Classroom Management tools for School and Trusts
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Classroom Management tools for School and Trusts

NetSupport School isn’t your ordinary classroom management solution, it’s led the evolution from traditional simple lock-stop and block tools, designed to control student behaviour in an online classroom, to delivering tools that allow for assessment, interaction and engagement within today’s and tomorrow’s digital classroom. At it’s heart, NetSupport School starts by providing a simple mechanism to connect to all the students in the classroom, irrespective of the types of platforms and devices being used. The teacher can browse and connect to students, use pre-designed lists of PCs and students or connect automatically to a range of Student Information Systems (including OneRoster and Google Classroom). Simplicity of use is key to NetSupport School, and once connected, you can monitor, manage, assess, engage and collaborate via a range of easy-to-use features that are available in just one click – allowing your focus to remain firmly on teaching! You can view each student’s screen in real time or monitor the entire class in a single view with adjustable thumbnail sizes, or simply show your screen to all or selected students. You can still gain attention by blanking and locking student screens but also control printer and USB usage, and to save lost teaching time, quickly launch or close apps or web pages and control who has access to what and when. NetSupport School has a full-screen virtual whiteboard supported by a wealth of drawing tools to enhance your collaboration and interaction with your class – and there are also language lab tools so you can listen, in real time, to audio input and output from the students, conduct two-way audio conversations, record and play back. Meanwhile, the dedicated student toolbar keeps the students informed about lesson details such as the lesson title, time remaining, any rewards they have been given by the teacher, lesson objectives and expected outcomes, plus any restrictions or controls in place. From the toolbar, students can also discreetly request help from the teacher without the rest of the class knowing. You can also create digital journals that are unique to each student. These contain a record of content, activities, notes, test scores and resources covered during a lesson. As all this information is stored in the journal in one place, it’s perfect for students to use as a revision aid or to catch up when they’ve been absent. NetSupport School also provides you with a selection of flexible formative assessment tools, ranging from an informal classroom discussions and surveys, peer assessment tools, to more structured testing with automatic scoring. The unique Q&A module gamifies the lesson, encouraging participation and competition, who’s first to answer, team play or simply a random auto selection of the next student to question, just to keep them paying attention. It provides a range of instant question types to be delivered on the fly to help to reinforce key learning points and instantly gauge students’ lesson comprehension – all while keeping them fully engaged! NetSupport School also comes equipped with a Technicians’ Console to help the school IT team support users and manage devices across the school. IT technicians can perform powerful 1:1 PC remote control on any selected computer, capture screenshots, annotate the screen and provide direct technical assistance to any classroom teacher. And for comprehensive control, they can also apply school-wide settings such as internet and application restrictions that are ‘always on’. With over 250 awards, 18 million users across 90 countries and 30 years of development expertise, you can feel safe in the knowledge that NetSupport’s solutions are the best in their class! To learn more about NetSupport School and to access a free trial, visit our website

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