looks
like he’s covered in [bleep]. – (Arin) Just the experience alone
of cooking with my friend Dan– – (Dan) It’s good. – (Arin) It has really enlivened
my spirits. – The dynamic is just so cool. They’ve clearly been
friends for, like, ever, and I think that’s something
that people really like when they’re watching content. – (Dan) I think I pushed it
back in. No! – How long was it in there? Ewwww! – (Arin) Cookies!
– That does not look like cookies. I think you could tell
what that looks like. – That looks nasty. – (Arin) Let’s pour
a little color onto there. – (Dan) Of course! – (Arin) To make it extra special. – I feel like that’s me
just handing in a school project. It just looks so [bleep]
but I’m like, here, let me put it in a nice font. – (snickering) That is disgusting! – (chuckling) – (Arin) It’s delicious!
– It’s so good. – (Arin) Thanks, Easy-Bake. – See, just two homies
baking some cakes. I liked that because
it was so laid back. – That’s just straight-up stupidity. It was funny but
I wouldn’t watch it again. – They’re always doing something
kind of different and it’s so funny to me because
it just shows how creative they are. – I didn’t know what
they looked like, though, so I didn’t recognize their faces,
but their voices, I’m like, “Wait, these sound
like the Game Grumps.” I love them.
They’re so funny. – But I don’t drink
and you don’t drink. – (Arin) It’s a double entendre. We’re breaking
some Guinness World Records. – Oh! Clever. – Okay, that’s kinda funny. – (Arin) The first one is
the most Jell-O eaten in one minute. We’re using chopsticks. – (Dan) The record is 716 grams.
– Ugh. Oh, boy. – (Dan) Do we have
a way to calculate grams? Oh, stop! Did you really– – They came [bleep] prepared. – (Arin) Super snack pack Jell-O. It’s made with 10% real juice. – They look like they’re
from a heavy metal band. – Yeah, they do! – (Dan) So we just want to pour it in? Oh, god! Oh, it’s everywhere. – It’s hard to eat Jell-O, though. – (Arin) That’s 864.
– (Dan) Okay, okay. – (Arin) So I have to eat that–
– Oh, my god. – (Dan) Okay, ready?
And go! – Oh, it’s easier to pick up
than I would have thought. – He’s doing great!
– He’s doing great. – (Arin crunching)
– Oh, the sound! – (cameraman) You ate 318 grams. – (Dan) Wow, that’s pretty good, dude. – (Arin) That’s almost half. – I don’t think this is funny. – I don’t even know these guys,
but I feel like they represent everything that I stand for in life. – (Arin) So the next challenge
that we’re going to be doing, should you choose to accept… – (Dan) Ooh! Sh’mellows! – You can kinda tell their stuff
is scripted a little bit, but they still react
as if it’s the first time they’ve reacted to it before. – (Arin) The challenge is
the most marshmallows eaten in one minute. Go! (pots banging)
– What is this music? – It just sounds like
someone playing Call of Duty in the background. – Oh, my god. He’s gonna
have a nasty stomach ache. – I’m pretty sure any nutritionists
or doctors that watch these are really upset with
the life choices that they’re making. – They’s no joke to it. It’s just them trying to be funny. – (Dan) You had 11 marshmallows.
– (laughing) – (Dan) You look
ready to die right now! – Oh, man, his eyes
were just crying out for help. – It’s not that I’m not enjoying it,
but it’s not really my kind of humor. – As much stuff as they
do that’s not gaming at all to me, it’s like I came here to watch you
guys play Monster Hunters, but, you know,
I guess I’ll stay for this. – Guess what we’re doing today, Dan?
– What’s up, buddy? – (Arin) We’re doing one of these! – Oh, I’ve seen
one of these things before. – (Dan) As an added bonus,
we’re gonna watch Arin eat some stuff.
– I’ve used these before and they’re disgusting. – (Dan) …which might actually be
the most disgusting thing we’ve ever done on this channel. (laughing) – Oh, he’s slobbering.
That’s so gross. – (Dan) Tilt your head back
and close your throat. – Oh, wait! I’ve seen this GIF
of it just falling out of his mouth. – Ugh, no!
– (Dan) Mmmm! – Okay, this is a choking hazard now. – That’s disgusting. It’s great. – My boy’s gonna choke.
He’s gonna gag. – (Dan) Jesus Christ, Arin! Fine! – I just hate looking into
their mouth when they’re chewing. That’s disgusting. – (Dan laughing)
– (Arin) MORE! – To me, this almost kind of
reminds me of Rhett and Link on drugs. – They’re literally comedians to me. They’re so funny
and they’re loud and they’re exciting and they sound like
they’re having so much fun and I think that’s why
I like them too. – (Dan) Let’s help
each over get over this. – Oh, okay, see, I’ve seen
some of their gaming stuff like this. – Oh, cool. They have
a gaming channel too? – (Dan) Damn it! – I’m gonna be spending hours
watching these guys. – (Dan) Goddamn it!
– Are these bunnies? – (Dan) Goddamn it!
– Oh? Oh? – Now you’re stuck. – (Arin) …Rumble in
the Bronx but backwards. – Come on, find a way to get up. – He’s trying. – (Dan) There we go.
– And dead. – (Dan groaning) – The noises he’s making. – Wait, what is this game?
I want to play it. It looks fun. – (Dan) You got it.
