Clemson Teacher Residency – Amanda Bluhm – Jennifer Eaton
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Clemson Teacher Residency – Amanda Bluhm – Jennifer Eaton

residents are walking in to a classroom
with a year’s worth of knowledge and skills that they would only get if
they’d been teaching for a full year and so they’re walking in with so much more
than what a normal normal student teacher all the little tricks and little
tidbits that you get from being in the classroom day in and day out Amanda has
that now I’ve gotten much more comfortable this year I feel a lot more
confident in management and just having connections with the kids
also various teaching strategies to pull from and it’s been great because I did a
lot in the beginning of the year and that was a really good time to kind of
we really talking about them how things were going and what I could do
differently and then the extended time I could actually try things again and
again and again and had all this practice to kind of fine-tune certain
things and then just keep getting more comfortable as the year went on so I
feel like knowing the things that were really hard for me this year both
professionally and personally I can have a plan in mind and know what I have to
do next year because I know it’s not going to be picture-perfect and I can
kind of make these strategies ahead of time so that I can take care of myself
and my kids the best way I can it’s annoying I’m sure for her but she’s
considered like the mini-me because we are so similar and we’re almost
interchangeable in the classroom and that’s kind of cool but I know that’s
annoying as well should be yeah should be when I
answer the phone or it’s like they don’t know if it’s me or her talking so
apparently we sound similar and it is it’s like you said we’ve gotten better
this year too and being able to pick up where the other person left off which
has been great for when we were co-teach so Amanda’s mentor next year which she
will have a mentor next year through because the state requires it
her mentor is gonna have to work but not work near as hard and also you know
that’s that helps the school that helps that classroom it takes the burden off
of other teachers and keeps them in the classroom next year I will be living in
Charlotte and teaching at Mount Gallant Elementary in Rock Hill and I’ll teach
4th grade a self-contained class so we will keep in touch if not daily we’ve
already we already need to book our monthly meeting in the middle
appointments this is what I’m calling them they’re not really but yes I mean
and she’s also such a part of my family I mean my child loves her she came to
her dance recital so yes we will keep in touch we’ve also talked about how when I
move in she’s scheduled to come up for the time after I move in to help me set
up my classroom and get everything in order and she you just volunteered
herself so I’m very happy to have the extra hands and have her to just work
through my craziness when that is all going on so this lady she’s very smart and she’s
really good at the English language and she’s an expert reader and writer but we
need to talk about how she calls the restaurant Chipotle…”Chipolte”…do you really? I surveyed all of our kids pretty not all of them I serveyed a lot of kids on how to say that word and I mean it was unanimous so you’re
wrong I’m sorry I love you still, but…

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