College in Real Life ft Komal Pandey | Sejal Kumar
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College in Real Life ft Komal Pandey | Sejal Kumar

Duuddee! I’m so excited for tomorrow. We’ll have so much fun tomorrow. I know. We’re gonna meet so many new People, make so many new friends, go to societies, go to fest This is gonna be so awesome! Hey! So where are the eco class rooms? Umm I don’t know actually I’m from B.Com Oh Okay I’m from eco that’s why I asked Okay Okay Okay Uhhhhh so uhh I’m Sejal. What’s your name? Oh! Komal Komal yeah! Uhh so umm you’re new here? In Delhi? No no I’m from Delhi only. Born and brought up here. Oh Okay! Nice nice Uhh what about you? Yeah! Same same Delhi. Okay umm Okayy! Uhhh okay then. *awkward laugh* It was really nice meeting you Bye Oh okay. Buh-bye! *sigh* – So excited! So excited! So excited!
– I knowww Dude! All the seniors have said that the freshers are pretty good. It’s not the best. Like we don’t have rain dance and all but I think It’s pretty good, right? Leave all this I am just going there for the cute guys. Oh God! Komal But honestly I mean guys are cute Also, this all black theme is really really nice. I am absolutely loving it. And, I think like I’ve heard It’s going to be damn happening man. Like forget everything It’s gonna be damnn happening Dude but. I hope we’re not overdressed. No, are you mad? We are all good. Bro, what is this? What the hell Sejal? No, I can’t do this. – Where are the cute guys?
– What is this “Welcome Freshers”? Listen, I’m not dancing like this. Neither am I. I’m not dancing. Listen, I’m leaving. – Call Khyati. Call Khyati
– What is this? Where am I Trapped? – So embarrassing.
– Hello! Khyati come pick us up. I can’t do this. This is a joke Bhaiya stop Madam! Come Madam Dude I’m damn hungry man. What are we eating? Yaar uhh We still haven’t tried Tom Uncle’s maggi – Yesss! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.
– We should try it today. – Umm so yummy, so yummy.
– This is good, right? Dude do you want to go to Hudson? Yeah – We should go to Cafeteria & Co. It’s a really good place. That’s a really good place.
– Hmm, let’s go. I can’t eat one more bite. – Can’t eat anything more now.
– No, I can’t. But dude, DSE? We should go there. I’ve heard so much about it – Tomorrow. We’ll go there tomorrow. Let’s go
– Yes, we’ll go there tomorrow. Let’s go Hello Hey! I’ll have to cancel our rico’s and DSE plan. I can’t come. I’m broke Seriously dude I’m broke. I’m bringing my lunch from tomorrow How much is this for? Not more than 200 Hey! Do you want to become a fashion blogger? Why are you so dressed up? Go, change. – Dude that party was boring.
– Yeah So we were sitting in one corner and just making out. That’s all – I told you so. You must be sitting there like a loner.
– I know. I shouldn’t…. – There’s a cute guy. 3 o’clock.
– Where where where? 3 o’clock. Look no – He’s really cute
– He’s so cute man – First time I’ve seen..
– He’s looking at us – Is my hair okay?
– Be natural Yeah yeah It’s fine Natural natural He’s coming So cute. Hello, how are you? Myself Mohak. And you? Sejal And you? I’m going and she is also going. – Yeah! We have eco
– Wait! Wait! Bye bye Hi Guys So this was it for my college in real life video and I have so many guests with me today So this is Komal Yes, you guys must know me. from lots of videos here on YouTube So I was really excited to make the College In Real Life video because my first year in college was absolutely the opposite of what I expected it to be and I needed some guys to come in and help out in the video. So I actually asked few of my subscribers to come. So guys quickly give me your intros. Hi I’m Rajni Aishwarya I’m Megha Hi I’m Tara Hi I’m Priya I’m Khyati I’m Vedant I’m Amar. I’m Amar. Thanks guys for coming. I really appreciate it And this video filming we’re not done yet actually But it was really fun and I will see you guys soon If you guys enjoy this video make sure you guys subscribe to my channel, hit the bell notification. Please comment below what your favourite part of the video was or what would you want to see from me next. And I’ll see you guys next time Bye Bye Okay! Done

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  2. I was so excited fr my fresher party,wanted to dressed up unique so I put on traditional cool dresss to look classy,after arrived the auditorium hall what I witness only few 10_12 students occupied the huge vacant hall,no one on stage,poor the host trying to amuse us by cracking lame jokes,at last with god mercy a student came on stage n left after reciting a poem(r u kidding me!!!!!wts going on here!!!),I got pity over the host who trying to hold a clueless party by his clueless statements and jokes,irony it was….n on leave i felt hv survived a worst nightmare n I realized m in a professional medical college,not in distorted movies!!!!!

  3. I don't believe their parents allow them to wear such clothes
    Mine don't even allow me to wear lace sleeve tops
    Or capris

  4. Hey guys. Do visit my channel for amazing food videos and creative projects and don't forget to subscribe my channel.

  5. 5:12 I find that broken English cute and innocent

    Comeon girls he is an innocent guy don't be so harsh on him

  6. First of fall this is unrelatable video . This types of clothes we never wear in college especially girls in my cllg.🙅

  7. Born and Brought up in Delhi..
    Oh thats … So much Proud 😲 !!
    Humnr Tom uncle ki Maggi try nhi kari 😂😂😂 ..
    Ohk I am done 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Here in Pakistan our school life is like exceptations of college life…. ❤❤ mtlb sooo much fun period bunk krky ground main frnds ky sath mastii or bhi bht kuch…. 💓💞💞💞💖❤❤💗💘💝💖 btw love ur videos and ur content lots of love for India from Pakistan…. ❤❤💙💙

  9. All those DU memories , tom uncle's maggi , Hudson lane , cafeteria n co ,omggggg nostalgia hits hard . I was from Ramjas college so yeah ,rain dance happens at Ramjas on fresher's 😉😉

  10. Ya that's true aisa hi hota h University me admission pane k bad lgta h wah Kya life hogi but reality Puri alg hoti h 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
    But fresher k bare me relate nhi krta mujhse kyuki mera fresher's to awesome tha bilkul expectation k according

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