Classroom to Skyward Grade Import
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Classroom to Skyward Grade Import

Hi! I’m going to show you how to get your grades
out of that black hole gradebook in Google Classroom and into Skyward. There’s no direct import, but we can make
things a bit easier if you’re using Google Classroom a lot for digital assignments. I’m recording this on a Mac, but don’t
worry, it is going to look very similar if you’re using a PC. If you’re on a Chromebook things might look
slightly different, but the process is the same. We’re going to start in Skyward, and you
can see I’ve created an assignment here. I’ve set everything up the way I want it,
picked the class I’m assigning it to, and I’m going to give it a name. Now I can see that assignment showing up in
my gradebook, with no scores. Let’s say I actually want to do this as
a digital assignment using Classroom. I’m going to hop over into classroom and
create the assignment there too. I’m giving it the same name so I know what
I’m doing on both sides. I could attach a document if I wanted to,
assign a due date, the things I would normally do in Classroom, and of course I’d describe
the assignment well or give instructions to my students. For our purposes, none of that matters at
the moment. What I do want is make sure the point value
for the assignment is the same, because Google Classroom defaults to 100 points. so I’m going to open up the assignment and
make sure it’s 65 points just like my Skyward version of this assignment. So, in order to import scores from this Google
Classroom assignment into my corresponding Skyward assignment, I need to have some scores
to import. So I’m just going to pretend y students
did this, and looks like they all did pretty well. To show you how this works, I want to have
a score for every student and I need to be sure I return the assignment, because that’s
what’s going to generate our list of scores that we’re going to import into Skyward. So I’ve gone ahead and returned that, now
I’m going to go up to my little gear or sprocket here in the upper right and generate
a spreadsheet that will have my scores in it. Now, I have some options here. I can copy all grades to Google Sheets, which
will make a file in my Google Drive with all the grades from this class, not just this
assignment. I could do that if I’m on a Chromebook or
I don’t have Excel or if I just really don’t like Excel. Or, I can generate a CSV file, and that’s
just a different type of spreadsheet file. I can choose to download all the grades in
my Classroom if I’m catching up a bit and I have a lot to import to Skyward at once,
but I’m just doing this one assignment, so i’m going to choose “download these
grades as CSV”. So those are downloaded, and really the trickiest
thing here is being sure you’re familiar with where your computer downloads its files. You’ll need to go find this file in a minute
to open it. So I’m going to open it in Excel. These are my Google grades here in this spreadsheet. Now you’ll see the format this spreadsheet
is in–it is NOT what Skyward wants to see when it imports things, so we need to generate
a file from Skyward to give us the right format. So I’m going into Skyward, into my gradebook,
and I’m going to choose “Advanced Import/Export Assignments” from this menu. Now that takes me into this screen. I have to be careful with my checkboxes here
so I can be sure to locate the assignment I’m looking for. I happen to know this one isn’t due yet,
because I set the due date for a few days hence, so I’m going to click that checkbox
and there’s my assignment, Google 5 right there. All I do is check that box by my assignment
and then I’m going to click the “Create File for Score Entry”button. It downloads that file and I’m going to
open that up. Now, here in Excel I have my Google file and
the one that Skyward just generated side by side. It’s important to keep them straight. Obviously the one with no scores is the Skyward
one, I’ve already scored the assignment in Google. So I’m just going to select and copy the
scores from the Google spreadsheet, then go over here and make sure I have it lined up
properly so the right student gets the right score…there we go, and I’m going to paste
and there are my scores. I’m going to save this file, and now all
I have to do is go back into Skyward. I’m right there in the same screen I just
left, where I downloaded the file from, but I’m going to go to the bottom where it says
“Select a CSV file to import from” and click the “choose file” button. I’m going to navigate to that Skyward file
that I just pasted scores into and saved, then I’m going to select that, and click
the “Import Scores from File” button. I’ll know if it worked when it tells me
that I successfully imported the assignment scores. And there they all are. I can go back to my main screen for this class
in my gradebook and see that it’s assigned the correct scores for that assignment to
each student. So, this might have seemed like it took a
while, but if you do it once a day for each class in which you have digital assignments,
it probably won’t take very long and you’ll get very fast at it the more times you do
it. I hope that’s helpful! Have a great day and happy grading.

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6 thoughts on “Classroom to Skyward Grade Import

  1. Hi Katherine. I used your video for a school project. I currently have the video unlisted so only my teachers and classmates can see it. Do you mind if I make the video public? My friend actually is a teacher and was trying to figure out how to move grades from Classroom to Skyward.

    Here's the video I made. Most of it is just a screencast of yours and you are credited in the audio and video description.

  2. I'm looking to expand GradeTransferer (an app that seamlessly transfers grades from Google Classroom into various gradebooks) to include Skyward as one of its supported gradebooks. Currently it works between Google Classroom, Infinite Campus, and Genesis. If you are interested (or anyone reading this and currently using Skyward for that matter), please contact me through @t

  3. Under assignments, mine only says "Add Assignment" or "List Assignments". Did you have to add that as an option or was it always there?

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