CMS student bitten at school, mom enraged at district’s response
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CMS student bitten at school, mom enraged at district’s response

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is
a district that has been mired in controversy for months now. The superintendent was given a raise and
an attaboy in January by the school board. And then months later was ousted,
suspended under mysterious circumstances that
have never been explained to the public.>>It’s my intention to offer my
resignation to the Board of Education.>>So what we’re trying to do is
take a look at some of the issues that were surrounding the district
during his superintendency. And things that may or
may not have contributed to his ouster. One of the issues that has dogged
the district for years and certainly was an issue when Dr. Wilcox
was superintendent was the treatment and services provided to students with
special needs and disabilities. The district has been accused of failing
to provide adequate services for those students. And in several cases, the federal
government has sided with parents who have complained about
what CMS has provided. Today, we’re gonna talk
to one of those families.>>I received a call from
the school nurse, [INAUDIBLE]. And [INAUDIBLE] told me that
Mackenzie was in the nurse’s office. She was bitten by another child in her
class, and she made it sound very minor. She said it had not
broken the skin at all. She said that she’s cleaned it up and that she was going to send
Mackenzie back to class. When [INAUDIBLE] put Mackenzie on the
phone, she was barely able to speak to me. She was crying, she was upset,
took her to urgent care. They were in disbelief that a child could
cause that much damage from a human bite. The doctor told me that
the bite was really bad, he’d really never seen
a human bite that bad.>>The mom in this case basically
kept all of her medical records and school records, and
has this huge cache of documents. Within this cache of document
are letters from a doctor and a mental health counselor
that effectively say that the little girl’s school environment had
negative consequences for our health.>>Instead of moving
the child who caused this or the teachers that allow
these things to continue, they move the victim,
they moved Mackenzie. And Mackenzie, we saw in three days of
being out of her normal environment and normal routine the worst
regression she’s ever had. And that continued for months, and that began the fight for
her mental and cognitive state. I know she has autism and
developmentally delayed, but she’s such an independent person. She’s a bubbly personality,
loves to laugh, joke, and play. After these incidents and
injuries, all of that changed, it’s like the light went out in her,
she was just not recognizable. No laughter,
her speech decreased significantly, Mackenzie became very
dependent upon others. It was hard for her to get out of bed,
she had to be carried a lot of places. Her doctors ultimately had to write for her to have a stroller full time,
seizure helmets full time. She could not lift her
hands above her head. And at the same time while I’m
watching my daughter regress, I’m in these meetings with those who could
have put the safety plans in place for her and stopped all of it. And instead, they fought against me.>>It’s hard to know what
the district offered her or how exactly the district responded,
the district’s not talking. They say that privacy laws prevent them
from discussing individual cases and have refused to give very many
details about this case, and no details about how they
responded to this family. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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