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♪ (funky music) ♪ – That song’s so good. I want to listen to that
on my way home now. ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – (FBE) So today we are going
to show you a medley of music from a popular band,
starting with a new song and then going into their bigger hits.
– Ooh, okay. – Heck yeah! Those are my favorites. ♪ (soft music) ♪
(footsteps) (doorbell ringing) (lightening cracking) (thunder booming)
– What is this? – Oh, it’s Gorillaz. – Is it the Gorillaz? Yeah. (laughing)
Hell yeah! – Gorillaz? No. Oh, Gorillaz! – Oh, Gorillaz! – This is Gorillaz!! OOOH! Aaah, I’m so excited! – (Russel) Welcoming.
– (Murdoc) A little too… – I’m so excited about their comeback. – (Murdoc) A little
too welcoming, I’d say. – What is going on?
– (Murdoc) …vacuum. – (Russel) We should split up
and take a look around. – I want to be part of the Gorillaz! ♪ (mellow hip hop beat) ♪
(laughter) – I haven’t actually heard
their new song yet. ♪ Done know how di ting go,
a the Unruly boss, don’? ♪ (laughter) ♪ Press the button to begin ♪
– Okay, I dig it. I like it. ♪ (haunting music) ♪
– Oh my god. – ♪ All my life ♪ ♪ Mi ever have mi gun
so mi haffi move sharp like mi knife ♪ – I like it. – I was digging the animation
until it got really trippy. – ♪ …when mi get wealthy
a ma a mi wife ♪ ♪ All my life ♪ – This is different. It’s a little bit different
than what they’re normally doing. – ♪ …my life ♪ – This is so different and creative. – ♪ All my life ♪ – The pizza’s talking.
Like, that’s so cool. – ♪ I’m in the stakin’ bar ♪
– Oh, that classic voice! – Who is this? I feel like I should know them.
It sounds familiar. – Oh man, they’re so chill. The music, the–
– ♪ I’m just a heartbreaker ♪ – Man, that’s so weird.
It’s so trippy. – ♪ ‘Cause I’m out when I’m stakin’ ♪ – How do they come up
with these things? – This is the weirdest
music video I’ve ever seen. – I mean, I feel like it’s very them,
but it’s kind of creeping me out. – ♪ ‘Cause I’m out when I’m stakin’ ♪ ♪ And the rings I am breaking ♪ ♪ Are making… ♪ – To be honest,
I’m not really digging this song. – That looks like a horror film. (birds chirping happily)
What? ♪ (song concludes) ♪
– That’s dope. – Oh, it’s daytime. Cool. (footsteps)
(car door shutting) – (Murdoc) Breakfast?
– (Russel) Oh yeah! I got a real appetite. – What in the world? – That’s so sick! It’s Gorillaz, dude. I’m excited for the Gorillaz comeback. – I wish I was this creative. (chuckling) I write songs about breakups. – (FBE) So before we
get into their older work, we’re going to show you some new music. They don’t have official
music videos released yet, but they have videos
to accompany the audio. – Okay. – I like that idea. It’s like they make
their own visualizer for their song. – ♪ We got the power
to be loving each other ♪ ♪ No matter what happens ♪ – This is the same band? – ♪ We have the power to do that ♪ – This is, like, a lot faster. – ♪ On a le pouvoir de s’aimer… ♪ – That’s so mesmerizing. – I like the tempo of the music. It goes along with the video. – ♪ We got the power for that ♪ ♪ We got the power to do that ♪ – That sounded so different
from the other song. – I could see myself
driving on the highway now, listening to it. – They mixed it a little bit
with sounds right now, a little poppish, but I still like it. It’s still their voice. – One of the greatest things
that defines Gorillaz is that, ironically, they
are not defined by a genre. They can make so– they do
make so much different music, you know, and no song is alike. ♪ (trippy music) ♪ – ♪ Back to when it was cool ♪ ♪ (steady mellow beat) ♪ ♪ ‘Cause there’s no… ♪
– Oh my god, yes. – This is interesting. Not nearly as chaotic. – I like this one a little bit more. It’s more chill. – The other ones were
a little bit more, like, hype. Now this is, like, chill. – ♪ ‘Cause there’s no… ♪
– Ooh! I like this song. ♪ (synthesizer notes) ♪
♪ Ooh, Andromeda ♪ ♪ (energetic synthpop) ♪ – I want this music
all on my phone right now. It’s so good. ♪ (energetic synthpop) ♪ – Ooh, I really like this one. – It’s got a nice beat. – ♪ Take it in your heart ♪
– Ooh, bass line. ♪ (singers vocalizing) ♪ ♪ Take it in your heart ♪ – I like it. Like, I really like their sound. – Oh my gosh. I’m buying this album. When is it coming out? – I’m super excited for their comeback. They’re working with
a lot of artists that I enjoy. I have been waiting for a long time. – (FBE) Here’s a few more songs
from earlier in their career. – YES!!! – I’m excited. I’m hyped. – ♪ I ain’t happy… ♪
– Oh yeah. I know this song. – (singing along) ♪ …sunshine in a bag ♪ – ♪ I’m useless but not for long ♪ – How many years has it been
since this song were released? – ♪ The future is coming on ♪ ♪ I ain’t happy ♪ – (humming along) – (singing along)
♪ I got sunshine in a bag ♪ ♪ I’m useless… ♪ – I think I still have this on my iPod. – ♪ The future is coming on ♪ – It’s giving me Cartoon Network vibes. ♪ It’s coming on ♪
– (vocals) Yeah, ha ha! ♪ It’s coming on ♪ (rapping) ♪ Finally,
someone let me out of my cage ♪ – This is the definition
of genre blending. – ♪ Now I couldn’t be there ♪ ♪ Now you shouldn’t be scared ♪ ♪ I’m good at repairs ♪ ♪ And I’m under each snare ♪ ♪ Intangible ♪ ♪ Bet you didn’t think
so I command you to ♪ – (singing along) ♪ Panoramic view ♪ ♪ Yeah, I’ll make all manageable ♪ – A classic song.
