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Coach doesn’t want black student athlete kneeling during game | WWYD

Jacob, the playbook’s not the only thing I want to talk to you about. I hear you plan on taking a knee during the national anthem this season. Yeah coach, I’m kneeling in protest to stand up against racism. Colin Kaepernick’s silent action in 2016 49ers quarterbacks using a new form of protest. A football star kneeling during last night’s national anthem. Creating a very loud reaction A wave of NFL members coast-to-coast, entire teams linking arms in solidarity. And the debate is heating up. Just this week nike taking sides So don’t ask if your dreams are crazy Ask if they’re crazy enough Revealing their new ‘just do it’ campaign featuring Kaepernick critics reacting by destroying Nike gear, using the hashtag ‘just burn it’. I don’t like what Nike did. I don’t think it’s appropriate. I honour the flag. The movement is causing repercussions from the NFL to high school. Two high school football players at a private school in Texas have been kicked off the team for taking a knee during the national anthem. Politics has no place in the field Jacob. I’m telling you right now, you’re required to stand. You’d really keep me from playing for this coach? This is something I strongly believe in. Taking a knee during the national anthem. That debate has turned the country’s most popular sport, football, into its most polarizing. You’re out to lunch when you overhear a high school coach arguing with his team captain over the players decision to take a knee. What would you do? I believe this is an opportunity to make a positive change in our town. And with the new NFL season underway, we’re setting up the same scene in two different places. The Bronx New York: Don’t I have the right to free speech? I don’t think you understand Jamari. Freedom isn’t free. You should be standing up for our country. And, Coach. Hey buddy. Bardstown Kentucky where this couple is grabbing lunch at the old Talbott tavern. I’m ready for this season, I know it’s coming up. It is. Scouts are looking at you. You gotta stay focused man. I need to talk to you about something. The conversation between our coach and his star player veers away from the game. I’ve been hearing that you’re willing to take a knee during the game and I’m not happy with that. They tune right in. Why would you want to kneel during the anthem. Because it shows that we’re standing up against police brutality. They stay silent as our coach issues his ultimatum. And I’ve got the right to kick you off my team. Are you serious? And when coach storms out. I’m out of here, I’m out of here. Americans have freedom of expression. I mean, I understand why you’re doing it. She lets him know she’s on his team. I actually think it’s good. I disagree, I think you’re just disrespecting the flag. I mean there’s a time and place to show what you stand up for, but I don’t think disrespecting the flag is-is part of it. Turns out this couple as just as divided as the rest of the country. That’s something that’s very strong to me. Yes, ma’am. When our coach returns to the game, he poses a question he hopes will prove his point. Were you in the military sir? Two Navy veterans on opposite sides of the issue. I mean, there’s other ways of showing what he believes in. Right. Time to draw more attention, How are you guys? their way. Oh my gosh. We have a divided table here. Two people that were in the military. Nothing changes if nobody stands up for what they believe. You have the opposite view. Yeah, I think that he’s disrespecting the flag It’s a silent protest. We’re not doing anything wrong If you do it, you’re gonna be off the team. As we roll again, this couple listens to the play-by-play. You’re disrespecting the flag, the military, everything it stands for. You don’t understand coach, you don’t live in my skin. And they decide to share their point of view. I agree that you have a right to protest and I get that all these adults that you guys supposed to look up to are doing these things, but do it in a different place. I have nothing against the military or the flag. I have nothing against the military or the flag. I definitely do. Lets break it. How you guys doing? What Would You Do I watch this show all the time. You had some strong feelings. I literally see both sides, but I think that the platform that he’s taking it’s the wrong platform. You don’t see both sides. I see the flag. I see my brothers and sisters. You black, brown, yellow, I don’t care what colour you are. They fought and died for our country and that’s our flag, man. As our cameras continue rolling, Son, there’s many other ways to voice your opinion on this. You will be hurting yourself in the long run. More Kentuckians believe that our player should stand for the national anthem. Now if you wanna force your opinion, find another way. Others have more ideas. Back in the Bronx we’re rolling at the royal coach diner and our actor Jamari is hearing something similar. I’m doing this for my people. But her friend? She steps in and challenges the coach. Anyone who kneels is gone. This man cautions against throwing it all away. We’re still in New York and we’re rolling again. Don’t I have the right to free speech? Sure, off the field. If you take a knee, you’re gone. You’re off the team. You would kick me off the team for this? Come on, coach. They decide to get involved. I can’t believe he’s willing to throw away his whole future because of this ridiculous cause. It turns out this teacher is also a coach herself and she offers her very own lesson. And when our coach storms off, I’m done with this. They continue to lend the support his coach refuses to give You’re not starting trouble, you’re not starting a riot. I think you should stand by your decision. Some of the hardest decisions that have to be made come with the greatest outcome. As well- oh my god How you doing my man? I couldn’t hear a coach say something like that. When you work with children it’s all about building them up, not breaking them down. It touches you. There’s situations that I’ve been through myself where you either stay quiet or you fight to defend yourself? That’s the real world that we live in. Would you applaud what this young man was doing? Absolutely. Do what you think is right, and stand by your decision 100%.

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