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– ♪ …peeling the skin off my… ♪
– (gasps) WHAT?! – This is my [bleep] favorite song! ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – Hell yeah! More Melanie Martinez. – (squeals) It’s Crybaby! Oh my god!
It’s Melanie Martinez. – She’s my everything.
I love her so much. – This is really cute. Maybe. – Whoa! (chuckles) [Bleep]. – Whoa. Never mind. (laughs)
Whoa! Oh my gosh. – Yo. What?
– Oh, gosh. – This is so scary.
Is this a horror movie or a music video?
What’s going on? – (singing along) ♪ My friends
don’t walk, they run ♪ – ♪ Skinny dip
in rabbit holes for fun ♪ – Is this Melanie?
– Mad Hatter? Yeah. – ♪ Getting high off… ♪
– (singing along) ♪ Helium ♪ – ♪ Now I’m peeling the skin… ♪
– (laughs uneasily) – ♪ …peeling the skin off my… ♪
– (gasps) WHAT?! – Oh my god. This is such
an interesting video. – This based off
of Alice and Wonderland? – She’s so psychotic,
and I love it. – ♪ …her face ♪
– Oh my god. – This is really [bleep] weird. – ♪ I’m nuts, baby, I’m mad ♪ ♪ The craziest friend
that you’ve ever had ♪ – No thanks. – Are those singing
teddy bear things? – ♪ Tell the psychiatrist
something is wrong ♪ – Tell the psychiatrist
something is wrong, girl. (chuckles) – I feel like I can’t
even listen to this song, ’cause I’m so creeped out. – I dig this.
This is so creative. – This is very weird. (chuckles) – ♪ (singing along) All the best
people are crazy ♪ – Okay. – ♪ (mouthing) All the best
people are ♪ – Ah! NO!! – She ate the doughnut! – Ew! That is foul. EW!
I hated every second of that. – Every time I feel like I’m not
gonna be surprised, I’m surprised. – That was a trip and a half,
(chuckles) and I [bleep] loved it. – That was amazing!
That was so beautifully done! – This was the last video
of the whole Crybaby album, and all of them are
connected to each other. So if you wanna understand them, you have to see it
from the beginning. I’m not wearing
my Crybaby necklace. I’m always my Crybaby necklace
for every video! And I didn’t wear it this time.
This is terrible. – (FBE) That was the video
for Mad Hatter. It’s the latest music video
released by Melanie Martinez. – Okay. I don’t know who she is. – Melanie Martinez.
That sounds familiar. – Is she up and coming?
I feel like she’s up and coming, because the up and coming ones
always make the weird stuff. – I know who that is! WOW!
I’ve only listened to her voice. – (FBE) So we’ve covered Melanie
on the show before. We covered her on Teens React,
but we always get requests to show more of her videos, so we’re gonna show you
more videos by her. Not gonna show you the two ones
we showed on the Teens episode, but these are the
most highly requested Melanie Martinez songs.
– I’m so ready! – I’m kind of nervous.
Is she gonna eat people? – ♪ If you weren’t born with it ♪
– Oh my god! This is one of my favorite ones. – ♪ You can buy a couple ornaments ♪ ♪ Just be sure to read the warning ♪
– She really likes pink. – All right, this one
seems a little bit more mellow. – I feel like her tone
is very unique. – ♪ Sexual, hey girl,
if you wanna feel… ♪ – Face lift?
– Aw. No. – ♪ Oh, Mrs. Potato Head,
tell me, is it true… ♪ – Aw, this is sad. – ♪ Does a new face
come with a warranty? ♪ – It works so well. – She’s beautiful!
You don’t need anything. – ♪ How did you
afford her surgery? ♪ – I like how she constantly
is telling a story. – ♪ It’s such a waste ♪
♪ When little girls… ♪ – This is so real.
