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100 thoughts on “Christmas Themed School Lunch 2019 🎄 Week Bunches Of Lunches

  1. 9 days for 2020..bye to the teens forever… Wish u Jennifer and others a very merry Christmas 🤶 and a lovely happy new year.. 🍭🍭🎊🎉🎊🎊🎂🍬🎊😍🌟

  2. Can you please pin this because I have been watching you forever and can’t go a day without watching you. All of your videos teach me how to get better at cooking which is what I want to be when I grow up. You are an amazing cook and an amazing mom.

  3. I love your 💡 idea for brunch for the kids lunch green waffles and egg bites.you are a 😎 cool mom.love you and your f a mily.

  4. Are you excited for Christmas? Because I am it's in 4 days! And I love your kids your Whole family they are really nice have a good Christmas and New Years Day! 🙂

  5. Hiiiiiiii this is the like 100 video i have vachd from your chanel and i think you shod have all the folowers and suport cuz you take so much time just making videos,😙😙

  6. Ummmmm, rubber and silicone pans have a fire high of 250 degrees Celsius. Any higher and they will begin to excrete toxic material. Good job poisoning your kids.

  7. i may just start making mine and my sister's lunches- i've been watching you for some time now and you best believe this high schooler is gonna roll in with her cute lil lunchbox and have a grand time.

  8. I love you guys. I have had dreams making lunch at your house and going to Disney World with my FAV YouTube channel.

  9. Amazing family very inspired to now what I want to do when I grow up the amazing lunches for your kid show you care about them !

  10. question:

    why do you pack lunches in lunch boxes, say the kids take them to school, but then say they only go to an actual school once a week? why not have them on their regular lunch plates? i'm not trying to be rude or anything, just curious!

  11. I love the cucumber Christmas trees. Awesome idea🎄
    Griffin is adorable 💗 be makes me laugh😂
    The sandwich with the santa rings was awesome.
    Awesome video 💗💗💗🎄🎄🎄

  12. Hi Jennifer! Love the videos of lunches! I watch them all the time. Can I get a shoutout? Also, can you give a quick update on the kids schooling situation since you moved to Florida?

  13. Love seeing the “what they ate” part! I know it’s more work for you so I understand when it’s not there, but it’s so fun when it is!

  14. I love your creativity! Especially with the green waffles 😀 Wishing you and your family peace and joy during the holidays and a wonderful start to the new year! 💖

  15. Im early! Can u Please pin this bc I love ur channel so much and I watch u basically EVERY DAY! Love u guys sooo much! Merry Christmas!!

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