Classroom Management Tricks of the Trade: Handshake Q&A
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Classroom Management Tricks of the Trade: Handshake Q&A

>>Guys, I know. Just take a deep breath, you guys. Give us a few minutes, okay? Justin, can you stop, please? Okay. Ladies and gentlemen!>>Narrator: Having trouble
managing your classroom? Here are some of our
favorite tricks of the trade.>>Good morning, my brother. How are you?>>Great.>>What is Ohm’s Law?>>Oh, uh… V equals I times R.>>Sweet. Sweet. Morning, my brother. Little Bobby!>>Narrator: Darrell McClendon
reinforces lessons while making a personal connection with
each student every day.>>Darrell: One, the kids have
to give me a firm handshake. If they don’t give me a firm
handshake and look me in the eye, they have to go back to the end of
the line and start all over again. [Laughing] See ya! See ya!>>Darrell: It’s a respect
kind of thing. What I normally do here is I ask
them a question about engineering, and they can’t come into my room until can they answer
the question right. And things that I’m asking them now
they learned three, four weeks ago. Most kids don’t retain it, you know,
more than however long they need it for the test, but they know they
can’t get into the room without it.>>Oh, oh, I feel for you. I feel for you.>>Darrell: I do it as a little
fun, and I do it as a review for the concepts, because
I try to teach them that the engineering concepts
that we learn and we do in the class aren’t
all that difficult.>>Power good morning.>>P equals…>>No, I’m over here. That’s what I’m talking about.>>Darrell: I firmly believe
that you’ve got to find some way to connect with the kids.>>The color is black. What is the number?>>Zero>>What?>>Zero.>>All right. Say it with some authority. My sister, how are you?>>Good.>>Narrator: Share one of your tricks
with fellow teachers on Edutopia.

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7 thoughts on “Classroom Management Tricks of the Trade: Handshake Q&A

  1. I think it is very important for students to get individualized attention for their teacher every day. I make a personal connection with my students each class period with a handshake or high five. I love the idea of adding in a quick content-related question as well.

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