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– They’re great! How could you not
be excited about this? – This is a little cheesy
for my tastes. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So since we’re
approaching the end of 2017, we’re going to listen
to the mountain of comments and show a selection of K-pop songs
that came out this year. – Oh! Oh my god! – I actually contributed
in those comments of doing K-pop. When the YouTubers reacted
to K-pop way in the beginning, and it just started from there.
And I haven’t stopped since then. – (FBE) All of these songs
were hugely requested. And although we can never
satisfy everyone, it has been a while
since we’ve covered K-pop on this channel, so we’re gonna
hope we satisfy some of the rabid K-pop fans
with the selection of songs from this year.
– Cool, ’cause you’re satisfying me right now.
I’m super excited. – I don’t listen to it.
It’s not something I like to listen to. – (FBE) So first up, we have a song
by the most requested K-pop group that we have not yet covered
on this show over the years, Monsta X.
– (gasps) Oh! Ah, yes. – Monsta X. Okay, let’s watch this. – ♪ Dramama ramama
ramama, hey ♪ – Woo! I like it.
They’re going acapella. – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – They’re so cool looking. – They got the sickest fashion.
That’s by far… – “Sweet auditory hallucination.”
[Bleep]. – Ah, I love the production
they have for the music videos! – ♪ Dramarama ♪
– ♪ Dramama ramama… ♪ – I really wanna be in a boy band
just because of this. – Why are Korean boys so cute?
Oh my god. – ♪ (rapping in Korean) ♪
– This is jiggy. – Their music videos,
I’m telling you, they’re so good. – ♪ (rapping in Korean) ♪
– (chuckles) I can’t. I can’t! I don’t like that one. – You’re not gonna fall asleep
to this music, you know? It’s very hype up,
amped style. I like it. – This group, I could just
bop my head to. Like, if I’m playing video games, I feel like this would
get me in the zone. – (FBE) So the members of Monsta X
were chosen through a survival show called “No Mercy” on South Korean
music channel MNet. – What? “No Mercy”?
Sounds intense. – (FBE) In 2017, they had
their most successful year so far on the American music charts.
And like other big K-pop groups, they have their own variety show on Korean TV called Monsta X-Ray.
– Ooh. – (FBE) What do you think
about how you could have a favorite music group
and then also be able to not just have music
and music videos, but even TV shows to see them on? – It makes you connect
with them more. I really like that idea. – That is also why there’s more
of an aspect of a stronger fanbase. I love when I see shows
like that for members of K-pop bands,
’cause you’re literally learning about the member.
You’re learning their names, their family members.
You feel connected with them. – (FBE) So next, we have
a music video from a group called Twice…
– (exhales shakily) Wait, wait. Wait. (laughs)
Oh my gosh, I love them. – I love Twice so much.
I know the dances and everything. – (FBE) …who we have shown before
on a YouTubers React episode who was also formed
from a musical survival show, this one called “Sixteen.”
– Okay. What’s up with all these K-pop bands
coming from TV shows? – It narrows down all of the talents
and then they just pick out people who would be good matches
for each other. It usually works. ♪ (bright pop music) ♪ – Ooh, girl. Okay. – ♪ Dan, dan, da-nan ♪ – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – Very pop.
– It’s a very different vibe (laughs) than the last group.
Very different vibe. – See? This is so cute!
This is pure. This is what I love about them. – This is a little cheesy
for my tastes. Not something that I would
necessarily listen to. – They’re so cute. – Oh my god. (gasps)
They’re so cute! – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – Ah, I love them so much! – I love this. – That was cool. I liked that one. They’re very creative
with their music videos. – (FBE) So Twice apparently
broke a YouTube record for a K-pop girl group
with the most views in the shortest amount of time
with that single with more than 90 million views
in only 27 days and just 20 hours. – Woo! You go, girls! – (FBE) Even if you are seeing
this video for the first time and haven’t heard
many K-pop girl bands before, what do you think it was
about that song or video that sets it apart from the rest
to have garnered this many views so quickly?
– I mean, it was a really catchy song,
an uplifting, happy song. – It’s so catchy.
They’re so cute. Their dances,
they’re really cute to do. And it’s like, there’s something
you’ve never thought of before and it’s like you wanna do it. – (FBE) So we have a few more
videos to show you for today. The next one is the video
for the single “Clap” by the band Seventeen.
– (claps softly) – ♪ Seventeen right here ♪
– I’m digging his hair. – Dude, these dudes
dress so fresh, I swear to god. – So many people in these groups! – Holy crap! Why are there
so many of ’em? – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – (man yells)
(silence) – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – (softly) What? (laughs) – They’re all such great dancers. – Woo! Mm. – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – Their music videos are lit.
There’s a lot going on in this. – This looks like so much fun.
I’m so jealous. – Everything’s so colorful
and pretty. – This is also really catchy. – Whoa. How many of them are there?
Is there 17 people? – It’s a nice song, it’s just
not something I’d listen to. I like that they’re all into it. – I like this one the best so far.
They were fun. They were really fun. They were like the turn up squad. – (FBE) So Seventeen is made up
of 13 members… – Jeez.
– (FBE) …and are multinational with Chinese, Korean,
and Korean-American, which also is a trait
of some K-pop groups. – Oh, I actually really like that. – (FBE) They are one group,
but have focused sub-units within the band. One focusing
on vocals, one on performance, and one on hip hop, allowing them
to perform as a unit without overlapping,
but still coming together as one.
