ChromEx – create exam from Google Classroom
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ChromEx – create exam from Google Classroom

This video demonstrates how you can administer secure … exams from Google Classroom using ChromEx We are now in Google Classroom from the … perspective of a teacher. Assuming the ChromEx … Chrome plugin has been installed manually or sent out … automatically to teachers by a domain administrator you will … see this button in Google Classroom. Exams can now be created using a familiar process, similar to creating messages, assignments and questions. Since we are in an existing Classroom course, ChromEx knows which students and teachers are in … the class and automatically assigns them to the exam. Choose a title for the exam together with a course code … or basic instructions The start time for the exam determines the when the … student can start the exam. After the end time has passed, the student is unable to start an exam. Based on teacher feedback we have made it possible for … students to continue a current exam after the end … time has passed. The teacher has the ability to … extend the time for an exam if needed. Next we have the ability to increase security by adding a … PIN code for starting, resuming and submitting exams. You can enable submissions using Safe Exam Browser for … ChromEx running on Windows and Mac OSX, to increase security you are required to use a restore exam pin-code. If you enable exam submisison via the URL … the exam submission is treated as … insecure. In this case, responsibility for securing the exam environment lies with … the school. Mobile management tools … can be used to increase security. The option to administer an anonymous exam is … unavailable for exams created in Google Classroom. If you are interested in administering anonymous … exam please watch the video by clicking on the link in the … top right hand corner of the page. Under the students and teachers tab I can add or … remove individuals. Under the “resources” tab i can add exam … information and questions. Resourses supported by … ChromEx are now visible. ChromEx currently supports … a wide range of resourses with more to be added in the … coming months. I will now add some resource examples. The exam is now ready and an assignment has been … created in Google Classroom. The start time of the exam … has also been added to the students Google Calendar. To finish, let’s us return to Google … Classroom where we left off. Either by clicking on the … Classroom shortcut, or by selecting the open Classroom tab. Now that the exam is scheduled we are ready to … take a look at the exam from the students perspective in … the next video.

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