Classroom Aquatic | DOWN WHERE IT’S WETTER
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Classroom Aquatic | DOWN WHERE IT’S WETTER

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to Classroom Aquatic a rather unique Oculus Rift game where you are a dolphin! In a classroom! Underwater! Taking a pop quiz! Alright, let’s do this! That’s really all I got to say. I got—I got nothing else special, you literally are taking a pop quiz. Hello, teacher over there. Hello, fellow students. Am I one of you? Do I talks in clicks and whistles? Eep eep eep eep. “Ok class, hope you’re all prepared. We’re all going to have a little quiz.”
Oh no. “Not hard at all, just mostly a review. Once we begin you’ll have five minutes to finish the test.” Oh, holy crap.
“And remember: keep your eyes to yourself. You may begin the test…now.” Ok. “In Marcel Proust’s In the Search of Lost Time, who did Charles Swan marry?” How smart ARE these dolphins? Hey, Teach. Hey, whatcha – what – whatcha got over there… …oh, B, huh? Oh, B, that’s really interesting! What’d you put – ah! What? Ohh! [Dramatic music] What are you talking about? I wasn’t doing nothin’! What – no! No! But teacher! Wow, look at the pretty jellyfish. Aww! Oh, I got three chances to cheat, okay. Oh, what question is that? How am I supposed to know, I can’t read! What question has two lines on it? Uh…uh huuuh! I – I think…I think, ok, uhhh. Just looking at my answers! Not cheating on nobod—oh, what if it’s that one? I don’t know! I don’t know! Good God! I don’t know! Oh, wait, that one, oh…that one? Hahaha, hahaha-hahahaha! Ok, alright, I got it. I got it, I’m in it, I’m in it. I’m in it to win it. Huh! Ok! Sorry, Teach. Ooh, okay.
Hey, whatcha – ooh, that’s so interesting that you put that as that! That’s quite an intriguing answer. Teacher…hey! Hey, teacher…whatcha looking at? Yeah, that’s right, keep on steppin’. Ok, there was a way to throw erasers but I don’t remember how. How do I – how do I – no nonononono! Nonono! Uh, the painting below composition 7, uhh…don’t know. Teacher…oh, no! Uhh, I wasn’t doing anything! You can’t prove nothin’! I just gotta…oh…AH nonono! I wa – aww no – ahh! [Dramatic music] You are very disturbing, close to my face. Could you step up a little bit? Sorry, sorry, teacher. What’d that guy pu—oh no. What’d that guy put for that answer? No, I can’t move! Aww! Son of a bitch! No! No! I wanna win, please. Could I – could I win? Gah, this is so hard! I can’t even read what they are over there. How am I supposed to be able to cheat? Ah, this is so unfair! It’s so unfair! Where you going? Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, no no no no…no yeah? Yeah no? No no no, nonononono. Don’t come o—why? Yeah, yeah you—oh, you’re gonna [gasp] Oh, I’m free! I’m free to cheat. Ooh, where, what, why? Who did—what—ok, that’s—ok, that’s D— Huuh, you didn’t see anything! Hmm, you go away, you go—are they all D? Is that what they all are? Ok, what was this one?
I – I know someone was answering this one, but… Oh, oh, I think it’s D, is that D too? That also D? Ah, ah, NO! Oh, you just switched. No, no, that’s not right. Ah…ah…which one is that one?! How am I supposed to know? God, dingus-dammit, okay…got that one answered; apparently I got that one answered as well… …but I don’t have that – why is that…? Did I put D for all these? Uh…ok…huh! [pants] It’s all D! They’re all D! They’re all D! Where is she? Where is she? Where is she? Where’d she go, where’d she go? Where’d she – oh, she’s over there. HUUUHH! Ok…wait, no…huuuh! Ok…ah, no you bitch! God-dingus-dammit! So hard! It’s so hard! Oh, that’s what she said, it’s so hard! I don’t wanna! What’s my time? Is that how much time I have left? I – I gotta make it. Huh! Uh, uh, ok…no! Um…alright, that one’s A? D? D? Huh, what? Who? Ok, alright, you’re gonna turn away… I’M GONNA LOOK OVER THERE! BA-RA-RA YOU TAKE THOSE! Take those erasers, you bitch! Yeah yeah, what happened? I dunno? What happened? I didn’t do nothin’. Yeah, that was so weird that how that happened. Ok. That one’s B. Which one’s that—oh no! Oh no! Ohoho, it’s B! I think this one was B. B! Uh, D. D. D. I don’t know. Anybody wanna…give me a hand? How ’bout, uh…WHAT WAS THAT OVER THERE! Ok, uh, dammit! Ho-oh-oh, okay. EEAUUHH! Yeah, that was…weird. No…guuaugh ok. No, that’s the answer I need! Oh, it’s B, huh guh, put it down! Yeah yeah yeah, I’m good! I’m good, Teach. Boy, am I good. I’m good. Oh yeah. I got this in the bag. Oh! I failed?! But that’s a C! Nooo! NOOOO! I’M SMART! Okay. I, uh, obviously lost. So, uh… Oh, I’m over here, now. How long was I over there? [laughs] That was a completely ridiculous game. So that was obviously one of the more strange Oculus Rift games I’ve ever done, I mean, I was a dolphin, taking a pop quiz, in a classroom. Underwater. And I accepted it, fully. I was totally into it, that’s a really unique aspect of the Oculus Rift
I didn’t think anyone was actually going to do! It’s really hard, too, but I got a 7 out of 10, that’s good enough, right? That’s good enough! So anyway, thank you all so much for watching, if you want to play it for yourself link’s in the description, also playlist of other Oculus Rift games if you want to see that. Leave a like if you enjoyed this video, and as always, I will see YOU in the next video.
Bye-bye! [Outro music]

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  1. I know he is a smaller (only 400k subs) and less known channel but if you guys would take the time to watch alchestbreach play this game and visra cleanup detail I'm 100% by the end of those too videos you will have subbed cause al has the most wacky and hilarious sense of humor that's not cringey but sadly barely anyone knows him so I'm trying to get more people to watch him (sorry for the spelling and I'm not trying to be a whore here but could you like this so more people can see it)

  2. why is the first video in the playlist not playing.

    This video is in the play list

  3. It doesn't matter how bad my life is or might be going, whenever I watch this video, I just have to laugh wholeheartedly.
    Thank you Mark, thank you so much!

  4. Me:- Welcome to 'Cheating Simulator : Deluxe Edition'

    Keep the game away from the teachers (don't let them know how students do this)

  5. Was…..was my playback speed higher than normal?? I swear at the end my playback speed jumped up a few pegs XD

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