– It’s a good song. (groans in disgust)
The story’s so graphic. – ♪ …are learning
how to cut and paste ♪ – AHH! – ♪ …their lips
until they suffocate ♪ – (singing along) ♪ Ah, ha ♪ – ♪ Kids forever, kids forever ♪
– Ahh. – AHH! (laughs) – ♪ Don’t be dramatic,
it’s only some plastic ♪ ♪ No one will love you
if you’re unattractive ♪ – “No one will love you
if you’re unattractive.” Oh my god. – ♪ Ooh ♪
♪ Ah ♪ – (groans in disgust) – ♪ Ooh ♪
– This hurts to watch. – It was your idea. – So sad, ’cause at the end,
he leaves her. – See? She’s so cute. You don’t need to
get all that surgery. Aww. That song’s one
of the really sad songs. – It was good. It was less creepy.
It was just kinda sad, because it’s like
a sad reality of life. – I’m getting emotional
thinking about it, because that’s– it’s so real.
It’s so prevalent. – It does happen to a lot of people that they think that they
have to change who they are so that someone could like them,
and it’s not true. – ♪ Come, come one, come all ♪
– This is my [bleep] favorite song! – ♪ …come one, come all ♪
♪ You must be this tall ♪ – I really like her style. – ♪ …ride this ride ♪
– Damn, girl. Her beats are sick. – This reminds me
of American Horror Story. – This song was featured
in American Horror Story. – ♪ And run through playland ♪
– She has this– whoa! Oh, she’s flying.
– This is amazing. Wow. – ♪ And it’s all fun and games ♪ – How does she come up
with these music videos? I feel like these
are her darkest nightmares, and she’s like, “I’ll turn that
into a music video.” – She’s just so creepy. I love it. – ♪ (singing along) Round and round
like a horse on a carousel ♪ ♪ We go ♪ – ♪ Will I catch up to love? ♪ ♪ I can never tell ♪ ♪ I know ♪ – That one was good. It was creepy, but there
wasn’t any blood or guts in it. – Her music videos are cool.
I like the visuals that she uses. – I feel like when she’s
writing her music, she’s envisioning the music video
as she’s doing it, because everything
is so coordinated. – ♪ Did my invitations disappear? ♪
– YES! Pity Party. – Pity Party. – ♪ Why’d I put my heart
on every cursive letter? ♪ ♪ Tell my why the hell
no one is here ♪ – Love this.
– She’s like a little doll. – So she wears dresses a lot, and a lot of her music videos
are in a bedroom. – I love her hair, too. (chuckles) – I’ve never heard any
of these songs before. (chuckles) – (singing along) ♪ Forever ♪ – ♪ Forever ♪ – ♪ It’s my party… ♪
– Oh. (hums along) – (singing along)
♪ …cry if I want to ♪ ♪ Cry, cry, cry ♪ – Damn, no one
showed up her to party. That’s so sad.
– I’ve heard this song. This is the one
that I probably have heard. – (Melanie screams)
– Oh shit. (laughs) – (Melanie screams)
– (gasps) – This song is so good.
All these songs are just so good. They’re super catchy
and get stuck in your head. – ♪ …until the candles
burn down this place ♪ – I love her super creepy,
but cute toys. – (imitates beat) Hell yeah. I love Melanie Martinez. – She’s just so clever. It’s creepy,
and a lot of people don’t like it, ’cause it has, you know,
adorable baby vibes, and then it’s… weird. – She combines what
I like about Lana and Marina and the Diamonds,
and then you have Melanie Martinez. She has the pop-ish kind of thing,
but then she has a little bit of dark side, and then you have
Melanie, Crybaby with her character, ’cause it was a character
for her album. – (FBE) So all the videos
you just saw came off of Melanie’s debut album, Crybaby. – Damn, those are all
on her debut al– a lot of bangers. – I’ve never heard of her
or the album. – (FBE) The album itself
was actually packaged and released as a storybook. It came complete with
illustrations and poems connecting all the songs
to each other. – That’s so awesome.