– That’s actually really sick. – Cool, it’s like a mega group. – (FBE) People say their live shows
are incredible. What do you think about that concept?
– I think that’s kind of cool. – That’s strategic,
and that’s really smart. There’s no way for them
to slip through and fall through or anything, ’cause
it’s all calculated. – Honing in on their talents
is genius. I never even thought of doing that, and now I get
why they have 13 members. – Multi-diversity
and multi-countries and even different focuses on music, you can come up
with so much more stuff. – (FBE) So the next music video
is from the band Red Velvet. – Red Velvet? They’re gonna
be sweet like cake. – I love them, ’cause they
were cute when they came out, and then they grew
to be more mature and they matured in their music
and it built up. And that’s one of the really big
girl groups that I love. – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – There’s so much going on.
There’s so much fruit. – This is different. – This almost looks
like a commercial. – Their hairstyles are so cute. – (giggles) I can’t. – This music video’s weird. – Are they judging fruit?
I’m so confused. – (mouthing along) – God, I’m so frustrated by stuff.
I’m like, it’s super cheesy, but I’m bopping in my chair. – I like that one.
That one is my favorite. – This is a song where you
wanna go skipping in a field, like all of this. I just wanna
skip in a field of flowers. – They’re good songs.
It’s just not something that I would like to listen to. I’m not really into
girl groups either, so I think that’s kind of it too. – (FBE) Red Velvet’s band name
is actually a representation of their sound as a whole
that is somewhat unique from what we could research.
But people at home should let us know if there are
any other similar groups. The “red” represents
the catchy pop in their music, while the “velvet” is representative
of their slower R&B-based sounds. – Okay. Yeah, I did notice
that one didn’t have the bass drop like the other ones had. – (FBE) And fandom names are a thing
across the world and also in K-pop, so if you are
in Red Velvet’s fandom, you are part of the ReVeluvs.
– Oh, okay. – (FBE) Fandoms is a massive
part of K-pop in a way unparalleled possibly with anything
in music today. We know this from
the endless requests to cover K-pop to endless people
who wish we would leave their fandom alone,
kind of a double-edged sword. What is your opinion
on the K-pop fandom at large? – The K-pop fandom
is a wonderful place. It’s full of so much diversity
and so much togetherness. – I’ve never seen fandoms
this dedicated to the artists that they listen to.
And I think that’s one of the things that contributes to the, you know,
wide success of K-pop artists. – When you find a group,
it’s kind of your thing, especially if no one’s
told you about it. So you wanna keep it
your thing for as long as possible, but it’s so good that you wanna
share it with everyone. – (FBE) So these days,
we can’t do a K-pop video without including BTS…
– Of course! – (FBE) …because no matter
how many times we cover them, people will get upset
if we don’t show them, so we have a clip from this year’s
American Music Awards where BTS made their US TV debut
and made history as the first K-pop group
to ever be on the AMAs. – That’s wild. That’s so sick. – That’s just showing how K-pop
is moving over to America. – (Alex) Making their US TV debut,
make some noise… – Is that the Chainsmokers? (laughs) – I remember watching this
and I was crying. – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪
– He is so fine! Oh my god! I love him. – It would be cool to see
a K-pop performance live. – Man, the people are loving it. – That crowd’s going nuts. They have such a presence worldwide. – This song is a banger. – Man… look at ’em go. – They’re great! How could you
not be excited about this? – Hey, it’s Ansel Elgort! (laughs)
He was so into it too. He was like, “Oh my god!” (laughs) – They’re such good dancers. – (claps softly
– (fans screaming) – Everyone was going crazy. – I like to watch their fans.
I could get into that. – That opens a huge door
for K-pop groups going forward, so yeah, big ups to BTS.
That’s big time. – A different culture
literally coming in and everyone just loving it,
that’s super cool to see. – (FBE) So we have now been covering
K-pop for over half a decade on this channel, and you could say
that now compared to then, it has become much more known.
Do you think it would get so mainstream that it
won’t be considered niche at all anymore and just
like a full subgenre of music here in America? – No, ’cause
of the language barrier. – I really hope that it
stays a niche, ’cause I’ll probably stop
liking it if it gets really big. – If you even look on your phones,
it’s already a genre on your Apple music, so why wouldn’t it
become a major genre? – I don’t think there’s this
cultural barrier anymore that we used to have years ago
where it was kind of like, “We don’t want any
different types of music. We have our American music.” Everything’s blending together,
which I love. – K-pop’s just gonna
be everywhere. I feel it. I feel like it’s gonna happen. – Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. Shoutout to Tahlia Johnson
for watching last week. – Subscribe if you want
a shoutout like Mia Marie. – Want a shoutout
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– Hi, guys. I’m JC. – And I’m Kenira. We’re part
of the team that helped put this episode together
here at FBE. – Thanks so much for watching
this episode of College Kids React. If you want more K-pop episodes,
check out the description below.

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  1. Note: We filmed this episode before the loss of SHINee’s Jonghyun. Our hearts are with the band, his family and friends.
    FBE is closed for the holidays but we will still be stopping by as we still release the 28 videos we got ready for the holidays! See you again tomorrow! Happy Holidays! – FBE Team

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