College Kids React To Fifth Harmony Solo Careers (Where Are They Now?)
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College Kids React To Fifth Harmony Solo Careers (Where Are They Now?)

– This is like a
“I left Disney Channel and I’m sexy now.” – I knew she was great,
but she honestly shook me. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today,
we’re gonna be talking about Fifth Harmony.
– Really? I’m so excited.
I love Fifth Harmony. – Never really followed
Fifth Harmony. As I understand, they’re
not together anymore. – My best friend,
she was their biggest fan, so that’s kinda how
we met, too, because we would talk
about them on the X Factor, but we went to all
their concerts. We met them so many times.
We went to the airport to go meet them. – They’re an interesting group,
’cause I saw them when they were on the singing–
it was X Factor. People kinda forget that they
were a made band by Simon. He was the one
that put them together, but they all wanted to be
solo artists in the beginning and I mean, I kinda know
where this is going. – (FBE) We’ll be specifically
reacting to the individual band members, as all five
of the group members have released solo material,
so we’re going to have you listen to a song
from each of them for this episode.
– Ooh, okay. If I remember from
their solo careers, I know Normani just
came out with a new music video and I also think
I remember liking Lauren’s solo stuff. – They’ve all released their own
solo material, which I think is really cool, ’cause usually
there’s one or two who don’t, but they all have. – (FBE) We previously did this
for One Direction’s solo singles and fans have
been wanting us to do the same with Fifth Harmony.
– I feel like it’s probably gonna be the same caliber
of two that blew up huge and were mainstream
and then the other three also had music. – (FBE) So, the first song
I’m gonna play you is Havana from Camila
Cabello. – Ooh, a popular one. ♪ He didn’t walk up with
that “How you doing?” ♪ – Okay, so of course
I’ve heard this song. – Ah, she’s so beautiful. ♪ But I can’t without you ♪
– Yeah, I mean, this definitely I’ve heard
on the radio a bunch of times to the point where it’s
been played out. – They played this song
on all the radio stations so much, even in Mexico. ♪ Ooh ♪
– I like that it feels personal. It doesn’t just feel like
she’s just putting out a generic pop song.
It feels like something she wanted to make. ♪ Ooh ♪
– Any time I see her solo stuff, I’m always like, this girl
never wanted to be in a group. – She’s so pure.
But then when you see her dance, you’re like, ooh.
She a saucy bitch. ♪ Havana ooh na na ♪ – It’s really [bleep] catchy. – Now see, I’m sure this
is a whole different image than they were showing
when they were Fifth Harmony, right? – This is like a, “I left Disney
Channel and I’m sexy now.” – Such a bop. – ♪ My heart is in Havana ♪
She is so pretty. Everyone in Fifth Harmony
is so pretty. I don’t understand.
What water are they drinking? – Good song, but way overplayed.
Not her fault though, but I hear it and I’m like,
I’m good. – I don’t honestly even
associate that with Fifth Harmony. A lot of the One Direction
solo songs, I’m like “Yeah, that’s Niall’s song
from One Direction.” This just feels like her own
independent artist for this. ♪ I see you looking
at my body ♪ – She’s so pretty
and she was so nice when she came in. – I just want nothing
but success for her, ’cause she came in
and she was so [bleep] nice to everybody.
I loved her. – It’s so cool you said
you hear Low key a lot. – Yes, all the time.
– That’s so cool. – I play it all the time.
It’s a good song. – Thank you so much! ♪ All your friends
are looking for you ♪ – I feel like Ally didn’t get
enough recognition because even her solo stuff,
I didn’t hear that much about it and she deserves better. ♪ Low key, you should really
get to know me ♪ – I wanna dance to it, okay. ♪ Low key, you should really
get to know me ♪ – Seems like every other pop video
out there. I wanted something more. ♪ I see you watching ♪
– Is that Tyga? I didn’t realize he was
still making music. – Every God damn song
has to have a Tyga feature nowadays. ♪ I’ve been known to be giving
Get it then I spend it ♪ ♪ Invent a new wave,
then I re-invent it ♪ – I think it’s good that
all of them kinda have their own individual style. ♪ La la la la la ♪ – Okay, personal preference,
I still don’t like it as much as Havana
and it doesn’t necessarily have as much of a catchy hook. – This vibe is more of that
R&B rap style, that more hip hop style
where the group only explored that kind of pop.
