College Cheating Scandal and Paul Manafort’s Sentencing: A Closer Look
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College Cheating Scandal and Paul Manafort’s Sentencing: A Closer Look

-A massive college
cheating scandal and the sentencing of the
president’s ex-campaign chairman have exposed corruption at
the highest levels of society. For more on this, it’s time for
“A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] The past 24 hours have really
pulled back the curtain on how wealth and power
operate in America. Yesterday, a $25 million
college-admissions cheating scandal
ensnared Hollywood actors and some of the wealthiest
people in the country. And today, the president’s
campaign chairman was indicted in one case for fraud,
and sentenced in another case after he was already sentenced
last week in a third case, in which he was accused
of stealing money and spending it on a jacket
made from an ostrich. [ Laughter ] In other words,
rich people are insane. Once you have that much money,
it poisons your brain. You either end up
bribing a soccer coach to get your kid
into Yale, or, if that doesn’t work, you leave all your money
to your cat — which is a ridiculous
thing to do, since every cat
already acts like they have
“[bleep] you” money. [ Laughter ] “Good news!” [ Cheers and applause ] “Good news, cat,
you’re a millionaire.” “You mean
I wasn’t already?” [ Laughter ] “I’m pretty sure
I already was.” But Paul Manafort
really had the worst day, because right after
he was sentenced in one case, he was indicted by a different
office in another case involving 16 counts tied to
residential-mortgage fraud. He was sentenced and indicted
on the same day in a move that will one day
be coined “The Manafort.” But the college-admissions
cheating scandal is one of the most
fascinating glimpses into how the wealthy and
the privileged rig the game. More than 40 people have been
arrested in the scheme, including everyone
from C.E.O.s, to the heads of major
international law firms, to private-equity titans,
to Hollywood actors. -Federal prosecutors today
revealed what they say is the largest case of
college-admissions fraud in U.S. history, charging
coaches and affluent parents — including Hollywood elite —
in a massive bribery scheme to fast-track kids
into some of the country’s top universities,
including Yale and Stanford. -The fraud,
allegedly two-fold — parents paying
to inflate their children’s
standardized test scores, or faking athletic records
to get students recruited for sports they did
not even play. -Two Hollywood actresses are among the dozens
of people charged — the TV stars Felicity Huffman
from “Desperate Housewives,” and Lori Loughlin
from “Full House.” -Lori Loughlin? Why didn’t you just bribe
a college the normal way, by donating money
for a new building? You already had
a name. [ Laughter ] The details of this scandal
are truly mind-blowing. For example, parents bribed
coaches at prestigious schools to get their kids admitted
as athletes in sports
they didn’t play. In one case, the teenage girl
who did not play soccer magically became a star
soccer recruit at Yale in exchange
for $400,000. Now, that $400,000
went to the Yale coach, who was in on the scam,
and then had to, I guess, explain what they saw
in the new recruit. “All right, everybody.
Gather around. This is our new
star player. You’re not gonna see much of her
out on the field, but wait until you try
her orange slices.” [ Laughter ] Some parents,
including Loughlin, even went to
the extraordinary lengths of staging or doctoring photos
to make it look like their kids were playing sports
they did not play. -Investigators say
Lori Loughlin and her husband agreed to pay bribes
totaling half a million dollars in exchange for having
their two daughters designated as recruits
to the USC crew team, despite the fact that they
did not participate in crew. Court documents say
they even had their girls stage photos
as athletes. -In one instance,
a parent sending this photo showing their daughter playing
water polo in high school, but in fact,
the photo was another student. -I mean, of all the sports
to lie about, I have to say,
water polo is the smartest one, because nobody knows
how it works. [ Laughter ] I don’t even know what a
water-polo body would look like. I mean, is it long arms
and a tail? [ Laughter ] Of course,
the plan would have worked, until the kid
showed up at the pool in riding gear
and an actual horse. [ Laughter ] Now, there’s already all kinds
of normalized, accepted pay-to-play in
the college-entry process, from expensive
test-prep classes, to legacy admissions, to just
writing a massive check — which is also known as
“institutional advancement.” But the guy who set up
this scheme — a businessman named
William Singer — explained in court that
he was giving wealthy parents a way to get around
all of that. -In one phone called,
authorities listened as Singer told one parent
how it all worked, saying,
“There’s a front door, which means you get in
on your own. The back door is through
institutional advancement, which is 10 times
as much money. And I’ve created
the side door.” -Imagine having
enough money to legally bribe your kids’s way
into an elite college, and thinking, “How about,
instead, we Photoshop his head onto Michael Phelps’ body?” [ Laughter ] And make no mistake,
the parents in these cases were very aware
of what they were doing. The FBI released one e-mail
written by Huffman when she found out
that her daughter’s school would provide their own
SAT proctor, making it harder
to cheat. She wrote —
and this is a real e-mail — “Ruh-roh. Look like
my daughter’s high school wants to provide
own proctor.” She literally sat down
at a computer and typed the word
“Ruh-roh”… [ Laughter ] …making this —
making this the rare case where Scooby Doo
was the criminal. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] This scandal… [ As Shaggy ]
“It was you, Scoob.” [ Light laughter ] [ Normal voice ]
This scandal might be the most glaring example
of pay-to-play in college admissions,
but it’s not the only one. There’s already
lots of pay-to-play in the college-admissions world
that’s legal. I mean, just look at the
President of the United States. He went to Wharton, one of
the most prestigious schools in the country,
and he doesn’t even know how to spell the word
“country.” [ Laughter ] And if you asked him to spell
the word “prestigious,” the red squiggle would just
give up and crawl away. [ Laughter ] [ Gun cocks ] [ Gunshot ] [ Cheers and applause ] And let’s not forget,
this is a guy who famously waged a racist campaign
to get President Obama to release his
college transcripts, despite the fact that,
as we learned from Michael Cohen’s
testimony, Trump threatened his own schools
not to release his grades
and test scores. -I’m talking about a man who
declares himself “brilliant,” but directed me to threaten
his high school, his colleges, and the College Board to never release his grades
or SAT scores. -I shudder to imagine
what Trump’s SAT score was. It was probably
the first time in history the College Board
wrote on someone’s test, “It’s better if
you don’t know.” [ Laughter ] The culture… [ Cheers and applause ] The culture of inequality
and pay-to-play at the highest levels
of American society has been on full display
over the last 24 hours. From serial fraud
committed by wealthy parents to serial fraud committed by the
president’s campaign chairman, people are finally getting
a glimpse at how it all works. And they’re all saying, in
the words of Felicity Huffman… -“Ruh-roh.” -This has been
“A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]

