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Classroom Civility

[ Music ]>>When you’re going into class
remember there’s a lot of other people in there who are trying to learn. You do want to pay attention
and not be interrupted.>>Now that I’m paying for college, I kind of
want to be there and I kind of want to listen without every other distraction
from other students.>>If you do the math between how much tuition
it is and how many credits you’re taking in all your classes, each actual class you’re
in is probably about fifteen or twenty bucks. Why would you waste that
time and money every day?>>This is important to understand the
material that is presenting in class but also so that you can make meaningful
contributions to class discussion.>>And it’s easy to go in those classes, sit
in the back of the class, get on your laptop and just kind of play around
and not pay attention in class.>>Just so you know when you’re browsing
the internet everyone else can see what you’re browsing.>>One time I was sitting in the classroom and
a couple rows in front of me there was a girl that I had never met who
was stalking me on Facebook.>>You’re texts can wait until after class or at
least until after the teacher is done lecturing.>>You honestly think people don’t notice
you and you’re being secretive and hiding that you’re playing on your phone, or that
you’re having a conversation with your buddy. We all know notice. We all notice that you are
indeed distracting me right now. And I’m paying money to go to school and you
are wasting my money and wasting my time.>>What is the purpose of coming to class when
you’re just going to be sitting here flirting; you might as well just go
out into the hall and flirt with that cute boy that you’re sitting next to.>>You can’t sit down and be quiet for
50 minutes and not talk on your phone? You’re not going to die if you
don’t answer your text messages. I promise you that she will not hate you.>>Sometimes you’re going to have
classes where it’s open to discussion and each class member might have a different
view point, but as long as you are accepting of that viewpoint, and you realize that
everybody’s going to have a different opinion, you’ll have a better class discussion.>>I think it’s really important
that you’re prepared for class.>>Teachers kind of notice; they notice
those students who are paying attention. They notice those students who
are in the back on their laptops as well as other students around you.>>Have fun, make a good discussion
and your professors will be great. They’ll write you that letter of
recommendation you’re looking for. It’s going to be good. [ Music ]

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