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– There’s a lot happening in this video. – You know what Kendrick just did? Kendrick just did that. ♪ (industrial music) ♪ (silence) – ♪ Wicked or weakness ♪ – Kendrick Lamar. Yes. – Oh, is this the new
Kendrick Lamar stuff? – (singing along) ♪ Yeah, yeah! ♪ ♪ Ayy, I remember syrup sandwiches
and crime allowances ♪ Yes, Kendrick! – This is the new one, right?
“Stay humble. Sit down.” – ♪ …accountant lives ♪ ♪ In fact, I’m downin’ this ♪ ♪ D’USSÉ with my… ♪
– Why is he dressed as the pope? – This is Kendrick Lamar obviouisly. Love this guy. – Isn’t this Kendrick Lamar? I’ve always heard his music, but I’ve never actually seen
what he looks like. – He’s the rapper on the rise right now. – ♪ …let me do the extras ♪ ♪ Pull up on your block,
then break it down ♪ ♪ We playin’ Tetris ♪ ♪ A.M. to the P.M. ♪
– I love him. – Whoa, that’s sick. – ♪ Funk ♪ ♪ My left stroke ♪
– (singing along) ♪ Just went viral ♪ – ♪ Right stroke
put lil’ baby in a spiral ♪ – There’s a lot happening in this video. – ♪ …on a high note ♪
– Oh, that’s sorta trippy. – ♪ Levels to it, you and I know ♪ ♪ Bitch, be humble ♪ – “Be humble.” That’s why
everyone’s saying it now. – ♪ Sit down ♪ ♪ Be humble ♪ ♪ Bitch ♪
– (singing along) ♪ Sit down ♪ He’s so dope. – This is a reference to
the Last Supper. I’m like, “Okay.” – Oh. The Last Supper. Okay. – ♪ Be humble ♪ ♪ Sit down ♪ ♪ Be humble ♪ – Be humble. – ♪ Lil’ bitch, be humble ♪ – That is literally like
the phrase of 2017. – ♪ Who dat nigga thinkin’… ♪ – I also like lighting my head on fire. – ♪ Get the fuck off my… ♪
– He’s fire, so this is fitting. – ♪ Get the fuck off my dick ♪ ♪ That ain’t right ♪
– (chuckles) “Get the fuck off my dick.” Okay. – ♪ I’m so fuckin’ ♪ – (singing along) ♪ Sick
and tired of the Photoshop ♪ ♪ Show me somethin’ natural
like afro on Richard… ♪ – Yes! – ♪ …natural like ass
with some stretch marks ♪ – I like this. – I like the message.
– ♪ …Polo socks ♪ ♪ Ayy, this shit way too crazy ♪ ♪ Ayy, you do not… ♪
– That’s a cool shot. – Oh, that was cool. – These ANGLES. Yes. – I love this angle. Like, I’m seeing this.
And I’m just like, “Oh!” – ♪ …just paged me, ayy ♪ – The music video, the way
they shot it, too, is insane. – ♪ …fakin’, ayy ♪ ♪ I stay modest ’bout it ♪
– Yep, he’s so hot, dude. – ♪ Ayy, this that Grey Poupon ♪ ♪ That Evian, that TED Talk, ayy ♪ ♪ Watch my soul speak ♪
– He’s such a great artist. – ♪ …meds talk, ayy ♪ ♪ If I kill a nigga… ♪
– I’m– I’m trying to understand what’s going on. – ♪ …realest nigga after all ♪ ♪ Bitch, be humble ♪ ♪ Hol’ up, bitch ♪
– (singing along) ♪ Sit down ♪ ♪ Be humble ♪ – Sit down. Be humble. Please. – Be humble. Sit down. Be humble. – I love it. I love the song.
I love the video. I love Kendrick. So I’m all for this. – I really did not know
this is what he looked like. I think I’ve had a different person
in my head this whole time. ♪ (grave hip hop beat) ♪ ♪ (music stops) ♪ – You know what Kendrick just did? Kendrick just did that. – I would need to see it
a couple more times before I could decide
whether I liked it or not. – He’s honestly one of the best
rappers in the game right now. One of my favorite parts
is when he’s talking about the girl with the stretchmarks,
’cause I have stretchmarks. So I don’t know.
I thought it was really cool. – There are a lot of representations
of Christianity in it. People seeing themselves as gods. People seeing themselves as gods.
He was sitting at the table with his “apostles.” Whoa. Mind blown.
(boom!) – (FBE) So that was the music video for Kendrick Lamar’s new song, “Humble.” What did you think of it?