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100 thoughts on “College Cheating Scandal and Paul Manafort’s Sentencing: A Closer Look

  1. >Makes a joke about Scooby saying "ruh-roh"
    >manages to find the only clip of Scooby saying "uh-oh" normally

    * slow clap *

  2. Really? Rich Americans are paying to get their kids into school? No… you don’t say. Capitalism at its finest

  3. Just children using their parents just like DACA using their parents…
    The real immigrants ( aka LEGAL) APPLIED TO THE US and were accepted.
    They didn't get in through a side door( southern border) . How can
    liberals not see the similarities in this? Apparently liberals are much
    more stupid than we think.

  4. It always makes me chuckle when I hear a wealthy person complain about other wealthy and privileged people. I'm not saying that Seth is being disingenuous, but he could just as easily been caught up in the scandal. I of course could not seeing as I have no money.

  5. Here, as overseas,The ''Plantation Owners'' will not allow their slaves
    to learn to read, in order to limit them to being OBEDIENT saluters and
    worshipers of the LIES issued by the masters..

  6. The foreign corporate owners of America, and their Russian Allies, SET the prices, FROZE your wages, bought your media, installed their operatives, underfunded your schools, replaced your governments and stole your time, labor, money, media, politicians, lives, country, weapons and your children for their operations in 174 bases , 622 sub-bases , overseas dividing Humanity into the armed enforcers of OUR LIES and the armed defenders of OUR LIVES.

  7. It just has to be so galling , you have the looks, the fame, the money but your kids are dumb asses. Lol. Life is good after all.

  8. I’m disgusted with people that buy their way into institutions when they are not qualified,leaving a student that is out. Despicable.

  9. It's so frustrating that a person of color caught with a kilo of coke would probably be sentenced to something worse than all these losers combined. We gotta flush out corrupt judges before anything else, cuz dumbasses like Kavanaugh who loves casual boofing on the weekend gets to make decisions that affect millions of people

  10. One of the problems with paying to get your kids into college by changing their SATs or just paying money is that the smartest people are not getting into college. This means that if your doctor only got into college because of bribery you are not getting a good doctor, for example.

  11. Time to start hanging the rich from lamp-posts by their pearl necklaces & gold chains. They truly don’t live in reality. Better hope the fences around your gated communities are secure, you lying thieving scumbags.

  12. What in the world is happening!!!. Now what is the world coming to when you can't depend on certain things like WHITE PRIVILEGE.I mean my GOD Becky!!

