Class Room || EP 19 || Warangal Vandhana || The Mix By Wirally
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Class Room || EP 19 || Warangal Vandhana || The Mix By Wirally

Good morning, ma’am.
– Be seated. Deepti.. – Present, ma’am.
– Priyanka.. – Present, ma’am. Vandana.. – Present, ma’am.
– Sushma.. – Absent, ma’am. What nonsense!
– You did the same to me last time. Now we’re even. You all have made physics to hang its head in shame.
I’ll call out your names, drag your dumb selves here. Sushma!
– I’m the first one on the hit list? Shit! The question was ‘What is the law of Inertia’
and this is what you wrote? ‘Law is a law, which is a law.
A law can be a law which can also be a law.’ See! Even you got confused. You always tell us write whatever we know.
– That doesn’t mean you write utter nonsense. The most I could grant you is 10 marks.
Now don’t come back to me stating counting errors. Why would I?
I finally could get a double digit score! I got a double-digit score.
– Wait for my turn. – Vandana! This lady is reading our answers out.
– Why? Did you again write plot of Bahubali for answers? No, I wrote the plot
of Kartika Deepam this time. What is this?
– Answer paper. – Is that a joke? ‘The doctor and the chef went to the temple.
From there, they went to the school.’ ‘While they were on their way to the school..
Zoop! Zoop! Zoop!’ What is Zoop!
– SFX. Thought it’d be cool. – Read the rest. After that, the chef cries. Just about when the doctor gets to know
who his daughter is we cut to ads.
See, I even mentioned the ads here. The first ad was Santoor’s ad.
The lady in that ad looks just like Samantha. Even you look so much like Samantha.
– Oh, you’re making me blush, Vandana. You look gorgeous in this saree.
– Really? ‘What a dumbo she is to believe me.’
– Look how she is flaterring her. The other day, my mom came to visit me.
She saw you and asked me if you were our classmate. I told her that you are our lecturer,
but she just didn’t believe me. Plan seems to work.
Let’s talk as you do the correction. I’ll flatter her a little more.
Do you drink age defying nectars? Warden Vanajakshi is so jealous of your beauty.
– That much even I agree. Kalpana Rai called you insolent.
– Really? Hell with that wooden faced idiot! People always say something or the other
about beautiful people like you. You know what I told her? I said beautiful people
deserve to be insolent. – Well said. Ma’am, this answer here..
– I’ll give you full marks for it. There goes the bell. Well done.
You did well this time. Keep it up. I’ll distribute the rest
of the papers tomorrow. See you and bye. Ma’am..
Could please smile like Samantha for me? Oh, stop it, Vandana! See, you need to be smart
to get things done. Since some of you students have been faring poorly,
the prinicipal asked me to take a special class for you all. You’ll have 4 hours
of maths class today. I’m telling you all to maintain pin drop silence!
– SuShu, you got the answer to that question? Vandana, get up.
Get up, he is coming here. What is your problem, girl?
– She is up. Someone get her coffee. I’d prefer tea over coffee, sir.
– Shut up! What are you doing when the class is on? W-Well, sir, my mom said it is auspicious
to stay up all night every Tuesday. I was up all night, so now I’m feeling sleepy.
– You think I’m a fool to listen to all that you say? You’ve been kicked out of the other campus
and still you don ‘t mend your ways? Do you know even a single formula from the whole syllabus?
– Like I told you, I’ll make you proud. Shut up! Everyone, submit your impositions
on my desk. I’ll be back in 10 minutes. You’re now dead. I asked you to write
the imposition last night but you didn’t. SuShu, I’ll place my book at the bottom.
He’ll start correcting from the top. By the time he reaches the bottom
of the pile, it’ll be time. That’s a good idea. I’ll follow your footsteps.
– Yeah, cool. All the smart ones who placed
their books at bottom may come here. Screw my life! I don’t know what is wrong
but seems like ill fate is chasing me everywhere. Why didn’t you do the imposition?
– Well, sir, I was reminded of my parents. So, I called up my dad. Hearing my voice,
he began to cry and hearing him cry, my mom began to cry. Hearing them both cry, you began to cry?
– Wow, sir, you are sharp! – Shut up! Students like you will never learn. Thank God the maths hour is done.
World seems much better whenever the maths hour is done. Done be too glad. Kalpana Rai will take the next hour.
– Screw her! I’ll teach her a lesson today. Get up and greet her.
– She won’t anyway spot me sitting. – Be seated! Who drew this? – It drew itself.
– You all are acting too smart lately. Forget it. Where were we in the last class?
– Don’t you remember? – We were in Kukatpally. Be ashamed if you can’t stand up
and say whatever you want to say. What is the duty of a lecturer?
– Jot down on the board whatever is there in the textbook. I haven’t seen
a more indisciplined class than this one. What are you doing?
Get out of my class. Ma’am, show us some respect. Thank you, sir.
Hey, bye! Greetings! I’m Warangal Vandana.
– I’m Bejawada Dhana. You’re from my sister state! How is Brother Jagan?
– He is well. I heard a lot about you. You’re a mischief monger. Is this why you got kicked out?
– I hate that Kalpana Rai. Neither can she teach, neither can I follow her.
Why were you kicked out? – For the same reasons. I’ve seen you somewhere before.
Wait, you’re this college’s topper! You scored 467 out of 470?
Did you leave those 3 marks for charity? I’ve never seen anyone in my life
who scores such marks. And if you are the topper, why were you kicked out?
– I’m thorough with all the topics that are being taught. So, to kill time, I took a nap in the class.
Pissed, that lecturer kicked me out. I too am like you. I watch movies each week
at Apsara Theatre and shop at Besant Road. I lead a chill life there.
– Chill? You speak like me and are like me. Just that I don’t have grades like yours.
How do you even follow the classes? All you need to do is follow what is being told in the class.
– That’s it? Then I should’ve done Inter in Warangal rather than come here upon my mom’s insistence.
– Move into my room before the exams. I’ll help you do well. How? By exchanging your brain with mine?
– No, by sharpening your brain. Please, do that and I’ll erect your statue at Benz circle.
– Lovely! So, friends? We may belong to different states
but no love is lost. Let’s cut a deal. You help me
with studies and I’ll shower you with love.

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