Like, classic song. I totally know it,
but I can’t think of the name. – I really like the real gritty look
of each character, you know, and the fact that they each
have their own kind of personality and what they do in the music is so sick. – ♪ The world is spinning too fast ♪ ♪ And I’m buying Nike shoes ♪ ♪ To keep myself tethered ♪ ♪ To the days… ♪ – I don’t know this song. This is a new one for me. (tires screeching)
– ♪…slow down ♪ ♪ You must make your own shoes ♪
(tire screeching) – I want to know what they look like. – I want to know what they look like, instead of these little characters. – Have they shown
their faces on newer concerts? No, I don’t think so, right? – I think I’m enjoying the animation
more than the actual music. – I’ve always loved
their graphics in their videos. No one else does anything like this. ♪ (song concluding) ♪ – So sick! Gorillaz has really paved the way
for those kind of voices without a person behind it. – ♪ You’ve got to press it… ♪ – Oh my gosh!
I know this song. – This is Gorillaz? I had no idea! ♪ (funky music) ♪ ♪ Hold it down ♪ ♪ Dare ♪ – That just makes you want to dance. That’s exactly how I feel on the inside. – You can turn on the lights
on and off really quick, guys, so I just get into the mood. – ♪ Jump back and forth ♪ ♪ And feel like you were there… ♪ – A real person. – ♪ Work it out ♪ ♪ (funky beat) ♪ – They did the DJ music
before it was DJ music. – I like that and the video they mixed
the animation with, like a real life person. – All right, come on,
you got Feel Good Inc. – ♪ Windmill, windmill for the land ♪ – Oh my god. I’m sure everyone right now is going, “Oh my god! I know that song!” – Oh my gosh. I love this song. – This is the song
that everyone talks about. – Maybe the first song
every Gorillaz fan has heard. – (singing along)
♪ Take it all in on your stride ♪ – ♪ It is sticking, falling down ♪ ♪ Love forever, love is… ♪ – Like, this is music you listen to
when you’re driving down the highway right next to the beach. – (rapping) ♪ Laughing gas
these hazmats ♪ – I’m honestly hearing
a lot of similarities between their old music
and their new music. – ♪ It’s my chocolate attack ♪ ♪ Shoot, I’m steppin’
in the heart of this here ♪ – That bass line is so funky. – ♪ Watch me as I gravitate ♪ (laughing) – I want my Gorillaz rendition. I want someone to draw me
as part of the Gorillaz. – ♪ Shake it, shake it,
shake it, shake it ♪ – That song’s so good. I want to listen to that
on my way home now. Every song is so different. They have one that sounds like a RnB, and another one sounds
like poppy boy band. – I’m going to probably go home on Spotify
and listen to them now. – They’re working with
so many of my new favorite artists, so it’s really sick to have Gorillaz,
who are so [bleep] awesome from when I was a kid,
to now… now be even better. – (FBE) So this was Gorillaz.
– Oh my god! Oh, my friends are going
to be so mad at me. – (FBE) Who are well-known
for not being an actual band, but a virtual band.
– A virtual band? Is it like Hatsune Miku type of deal?
– (FBE) Kind of. – Oh really? – (FBE) So the band consists
of two permanent members, one who does the music,
and one who does the visuals as well as other artists and musicians
who contribute to the band. But they said the reason
they wanted to create a virtual band was to comment on the lack of substance
within popular music. – I was not aware of that.
That’s so amazing. That’s like a true artist. – Their band seems
more of like a collective. It sounds like they consider
the person that visualizes all of this digitally
like a part of their group. – (FBE) What do you think about them
being a virtual band like this for over 20 years? – It’s just like with anything
that you’re trying to sell. It has to be different. So that was their thing
that made them different. – I actually love it. There’s mystery behind it. – That’s so innovative on their part because you’re able
to always change what you’re doing because you have so many people
working on something. – It forces the audience to focus
more on the music instead of being like,
“Oh, I like this song because it’s Nicki Minaj.” It makes you focus on whether
you truly like the song or not. – Marshmallow, you never see his face. Daft Punk, they wear
the cool space helmets. I don’t really think it matters. – The Chainsmokers is two guys,
but in every song they have new artists come in and help them with their songs, so I feel like they
do kind of what DJs do now, but they did it a long time ago
before it was a thing. – (FBE) So finally, coming in April,
Gorillaz will be releasing their first full album since 2011.
– That’s so cool! – (FBE) Are you going to check it out
when it gets released? – Hell yeah, I’m going to check it out. They’re one of my all-time bands so because they’re
coming out with new music, I’m going to check it out. – Yeah! They’ve had so many hits. There’s definitely going
to be a hit, at least one. – Now that I know more about them– I didn’t know about
their whole digital whatever– I think that’s such a cool concept,
so I’m definitely going to check it out. – Hell yes! I’m going to go down
to my local music shop, I’m going to pick up the album,
and that’s getting played for a month straight. – Thanks so much for watching
another episode of College Kids React. – Subscribe! We have new React episodes
four times a week. – What band should we cover next? Let us know in the comments. – Thanks for watching, everyone.
See you next time. – Hey, guys, it’s Ethan here from FBE. Thank you so much for watching
this episode of College Kids React. We’ve got plenty more episodes
for you to check out, so go ahead and click
on ’em down below.

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