Even though they were getting into the sexier side
in their later music, they get to explore it
in a different way, ’cause that stuff felt childish
where this feels more grown up. ♪ I don’t need no diamond ring,
baby I got you ♪ ♪ I can buy the finer things ♪
– Ooh, I like the look of this. – I actually like this song a lot.
It’s kinda R&B. – It’s hard to explain the style
of this song, but I love the music video
so much, the colors. I’m sold. ♪ ‘Cause I’m bottled up
I’m smoking ♪ – She’s so cute.
Oh, “High as [bleep].” Oh my God, we’re getting
a little controversy in here. ♪ I’m smoking
baby yeah, I’m high as [bleep] ♪ – Who’s this?
Oh God, I’m so uncultured. – Oh, I’ll [bleep] with
Ty Dolla $ign. ♪ When you tell me that you’re mine,
I know you mean it ♪ – This is definitely more of
what I would listen to casually in the car or something.
It’s not so just “Okay, we’re gonna party and dance to this.” – This one’s definitely lower key
than the other songs. Those songs are up here
where her song’s just chill. ♪ Because I’m bottled up
I’m smoking ♪ – I feel like this one’s
a bit of a more unique style than the last two maybe.
It’s different, but I don’t know if I like it better. – This sort of pop isn’t really
up my alley. It’s not the type of pop
that I personally like to listen to. I think it’s a little generic. – She’s definitely more on
the pop-y side. She didn’t follow the whole
Spanish side at all, but it’s really good,
’cause you obviously don’t wanna follow the same thing
all the other girls are doing. ♪ Up in bed, all alone
wondering where you’ve been ♪ ♪ Ten past three
I know the club closed ♪ ♪ After 2 AM ♪
– This is one of those ones I sing in the car like, yeah. – God.
I believe her. I feel her emotions. ♪ Knowing very well
that you told me ♪ – That raspy voice,
it’s just everything. ♪ Wish I had no expectations ♪
– Ooh, that hit me. That was good. – She has such a powerhouse voice.
I’m glad she’s singing these type of music. – I dig her.
She’s an artist. I would call her a full
fledged artist. – Okay, this is–
okay, a lot different from the first three. ♪ Wish I had no expectations ♪
– God, she’s so good. – Stylistic wise, this song
kinda sounds like a combination of Beyonce and Adele.
Okay, rock out a little bit. – She can dance, she can sing.
I love this. – This is like, queen.
I can’t. I’m gonna cry. – She can dance.
She can dance, but I got virgin eyes here. ♪ (guitar solo) ♪
– Oh my God. Yeah, I love her. – A lot of Fifth Harmony
was big beats and pop. This one is more soulful
and compared to the other girls, too, it is a very different
style. – This feels like the most
outside of their original genre. The others were still in
the realm of pop, just different aspects of it.
This is bordering on more rock and R&B and stuff like that. – God, this is such
a good video. – I haven’t listened to this yet,
but I’ve heard everyone talk about this. – I know Ariana wrote part
of it, too, so that’s why I’ve been excited, too. – Oof, talent. – Gonna do the dance. – I really like the chorus.
I don’t care as much about the verses, which is
a lot of pop songs. – ♪ (humming) ♪ ♪ Why would we ever do
something instead ♪ – I haven’t heard a lot of
Fifth Harmony’s music, but I’m sure it sounds
nothing like what any of these girls are making. ♪ I’ma break you off
Let me be your motivation ♪ – She’s such a good dancer
and such a good voice. – To me, Normani always put
the most energy into the group and I’m so glad to see
this song taking off. – Everything about this video,
it’s just– she surprised me.
I didn’t think– I knew she was great,
but she honestly shook me. – I love this shot right here. – I like the directing style,
I’m not gonna lie. – Ooh, trumpets, nice. ♪ A little motivation ♪ – Oh, these are the shots
I always see on Twitter. Everyone’s like, “It’s Normani.” – How you do that?