  13. Wait, what, rich people are bribing thier kids way into colleges! I mean it's only been happening since college's and higher learning was first implemented. The difference between white collar crime and blue collar crime is $$$$ plain and simple. Blue collar crime hurts a few people at a time, white collar crime destroys many people in one fell sweep. Except for murder, white collar criminals should 3 or 4 times the sentences they receive now.

  14. It happens in the UK too. I read an example the other day about Prince Edward.

    " Prince Edward the youngest son of the Queen of England got a place at Cambridge with results of EED: his 2 “E” results meant that he failed the exams. His place at Cambridge was assured on more basis than the fact that he was a son of the monarch. Typical offers for Cambridge applicants are AAA or AAB. Typical applicants sit 4 A level exams."

    If your parents have a title, can refurbish the chapel roof, or if you are an excellent rower or rugby player, the door may be open to you, no matter how dim you are.

  15. of course… what will the corporate media focus on? the rich people, and their rich lives? or the colleges now run by a profit motivated corporate board of directors? gee… wonder where the corporate media will place the blame?

  16. The college cheat thing has been going on since the start of colleges – Trump is a perfect example of how money must have changed hands for him to get a degree. Not really a surprise other than the fact the seem to have paid quite small sums

  17. Well whats the surprise or uproar about?
    i think its in every part of life true that you can get what you want with a lot of money

  18. The joke from Bianca del Rio to Adore Delano comes to mind. "I know what you got on your SAT….ketchup."

  19. In opposition to what Fox told us all these years, it's almost as if rich people are NOT actually better people, smarter or anything special just because they have money.

  20. I don't want to sit here and defend the actions of the parents, or really anyone complicit in the matter, but I'm struggling to see the big impact of this?

    So a rich person gets their moron kids into a big school. So what? When the kid starts failling the classes, it's all zero sum. And don't give me that bs about how the Lori Loughlin's child took another kids' spot. It's not like USC was turning back kids in the 1 percentile, it was the fringe kids, who would have only made it based upon an admissions officer having a good lunch or not.

  21. And now these rich assholes charged with crimes will be able to hire the best attorneys and get off with a light sentence.

  22. Who said actors were the top of society? Thats as stupid as saying the Kardashians are worth listening to or even knowing about.

  23. I lost all faith in america justice system. Because Trump is a free old man. Next Don jr will be running for prisident Dumb

  24. Well, this is one show Felicity and family won't be watching any more. Too bad. However, there is a famous series she was in in which she played a corrupt judge. I remember thinking, "Well, that's playing against type." Nope.

  25. tbh i usually come for trump but gdamn its actually nice when there's less trump content which can make you sick to your stomach

  26. We all know it happens but it is sad to think about the honest, hard-working, deserving kids that were passed over and then we have to watch cretins like Olivia Jade tell us: “I don’t know how much of school I’m going to attend. But I do want the experience of, like, game days, partying. … I don’t really care about school.”

    This diaper stain actually had to include a "like" in the middle of that soliloquy. Congrats Olivia, I've finally found someone I despise more than Donald, Donald Jr., Eric (goes without saying), Ivanka and Jarred (both of them), and the ass-hat that stole my mom's bike.

    If there is a God or better yet, a Satan, I hope they have fun with this one.

  27. But if you buy your child's way into Yale or Stanford when they were unable to gain admission legitimately how do you expect them to be able to to the work? Wouldn't the kids flunk out the first or second term?

  28. I am from Canada and not a big Trump supporter…at one time I enjoyed watching "late night tv" including SNL …I have since tuned out completely…Trump bashing every night is BORING …espousing your personal political opinions is also BORING …Johnny Carson is spinning in his grave

  29. They didn't cheat. This isn't a game. The title should be: 50 year college admissions corruption revealed: money laundering, bribery, deception, admissions corruption, and faculty corruption.

  30. Trump and his kids went to Trump University to get their degrees and then filed bankruptcy 4 times and then claimed unemployment

  31. This rich kid scandal reminds me of a great song by Dead Kennedys “Terminal Preppie” some notable lyrics:

    “I go to college, that makes me so cool
    I live in a dorm and show off by the pool
    I join the right clubs just to build an impression
    I block out thinking, it won't get me ahead
    My ambition in life
    Is to look good on paper
    All I want is a slot
    In some big corporation”

    Please lol.


  32. No doubt Trump's parents bribed his way into Wharton school of business because Trump is an idiot and wouldn't have made it on his own.

  33. p2w (pay to win) collage ,also i don't think anyone was actually surprised that rich people bribe schools

  34. Great parenting. Or maybe no parenting at all. Are we to assume that these parents have raised
    their children to be totally incompetent and way too dumb and un-evolved to ever get into
    any college on any merit of their own. I guess that's the prevailing opinion they hold of 
    their own issue.

