Coal for Kenney Story: Madison, Fort Saskatchewan
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Coal for Kenney Story: Madison, Fort Saskatchewan

I’m Madison and this is why I am sending
coal to Jason Kenney and the UCP MLAs this Christmas. I’m a teacher here in
Alberta and I understand how the cuts to education are going to translate into
our classrooms. We were already underfunded under the NDP. You have a
system that was barely hanging on and still I might add performing very well
considering the amount of stress and the strain that was already on the system
before the UCP government came in and cut two hundred and seventy five million
dollars, with no warning, overnight from our classrooms and there are more cuts
to come next year. So this holiday season I’m thinking of the students that aren’t
getting what they’re needing, I’m thinking of the teachers who are being
laid off, I’m thinking of the families who won’t be able to afford Christmas,
I’m thinking of the children who are going to be losing out on years of their
education under the UCP in underfunded overcrowded classrooms. As a mother I
have to make hard choices and consider whether or not I can ethically send my
son to a classroom with 30 other children in kindergarten and no support
staff and other children with additional needs that aren’t being met. I don’t
think that that’s fair to children, I don’t think that that’s safe for
children and I won’t stand for it and neither should you.

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