I’m mesmerized. – As a group, they were
really good, but their songs never
connected well with me because it kinda felt like
generic pop music, where solo, they’re allowed
to individually connect with their audience over
their own messaging instead of what you’re
supposed to represent as a group. – When you look at Fifth Harmony,
it’s very easy to just see a generic band and it blends in
with every other kind of pop artist out there,
but when you see their own unique styles, they’re not
necessarily groundbreaking, but they feel unique to them
and it feels like they’re actually doing something real. – (FBE) So now that you’ve
seen their solo work, what do you think?
Do you like Fifth Harmony better as a group
or do you like them more as individual artists?
– I prefer them as solo artists. I think they really did their time
as a group. I don’t think they could have
gone any more than where they left off. – I probably like them better
as solo artists. I feel like there’s a wider
ranger of styles and music that I can pick from.
Camila’s style is a lot different from Normani’s
and Normani’s a lot different than Lauren. – I really, really liked them
as a group, but they were more manufactured,
but them individually as artists went from here to here. – I really liked Fifth Harmony.
I liked the friendship they had together.
I really love strong, powerful girl groups.
But at the same time, to see them take what
they love and use that creativeness and do something
that they love for themselves is also really nice to see. – I think they always had
a special place in my heart because it’s I did go to
all their concerts. I’ve met them throughout
these different stages. I am such a big fan
because I loved their music and nostalgia and I’m curious
to see what they’re gonna do in the future, so I think
I love all aspects of them. – (FBE) Before the group
broke up, some would point out the various followers each member
had on social media. This is something fairly new
to this generation of artists where you can see in real time
just how many people you are influencing.
Do you think this metric is important in establishing
how successful and popular you will be when you break out
and go solo or does it take something more than just
a following on social media to have a major solo career?
– It takes so much more than just a [bleep] following.
I mean, to be honest, who has the time to sit there
and calculate, “Oh Camila Cabello has
more followers than Ally Brooke” Blah blah blah.
That’s just toxic. That’s not okay.
It depends on the talent and the work that each artist
has put out. – I really do think it is
the talent and how you treat people.
I don’t think it’s how many followers you do have
because you can have three and be the most talented
in the world. – Following on social media
is kind of everything now. That’s also the platform
where brands and managers and talent and whoever’s
booking you for jobs is gonna be like,
“Yeah, I wanna work with you.” or other artists can
look at your thing and be like, “How popping
are they?” – I think it takes
a little bit of both because of course,
some people will follow the artist that they were
particularly fond of a little more than they’ll
follow the others, but at the same time,
I think their talent can still bring in new people. – There’s a difference between
following and engagement, so it’s whoever has the most
fan engagement, but also, that doesn’t necessarily
quantify success. – Social media, it’s an
amazing thing and it’s an amazing tool,
but it doesn’t define you as a person and this goes
for everyone. I know so many people
that are so talented working on such amazing jobs
with designers and music and stuff and their social media
is literally nothing because they don’t care for it. – (FBE) So finally, do you hope
the group will get back together or would you rather them
continue on their solo career paths? – I think if you had asked me
that two years or a year ago, I would have been
like, “Oh, I hope they get back together.”
’cause I love them, but now, no.
I really like what they’re each doing individually. – I’d rather they stay solo.
I think they did their time in Fifth Harmony and now
they’re grown women making their own music
and they’re doing really well so far. – I don’t think that for them,
it’d probably be smart to even go back as a group.
Probably better that they just keep going in
their own route. – They all seem to be doing
better as solo artists. I don’t wanna make anybody sad,
’cause I feel like a lot of people miss Fifth Harmony,
but they’re thriving, man, and they’re doing good.
They seem happy. – If they wanted to get back
together, that’d be cool. I would just wanna hear,
now that they’ve all grown individually, what it would
sound like, but at the same time,
groups break up for a reason and it’s like they want to
do things on their own so forcing it for the fans,
I don’t think would be a good idea unless they
really, really wanted to. I think they should just
go the path that they want to at the moment. – Thank you for watching
this episode of College Kids React. Shoutout to Autumn K. – Subscribe and hit the bell
so you never miss an episode. – What do you think
of Fifth Harmony’s solo work? Let us know in the comments. – Hi guys, JC here,
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  2. I still love all 5 of my girls and will follow each and every last one of them. They all impacted my life and got me through some hard times. I still love them ❤️

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