Clinton Community College – I Absolutely Love It. 100%
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Clinton Community College – I Absolutely Love It. 100%

I’ve always loved helping people, since I can remember… since I was the age of five. If I can help someone in any type
of way, I would. So I felt being a psychologist I could help people in ways
that they can’t help themselves. I’d been living in New York City my
whole life, I felt that in the environment I lived in, it was nothing
there for me… that I’ll never expand. Because the years I’d been there, I’d only
seen violence. So coming up here to Plattsburgh I feel
like I got a chance to get away from that, to escape for me, so I could benefit
better for myself and for my family. In the city everything is fast-paced,
everything’s moving quickly, so it’s a big transition from there to Plattsburgh, because Plattsburgh’s so quiet. But I love it in Plattsburgh because I
have the opportunity to focus more on my books. If I was in the city I would not have the time to concentrate
as much as I have. I love Plattsburgh so much, it’s such a big change in transition from New York City to here… but I absolutely love it, one hundred percent. I’m gonna go back to the city. But when I go back to the city I’m gonna be a new man. Absolutely different.

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  1. A Clinton Community College student from New York City discusses how it was a positive, life-changing experience to get away from the fast-paced lifestyle and experience college in such a beautiful setting by Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh NY.

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