  35. You know the real reason why they are going after these folks is the charity/tax fraud. If they had pulled this off without screwing Uncle Sam, people would have looked the other way. Message to the wealthy is this: if your kid is dumb as a box of rocks with a pebble on top but you still want that degree for them, don’t cheap out. Write the big check.

  36. I think that Donald Trump is the worst president we've ever had he's a liar and a cheat he is done nothing to cause problems for the United States he's made a mess out of everything we need to get him out of office Dayton vote for him then and wouldn't vote for him now don't even believe in God he is destroying America may God bless us all

  37. The squirrel want to take a closer look ,I knew that sooner or late the squirrel would some how try to tie this to PERSIDENTTrump .like most of his commentaries their a joke.How about the Clinton foundation and E mails instead

  38. I can't even understand the controversy surrounding this. This has been going on for years. I can tell you from personal experience that nearly all doctors and dentists were legacy students or had wealthy parents. The US has a caste system…it just isn't something the masses are supposed to be aware of. Why are people acting like this is new?

  39. "but wait until you try their orange slices!"
    You know its a joke because the rich pay immigrants bottom dollar to do manual labour for them…

  40. And here I was working so hard in highschool to get a 3.9 GPA, a 32 on the ACT and 1790 on the SATs and playing volleyball since I was 6 just to get a scholarship. 😑 Instead, I just needed a butt load of money instead. All those prep classes, tutoring, joining honors clubs, juggling sports, school, and band, community service hours, sacrificing a social life and these people just pay to lie cheat there way in without putting in any work!?! Smh.

  41. And we're all still supposed to believe "America" (the US) is a land of equal opportunity where everyone has an equal chance at greatness?

    Some of us always knew this was happening, it's just now coming to light. And some of us still have the proverbial wool pulled over our eyes thinking bootstraps stand a chance in this equation.

  42. This is the funniest thing I have seen. It`s a pity its the coments and not the show itself I`m commenting about.
    Just put up a few "CEO`s and "BIG" business names and I would have been more impressed. I guess their
    wealth, still protects their names being put up for comedic ridicule. Ask yourselves, how long have you actually known that the
    game was rigged? I bet the answer isnt anything to do with the information you got from this show.

  43. Can you please compare what the mexican president has done in the last 100 days to what trump has done

  44. Cheating on behalf of your children is the worst thing you can do – it tells them they aren't good enough as they are. ouch

  45. + "Water polo? Isn't that dangerous?"
    – "It sure is. I had two ponies drowned under me."

    Now I really want to watch "Some like it hot".


  47. How is this guy still on the air. He delivers these lines with such phoniness he makes Screech from Saved By The Bell seem like Marlon Brando.

  48. Now we need to start fining corporations and individuals who pay bribes in the form of campaign contributions and the like to get favorable treatment from the government. I don't see much difference in this scandal and corporate/government corruption except in scale. The corporate/government scandal hurts almost every U.S. citizen by damaging competition, which is key to a capitalist system, by forcing the consumer to pay a higher price for inferior products and services in most cases.

  49. Manafort will need the jacket in prison so that he can pretend to be an ostrich when picking up the piece of soap he dropped the floor.

  50. Felicity Huffman was my favorite Housewife 🙁

    I guess she was Desperate

    (I made this same joke earlier but I'm proud of it, so)

  51. More Like Full of Shiz!! And she's got money to pay for the repair of her Reputation?? Huh Should she wait till she's Gone to Court to see how many years she's getting are worrying about maybe her kids going to?? How about visiting hours!!!

  52. Look at this hate mongers in the comment section, nice. Stop behaving like animals and calm down. I wonder what you would say if we protested for years on end and separated the country every time someone we didn’t like was elected. You have to the right to dislike someone but when you care more about hurting him at the cost of hurting the country then strengthening the country, you know you aren’t the right side. Calm down and look at your surroundings, look who your supporting. Do you even know who your supporting? Who’s wearing the masks? Who’s burning communities? Who’s inciting hate? Who encouraged US citizens to punch anyone wearing a MAGA hat? (Maxine waters). For the people who claim to hate violence you guys are extremely violent.

  53. Who tells people how to feel, how to speak, how to think?Ask yourself,who ridiculed and hurt the people who broke free from tyranny? This tyranny that dictated what race can vote for which party, ridiculed Kanye when he had his own opinion. You are sheep who claw at those who break away from the flock, wolves in sheeps clothing dictate and enforce you. When will you break free?

  54. No surprise there at all. Rich kids are semi retarded most of the time. The only way they ever have anything in life is daddy's money.

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