– It’s a good song. – It was amazing. – I absolutely love it. I have been listening to this song
ever since it came out. The music video just
went with it so perfectly. – The song itself is very good. There’s a lot of good bars on there. And now seeing the music video
for the first time in its whole was really cool too. – Listening to the actual lyrics, listening to what he’s
talking about, it’s like, Kendrick is like a lyrical genius. The visuals in the video
were way more powerful than I thought they would’ve been.
Like, actually looking at it and then comparing it to, like, okay, this is what he’s actually saying
on this part, it’s like… (boom!) – (FBE) Well, “Humble” is the first single of Kendrick Lamar’s new album, Damn, which actually releases the same day
as this episode’s release. – Whoa! Really? – Nice! – (FBE) And some have said
that the song is about Kendrick talking down to this rap rivals
and telling them to stay humble. – From listening to this song,
did you get that? Or was there a different meaning
you picked up on it? – I actually took that differently. I kinda took it more as him
choosing to be humble. – I think maybe he was totally
poking fun at other music videos. – I felt like he was definitely
talking about successful people who had acquired wealth somehow. And so now that you say
that it’s about rappers specifically, then yeah, that makes a lot of sense. – He’s now being called
one of our generation’s best rappers. So I think not only is it
maybe a shock to the industry but maybe to himself too. – None of the rappers that I see
look like they’re very humble. They just look like,
“Oh, I’m living the life. I got what I need. I’m about to blow this money,
get all these girls.” And he’s humble about it.
He thanks his fans all the time. – It’s funny because I’ve met him. And he’s literally the most humble
celebrity I’ve ever, ever met. So as soon as I heard
this song, I was like, “Yes, he has the right
to talk about being humble,” ’cause he knows what
it’s like to be humble. – (FBE) Kendrick Lamar is being
considered a diverse artist and one of the largest
rappers of this era. What is it about Kendrick
that makes him stand out next to others today?
– Um, I’m not that into rap. – A lot of fans respect when the artist connects to their fan base,
which he does a lot. He donates money.
He connects to his community. He tries to improve the community. He tries to get rid of gang violence
that was in his community. All these other things that he does, he connects with people
that got him to where he is. – Kendrick Lamar’s songs
are songs that make you stop and really think about what he’s saying. He talks about his lifestyle,
talks about his past, talks about his experiences
through his music. And you can really get to know
who he is through his music. – His bars and rap, too, the flow to it, it’s pretty hard to compete against, especially if we’re talking
about just lyricism itself or even flow. It’s very hard
to compete against. And his wordplay is very nice. Like, it’s not like–
it’s not like, you know, a lot of the new mumble rap we have. You’re like, “What the fuck
are you talking about?” – It makes you listen to it
more than once, because you’re like, “Okay, that was hot” or whatever. And every time you listen to it,
you catch something different. You start to re-listen to what
he was actually talking about. And it’s like, “This man is insane.” Like, he’s putting it
in plain sight for us. Yet so many people are just like,
“Oh yeah, it’s a new rap song.” If you actually listen
to what he’s talking about, Kendrick is deep as hell. – (FBE) And finally, there are many people who don’t like rap out there. But do you think that
Kendrick Lamar is an artist who can be appreciated even if you’re not
into this genre as much? – Um… (sighs) I mean, I don’t know. Most of the people I know
who are fans of Kendrick have been listening to rap. I wouldn’t really go as far
as to say he transcends genre. – No, I feel like if people
really just genuinely have a distaste for rap, then they’re probably
not gonna be into it. – If you’re not into rap, then, I mean, I wouldn’t say Kendrick will change that. But Kendrick will be one of those
artists where someone’s like, “Oh, I don’t like rap.” But then
they hear Kendrick and are like, “Okay, but I like Kendrick Lamar.” – A lot of people like to think
that rap music is unintelligent, but that’s totally not true, you know? I think Kendrick Lamar
is one of the most intelligent musicians out there.
Not just rapper. Musician. – I didn’t like rap for a while as well, and then all these different
rappers started coming out. It’s sorta changing the game, which is instead of it just being just sort of the same thing
over and over now. Now there’s more diverse types of rap. – I’m not really into rap. But listening to Kendrick,
it’s always something for me. Like, I can listen to him
and just appreciate it, because it’s very artistic. He’s really good at his craft.
He knows what he’s doing. And he does it so well that people like me who don’t even listen to rap like that can listen to it and appreciate it.
And they’ll even say, “Hey, maybe I’ll listen
to what else he has.” – Kendrick Lamar is more than a rapper. I would say he’s a lyricist,
and he’s a poet. That’s why he resonates with me,
because he’s not just rapping. He’s preaching. – Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. – Let us know in the comments
what music videos we should react to next. – Thanks for watching, everyone.
And remember, stay humble. – Hey, guys. Kyle here, a producer at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode of College Kids React. What’s your favorite Kendrick Lamar song? Let us know in the comments. ♪ (industrial music) ♪

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