– Really? I didn’t know that, ’cause I just went
through it on Spotify. – I know. I hate it.
It’s fun, you know? It’s a whole– you just don’t get
the lyrics or some photos, you’re getting a whole storybook.
– (FBE) Well, despite the fact that the album came out
back in 2015, she still continues to release new music videos
from that album. The first video we just showed you
actually just came out a few days ago.
– Oh, really? – (FBE) What do you think
this says about her dedication to her craft?
– I think it says that she is less into it for the money,
and more into it for the long-term appeal
of her music. – It just shows how much
she really cares about what she’s doing. She’s not gonna
just put something out without really putting
all her thought into it. – She’s super passionate
about her work, and I can tell she wants
to put out very good content, especially for her fans,
who absolutely adore her. – She doesn’t see it as like,
oh, it’s like every year, I have to come out with something,
or I have to keep up. You know, she knows
she has a fan base, that it’s very strong,
the Crybabies. It’s very artistic,
and it’s very nice, and we all appreciate it.
I appreciate it. – The fans are crazy. (chuckles) There’s not a better way
to say that because it– I mean, it’s a good kind of crazy,
’cause they’re so dedicated. Everything she comes out with
is just gold to them, and it’s awesome. And to me as well, ’cause I [bleep]
love Melanie Martinez. It also speaks volumes
to what she’s created. She has created something
that is so powerful that people are crazy over it. – (FBE) So Melanie
is just 22 years old. – What?! She’s only 22?
(clicks tongue) She’s my age. Man, showing me up.
– She’s only a year older than I am? What? What the [bleep]
am I doing with my life? – (FBE) And while she’s
released several music videos for songs from her first album,
she’s now said that she’s working on writing an entire film. It will tell the story
of her second album. What do you think about that?
– Shit. A whole film?! – I’m so ready to see it.
I’m excited. – She’s like
a powerhouse wonder woman. Watching her music videos,
that’s just kind of a little taste of what she’s gonna
bring into a movie. – I feel like that’s
gonna be really good, because seeing how well-produced,
I guess you could say, all the music videos are,
I can only imagine. Like, if she’s working on a film, I’m sure she has some
crazy ideas in her head. – She’s more than pull it off. It’ll be one of those things
that ends up timeless. Pink Floyd’s The Wall.
That’s the example I have. Everyone’s just so obsessed with it. I think it’s gonna end up
sort of like that. – Kanye did something
similar to that with My Beautiful
Dark Twisted Fantasy. Her album’s kind of
a soundtrack to the movie. I think that’s so awesome,
and that’s a testament to, like, she’s a true artist
and a true musician. – (FBE) And finally,
Melanie’s going to be releasing her second studio album
sometime next year. From what you know
of Melanie now, is this an album that you’re
gonna be looking forward to? – Oh yeah. Totally.
I love her style. – It creeped me out,
but I’m weirdly intrigued by it. – She’s my queen, dude. Hell yeah.
(laughs) I love Melanie. – Even though it’s not available
for pre-order yet, I’m ready to press the button
that says “Pre-order.” – I’m looking forward to it.
I actually really– I’m gonna go outside,
go to my Spotify, and download that album.
– I’m so excited for this album. It’s gonna be so good. I remember being showed
Melanie Martinez in 2015 or maybe even before, when she only
released a couple singles, and I was like, “This is good.
This is gonna blow up.” And sure enough, it did. And so, I’m so excited
for what she has in store. I wanna know the story,
because the story of Crybaby is so deep and dark
and just… scary almost, and I wanna know what
other stories she has. – Thanks for watching
another episode of College Kids React.
– New videos come out almost every day, so make sure
that you subscribe. – What music artists
should we react to next? Let us know in the comments.
– Thanks for watching, Crybabies! See you later!
– Hey, everybody. Ethan here from FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this episode
of College Kids React. And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out the teens
reacting to Melanie Martinez. You can click on that
right below me. Bye, guys.

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