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100 thoughts on “COLLEGE DECISION 2018! Are We Going to the SAME School?!?

  1. What did you think of our college choice? Also, our scrunchies are back in stock with NEW colors available! You can get yours HERE! ▶ https://brooklynandbaileyshop.com 💋's -Bailey

  2. B&B-
    I thought I was going to see you at TEXAS A&M!It is only 20 minutes from my home!But I want y'all to be happy!I just wish I could meet y'all one day!Love you Brooklyn & Bailey!:)

  3. I’ll be doing online college for a bit because I have a 3 month old
    Would love to meet you guys!!! I live in temple

  4. I came across this video again because college szn is pulling up and I’m getting re trigged. The fact that they applied to the SAME schools and ended up going to the SAME school is kinda annoying. I hoped they’d go do their own things and become independent of each other but hey🤰🏽

  5. Given their current video where they could barely stand to be a part for a week, there is 0% chance they considered going to a different colleges for more than two seconds.

  6. For the past 4 hours I have been watching these types of videos and y’all are the first that I have seen that have applied to Texas A&M. I’m an Aggie at heart soo🤪

  7. That is such a good school I was even planning on going there in a few years and I live really close to in Waco

  8. The necklace that asa gave baley it's Soo cuteee 🥺🥺🥺 love yall u hope u can find someone as amazing as asa

  9. I also wish Hogwarts was a real school, but sadly it isn't😢😢😢 But I am in Hufflepuff with the twins!!

  10. When I hear them saying "We're going to Hogwarts" my heart beat literally beats fast. Love you Both…

    Hello Every Fellow Potterhead Out there…


  11. Now that I am seeing this video for the second time ( graduate and ready to go to college) I low key wish you guys picked Texas A&M because I am going there ): but I am proud of you both and I wish one day we can meet😊❤️

  12. HOGWARTS!!! Although I think it more of a secondary school or high school . I live in another country so my high school and you guy's high schools are different

  13. I sweat like half the comments are about Hogwarts or Harry potter. Anyone else a ravenclaw???

    Hello fellow potter heads

  14. I watched the one when Asa was deciding what college to go to do I already knew you guys were going to the same one

  15. Now that I’m applying to colleges in Texas I would go to Baylor but I don’t wanna be obligated to go to bible study and it’s so expensive even with the scholarship they are offering.

  16. you should do Disney type of scrunchies like the blue the blue yellow and gray one gave me Snow White lives I was just thinking please call me back and if you do do shoutouts can I please be in one of yours I love love love love love your videos and I'm literally beg my dad mascara right now and the sponge he's so yes he said that I can get this done to use for Christmas so I'm so excited I will be and you guys a picture of me on the Skype with using every single serve cheese please can you guys do that

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