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100 thoughts on “College Day in My Life at NYU | New York University

  1. Love this video! I also did a similar video on my channel – I’m a medical student! I would love if u could check it out xx

  2. Hi dear Ainura i love your videos So much they are so interesting . My name's Nedjma by the way . i hope that u can read my comment i'm really in need for a little help if u can so if i can contact u via e-mail or any social media please let me know . with a lot of love😘😊

  3. Hey Listen! Check out our how to win at college series based in Flint, Michigan 🙌.


    Thank you for your time ~ Amen 🙏

  4. Enjoyed watching this vlog! I just start doing uni-related videos in the UK so it's interesting to see what the uni life is like in the US 🙂

  5. – Подумала по обложке, что видео будет на русском: началось на английском
    – Решила что ошиблась с этничностью, смирилась с этой мыслью
    – В итоге, книга в конце все расставила по местам 😄
    Здоровское произношение, так держать! 🙂

  6. Hi Ainura it’s first time on your channel i love it and I’d like to ask with what scores did u enter nyu. Now I’m preparing for SAT

  7. Hi I’m new to ur channel and I love it already. I have a question. What were your grades and extracurriculars like in high school to get you into NYU ?

  8. Ok I believe ur in Steinhardt School and I got accepted into Music Technology at Steinhardt, do u think that’s worth it? Also I got into the Steinhardt Honors Program, does that truly mean something or do many people get in?

  9. So happy to see you're doing all right. Just do your best. Don't give up. NYC best place to be @ 22. NYU best school w/great resources. Future looks bright. Stick with it! Class of '85. I❤️NY


  11. Hi Ainura. I just got into NYU aa 2023erhhhh. I am wondering which hall u are living in cuz the view is amazing!

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