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Classroom Concepts Come to Life | Washington University

I think every time a student or a
professional has an opportunity to get on site and actually understand the
construction process, it’s so critical to continuing to learn about the way things
are built. When you actually see construction happening in your backyard,
you start thinking more about how it’s going to be built rather than just how
it’s going to look. One big thing that really effects me is the scale, you know, as an architect and designer, we are usually just working on like a scale model and to come on this
site, we know how the small plan or model on a table could be this larger place. I asked
my students to take note of who is doing what and what the different trades are
responsible for in terms of being able to understand it in the larger
ballet of construction I think is a benefit to architecture students. I think
you start thinking more about the actual materials of construction versus
just the spaces because most of these walls are all concrete walls. They have
to retain a lot of earth as well as water and the way water is managed and there are over five miles of drainage tiles, which kind of blew my
mind. The way the building rises out of the ground and considering everything
that’s happening below grade, it’s something I think in architecture school
we tend to overlook a good amount of the time, so it’s great to see the process
of this and give it a lot more consideration for my final degree

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