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College का पहला हफ्ता | TVF

This is a regular college in India. Spread across a large area starting from
Shambu’s tea stall to Pochinki, this campus will be home to many
boys and girls who come here. Hello.
I’m Sir David Attenburrrraaaah! And you’re watching… The First Week of College. The season of results is over. As the time of admission arrives these
students get out of school and their uniforms to roam around places like Sarojini Nagar,
Sadar Bazaar and Fashion street. These wannabe kids are often found
standing in groups. For which they need to impress
each other first. He’s a good boy and his name is Prakash. The heart of this young boy who’s come
here from a small town of Bijnor is filled with complications, hope
and FOMO. And he’s looking for someone
to make friends with. So it’s important that you guys
all focus… The process of introduction
or intro, has begun. Maybe start with some introductions… Now all these virgin students will tell
their name, address and marks. Hello, everyone.
My name is Prakash Raj Aryan… Then these Marksist kids will judge each other
based on marks for the rest of the day. Hi, my name is Vikas
and I score 8… ..92% in boards! This boy who just increased his marks
by 10% , will increase the size of his tool
by 2 inches and tell people tonight. Hello, class.
I’m DB, Debolinaa Biswas. Known as IMDB sis, this bong bombshell knows IMDB’s top 250 movies’ rating
and synopsis at the tip of her tongue! Like Harsha Bogle knows hair weaving. The kids who never wrote notes inspite of their
parent’s thrashing, the fearless warriors these fearless warriors will now note down
all the girl’s name and hometown carefully. Then they’ll send friend requests
to all of them at night. Which these girls will respond to
in the 3rd year by blocking them. – Hi, my name is…
– This girl told me her name. But I can’t tell you what it is. ‘Cause people often find religion
in a name. Man, there was such crowd
to get the I card made. I thought Guru Randhawa had come. These innocent muchachos don’t know yet
that by the time they reach their 3rd year they would’ve lost their I card, library
card and their library books like the virginity of their crush. Guys, do we have to link
our I card to our Aadhar card? – What?
– We normally have to, right? Hey, 1st year fresh skin! Little nut, think you’re strolling around
a wedding, do you? Come on…
Come on… Split from the group, Prakash has reached
the senior’s chilling spot. Where this big group has caught hold
of his small body. – Isn’t this ragging?
– Ragging?! No, no! It’s not that! Who’s ragging you? Bro, it’s an intro.
Just a bonding exercise, bro. – What’s that? – Listen, do the
#lele challenge and show us. What?!
That’s it?! I… I wish ragging was illegal
during my college days as well. I still remember that night
in the summer of ’69. I gave it till 2 that night…ragging. That orientation lecture
was so boring, man! My head’s hurting so bad!
Apply some balm, man. Not that! Bhuvan Bam. Play BB’s vines
on YouTube! Guys, listen to me. Let’s go the Pg’s PG, Debolina
will explain Interstellar to us there. – Right on, man.
– Y’all started studying? But isn’t Interstellar travel a part
of astro physics? Then why are y’all studying astrophysics
in an Art’s college? Bro, don’t you know what Interstellar is? Inception, Prestige, Memento? No, what are these things? Don’t you know who Christopher Nolan is? Bro, I only know Christopher Lalan. He was an elder in our town
who went to Goa and got converted. What are you doing with your life, bro?
Get a little serious, man! How will you survive in this world
like this, man? Listen… Go to your IMDB profile and make
a watchlist. Okay? Finish this watchlist by the end
of your first sem, bro! In the near future, his acquaintances
AKA classmates will judge him based on his film choices
than his looks, clothes and father’s job. This will decide if he’ll roam around with
South Delhi’s damsels, or behind them. The last day of orientation means
the official Fresher’s Party. To impress the girls, all the boys will let off
a special kind of scent today. Check. Check.
Mic testing- 1..2..3.. Hey guys! This is the most popular girl
of this college! Every guy in her batch and also 2
professors have hit on her atleast once. Okay so, I request all the participants
of Mr and Ms Fresher to assemble backstage. There are 3 parts to choosing
Mr and Ms Fresher. Ramp walk… However, this part is boring
so let’s skip it like a YouTube ad. The 2nd round is a talent round. Where everyone turns into a clown.
Not intentionally though. Insu? Due to copyright issues,
we can’t allow you to listen to this song, but we can surely show you
how the audience reacted to him. Stop this torture..! This round was surely entertaining. Come on now,
let’s move to the Rapid Fire round. These wannabes who don’t know the difference
between Loksabha and Rajya sabha, will now tell us how Trump is threat
to American democracy. I strongly condemn Trump’s attitude… Let’s skip and move ahead
from this boring contestant. If I was the Prime Minister of this nation, I would have removed poverty,
corruption and traffic jams. Looks like Prakash’s dark heart
is lit up. Go and talk to her.
She was looking at you. I don’t even know her, man.
How do I go and talk to her. I saw her looking at you.
Go and talk to her, man! Drenched in infinite hormones This young boy with hope in his heart
goes towards the girl with tiny steps. Will he be able to impress this girl? – Hey
– Hey! It was quite a memorable night, right? It was for me.
I don’t know about you though. You didn’t participate? Who’d have clapped for you
if everyone participated? – Aren’t you from section B?
– Yes, I am. Why don’t you come to mine, we have
a lot of cool people in my class. Sure. That’s true! Um, my cab’s arrived.
So I’ll leave. All right.
I’ll see you off. 9-6-4-9… 9-6-4-9? What? Phone number? I was trying to memorise my OTP. Oh, I thought you… Forget it.
Nevermind. I’ll see you tomorrow. – Bye!
– Bye… Listen… – Yeah, tell me?
– Vijeyata Iyer. – Add me on Facebook.
– Sure! Sure… What is the meaning of this relationship? Neither do you know nor do I… All we know is that we’re a little in love
and we have a little to go. Oh dear… Oh dear… This journey shall go by soon
when we’re together… We’ll see the destination
as we walk together… Hey, Ganpat!
Get the booze!

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100 thoughts on “College का पहला हफ्ता | TVF

  1. Yeh bacche abhi YeH Nahi jaante ki inka ICard, library card and library se liye hue books inke crush ki virginity ki tarah kho jayegi 😂

  2. Yaha pe aap logo ko duniya ka sabse khatarnak prani dekhne ko milega. Yaha nar, mada, adha nar adha mada- matlab gay bhi dekhne ko milega jo jhund mein rahte hai aur bakrio ki tarah class mein baithe rahte hai.

  3. Acha ye hota h ki, college starting Mai hi, fresher's party ho jati h,
    Jitni v mada prani Hoti h, wo Apne best ruup Ko dikhati h.

    Aur hm narr😈😈 Ko pahle hi clear ho jata h ki, koin se wali meri h….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. 6:15 'mai nhi janta usse..kaise baat karu'
    6:50 'sab participate krte toh tumhare liya tali Kon bajata'

  5. People who don’t the difference between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will tell you what danger does Trump pose to American democracy😂😂 Story of the nation in last 5 years!

  6. चु चु करती चिड़िया की चोंच से में आपके सलामी लंड को सलाम करते हुए आपका नाम जानने की गुस्ताखी करता हु 😁 1st year me shuru ke 4 mahine bahut raging hui thi yar,
    But un dino ko me ab tak yad karta hu
    Bahut funny the😊

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