Co-Teaching: A Mentoring Strategy for Preservice Teachers
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Co-Teaching: A Mentoring Strategy for Preservice Teachers

– So we’re going to have
three stations today you guys. Okay, Mr. Kiefer. – Alright, station one with myself, Yousef, Abbie, Hayley … – [Teacher] With
co-teaching, since we started it’s implementation, it’s really strengthened the learning process for our student teachers,
and made a positive impact on the students’ learning. It decreases the group size and allows more interaction between both the teacher and the students, as well as the students and their peers. – The Lab school partners
with the College of Ed as part of a teacher education institute to help prepare teachers. – Are humans bound to destroy themselves, that’s a question, right? – So, we get utilized
heavily for a lot of the pre-service teachers’
practicum experiences. – We’re gonna be on an adventure. – Because of that, the teachers here have become masterful at really utilizing all the adults to make
a positive difference for the students that they serve. – Co-teaching is when two or more teachers work together in all
aspects of instruction. So from planning, to
instruction, to assessment. – We’re just gonna take
a look at your writing, here, I guess take it from yesterday. – There are always two
teachers in the room working with students. – Helisa. – Is what elements of modern warfare do you see in Wayne’s letter? – Okay, good. – We were given this list of strategies in our training, and we were
just asked to think about any way that we could try to draw on those as much as possible. So a lot of it is looking
at those strategies and trying to match it
with what the kids need. – We’re gonna be in about
groups of four, okay? Everybody is going to go
to all three rotations. Alright, let’s do it! – There’s one that’s discussed in all four of these pictures, and
what you guys came up with. – During station teaching,
each of the teachers has an individual station
with a different lesson plan, and students are working
independently at a station. – Alright, we are going
to rotate now folks. – And it is very valuable
for our student teachers to teach the same lesson, numerous times. They make little small
tweaks with every lesson. – What sticks out to you
when you’re looking at this? – Blown up trees, injured people. – Can you tell me more? I think the great thing about co-teaching is that having the burden not necessarily 100% put on you right from the start. It’s almost a great way
to have training wheels if you’re coming in
and don’t have a lot of teaching experience. Good teaching can be good teaching whether it’s two kids or forty, but it’s easier definitely
to manager fewer bodies. So that’s kind of one of the things that Sarah Teasdale’s seeing. – Bradbury’s writing about
20 years after Teasdale. I mean it’s what’s best for kids, right? They can work with me and
Isaac all in the same hour. Kids aren’t gonna fall through the cracks, we’re going to have lots of ways for us to reach our kids. – They both have
different teaching styles, but they work well together so if you don’t understand one
thing Ms. Markley said you could ask Mr. Kiefer, and he’ll tell you in a different way. – To be effective at co-teaching, there has to be co-planning. – So today, we’re going
to do our role playing, so we’re going to be co-teaching that. – And we’re gonna assist
them with filling out their pros and cons sheet.
– Yeah. – We plan everything together, which helps me, because
through the planning process I can ask her questions, so that when I’m on my own I know what to expect. – Good morning, good morning. This morning, Mrs. Montez and I, we are going to act out a scene, that might have happened in 1849. – The purpose of team
teaching is to seamlessly teach together. Teachers plan the lesson and
say, I’ll take this part, you take this part, but both of them are actively engaged from the planning to the instruction. – You have to decide,
yes, I would move west during the Gold Rush, or no,
I would not move west … – It makes me a better teacher because I want to model for them, what a good teacher looks like, so I am more careful about what I plan and how I plan it. – It changes the role from master teacher and student teacher, and
creates this sense of, we’re in this together, and
we both have important roles. When I’m watching her teach,
when she’s watching me teach, we learn from each other. – If you are gonna be a
homesteader, join me over here. – And anyone who wants to strike it rich, come with me! – I think alot of the teacher candidates come in a little bit nervous about implementing co-teaching strategies, but they leave saying that it
has been a great experience and that they feel very prepared to go out and begin their profession. – They do come out as better teachers. They’re not sitting and watching, they’re up on their feet, they’re involved in the planning, and the instruction, and the classroom management. It’s good for them, it’s good for me, it’s good for the students,
it’s great for the school, so there’s tons of benefits.

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