We’re a little husky. – This reminds me of the VR chats
and they just do stupid stuff and just commentate over it. – (laughing)
– This is great. – (Dan) The carrot’s mine! – I feel like this
is the mindless stuff we all need once in a while. – Do they just get
super stoned off camera and just don’t tell anyone
so their [bleep] doesn’t get demonetized? Because that’s the vibe I’m getting. – (Dan) Woo!
The carrot’s mine. – Oh, my god.
– (Arin) Oh, [bleep]. – Wow, this is some quality content. They’re so good
at doing different stuff because they’re just so ridiculous
in every situation. – I really like the sit-down one. I think the thing is that
I really just enjoy watching them because it feels like
I’m one of their friends and I like that style a lot more
than I did the actual gaming. Like, the gaming is fun,
but I can’t see them. – (FBE) So those videos
all come from the YouTube channel Game Grumps.
– “Game Grumps.” They have a new subscriber. – (FBE) So do you like this channel
from what you’ve seen? – I liked the gaming portion
but I’m not the biggest fan of the skits. – It’s not my thing. I wouldn’t watch this again. This is what I would call
middle school humor, you know? – Yes!
– Yes, we love this channel. Someone sent it to us
because the way they laugh reminded them
of the way Kelly and I laugh. Kelly just started
literally binging them. – I do like it. You can tell they’re
totally themselves. I feel like some YouTubers
try to put on a personality. I mean, you can’t fake that. – It was such
a friendly kind of format. I really like when I can
connect to the creators as more than just a viewer. It feels like I’m
hanging out with them. – I like the channel. I’ve been watching them
for about two, three years now. Their commentary and their banter
while they’re playing is probably what kept me. These dudes probably hate each other
in the best way possible and I’m here for this content. – (FBE) So they started
as a gaming channel, actually. But then in the recent years,
they’ve evolved to include more videos kind of like the ones you saw today.
– I really like it, though. I know, too, it might
have been a little bit of a shift for the fans who were
maybe there for the gaming content, and then it started moving
into something else, but then again, it’s just evolving
with the YouTube culture. – (FBE) What makes them stand out,
to be able to find success not just with gaming
but with other concepts like this? – I think it’s just because they seem
like really relatable people. – The one with the really curly hair,
he sings too, so I was like– they do a whole bunch of stuff. Through all the videos I have seen,
I’ve seen never seen them ever hate on anybody or anything. – They’ve been building up
their fan base from the beginning. They’ve always been super grateful
and super attentive to them. From there, just as it kept on growing,
and more and more fans started following them,
it’s more and more that we’re part of that community. – (FBE) Game Grumps
primarily features Arin Hanson, who’s known as Egoraptor.
– Is that the guy on the left? Cool. – (FBE) As well as Dan Avidan,
who creates music with Ninja Sex Party. – Wait, that’s
the Ninja Sex Party guy? That explains so much.
He looked just like him. – (FBE) And they are an example
of a YouTube channel growing into an entire company
with an office and staff. – That’s very cool. – (FBE) So what do you think
about the evolution of YouTubers in general, where
people who start small like the Game Grumps
are able to evolve in this way? – I love it. I think it’s inspiring. It’s like entrepreneurs. – Even the smaller YouTubers,
they’re starting to have staff. It honestly shows how
big YouTube is becoming. – It’s crazy to think that they
were probably just sitting there one day, like, hey, I just want
to record us playing this game and put it on YouTube.
It will be fun. And now they have this whole company
and it’s like– I don’t think they even expected it
to get as big as it did. – It’s the same with FBE. The Fines literally just started
in their apartment and now they have this huge company. – (FBE) And so in addition
to everything else that they’re doing, Game Grumps have also developed
their own video games. – Oh, okay.
That’s cool. – (FBE) They were behind
the popular game called Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.
– Yeah, Dream Daddy! I remember that.
Dream Daddy was [bleep] great. We played it on FBE Live
and it was just so fun. – They love video games.
They play video games. They probably wanted at some point
to make their video games. They finally did, so I hope that
was a dream of theirs that came true. – Oh, god. (laughing) Sorry, I know that game
and there’s a small part of the LGBT community
that’s on this game. – Just the fact that, yes,
not only are they a YouTube channel, they also have a company,
they also do music, and then also they make video games? That’s almost like taking it back
exactly to where they started, which is a gaming channel. – (FBE) So finally, a lot of times
when we cover YouTubers, there’s a good chances
they’ll be watching the episode as they have been on
YouTubers React before. So if Game Grumps does see this,
what would you want to tell them? – I’m sorry I was very critical
of you guys, but, you know, it’s
just my personal opinion. Just keep doing your skits. If you’re having fun,
just continue to have fun. – I’m definitely gonna go home
and watch more of your videos. – I love you guys so much
for making Dream Daddy. That was literally the best thing
you could have ever done to my life. – You guys are awesome.
Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re also ridiculous,
so you should see someone about that. – I hope I didn’t offend
you guys too much. It’s not that you’re not talented. It’s just not my kind of thing,
but, you know, keep on keeping on. You guys are obviously successful,
so don’t listen to me! – I’m subscribing.
I’m buying merch. I’m watching all your videos. I’m commenting on all of them. I’m liking all of them. I’m saving them to my archive.
You guys are awesome. – Thanks for watching another episode
of College Kids React. – Be sure to subscribe
and shout-out to Sheep Lover. – What YouTubers
should we react to next? Let us know in the comments
and shout-out to Darlene Rivera. – Thanks for watching. Bye. – Hey, guys, Ethan here from FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode, and if you want to check out
more from the Game Grumps, subscribe to their channel.
You can click the link right over there. Bye, guys.

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