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Welcome Christian and All. The OEW is organized by OCW Consortium Open Education Week
Hi everybody. Can’t speak. I m working for the european projet open discovery space for France Carine B
hello carine can you provide link to the project please? Open Education Week
yes can hear you Open Education Week
Hello Deon, I am in Johannesburg Open Education Week Christian M. Stracke
I am trying to set up the wizard. Not possible. Sorry. I am Regina Schulz, teachers’ trainee in Norderstedt on a snowday. I have not been engaged in open education yet, but would love to! 🙂 Regina Schulz
I’m Laia, and I don’t have a mike :/. I’m eLearning Europa project coordinator and eLearning Papers editor in chief… Laia
hello deon and jure, can you share alink, please? Christian M. Stracke
to you “denisa”(?) projetc? Christian M. Stracke
perfect, can hear you well Christian M. Stracke
hello regina Open Education Week
Hi I am Neil O’Sullivan I am one ODS National Coordinator team for Ireland Neil O’Sullivan Open Education Week
I’m Laia, and I don’t have a mike . I’m eLearning Europa project coordinator and eLearning Papers editor in chief… Laia
🙂 Meena, OpenCourseWare Consortium
I am listening and will use chat Neil O’Sullivan
awesome! Meena, OpenCourseWare Consortium
welcome Open Education Week
you are in the right place this week 🙂 Open Education Week
I’m not able to talk now. Just listen Rita
From Porto University Rita
I am in a place where I cannot talk out loud. I don’ have the privilege of having a bureau of my own…-) Very sorry… So by using this chatbox I’ll introduce myself: I am Stephanie Verbeken from Leuven University (Belgium). I develop OpenCourseWare for our University –till in a pilot phase so far. You can see our work on Stephanie Verbeken
Hi Rita
Hi, Stephanie~ Meena, OpenCourseWare Consortium
Stephanie is from KU Leuven and also involved in EU project: Open Education Week
Hi Meena – nice to ‘see’ you again Stephanie Verbeken
🙂 Meena, OpenCourseWare Consortium
I believe Ignasi is one of the keynotes from UB Open Education Week
Tne Unisa link is: Deon van der Merwe 1 Deon van der Merwe 1
Identifying Curriculum linkages Neil O’Sullivan
working definition of OE for this debate? Open Education Week
finding the right resource can be time consuming Christa
easily implementable in class Neil O’Sullivan
many individual lecturers fear what open will mean for their future as lecturers/institutions Christa
Euroean OER scattered and multilanguage Laia
(guys, If you detach the chatroom, you can increase the size of the chatroom window. it’s easier to keep track of all chats) Meena, OpenCourseWare Consortium
the need for change of mind set to work with OER successfully Christa
ok so access to resources and related online communities Open Education Week
I think that advocacy is important amongst faculty, making them aware of the world waiting out there – teaching them how to find appropriate OER Kerry de Hart
easy tools for authoring, content management, information(technology) divide Meena, OpenCourseWare Consortium
Besides the question that Christa already raised, in our particular situation (Belgium) I have the feeling that there is no need for Open Education, since our higher education IS already ‘almost’ for free (compared to UK, USA,… where education of high quality is very expensive) Stephanie Verbeken
interesting Stephenie, what is the model for this workign for universities ie how do they recruit & survive successfully in Belgium? Christa
Hence, OE is very unknown here Stephanie Verbeken
any answers to deon? Christian M. Stracke
Stephanie are you able to offer it free because of goverment subsidies? Christa
@Christa, our (higher) education is funded by the community. There are almost no private schools Stephanie Verbeken
yes Stephanie Verbeken
hello Mihaela Coman
interesting Stephnaie, the benfit though may still be access to new resources by looking at oer. Christa
I am sorry that I joined you later, but I had some technical problems Mihaela Coman
As a parent I wish it was free here! (duaghter is pt way through a degree) Christa
daughter Christa
I am sorry, I have to go now to join the other session because I have to moderate it. Have a good discussion! Meena, OpenCourseWare Consortium
the aspect we are trying to convince faculty of, is that there are advantages of putting your educational resources not only in the (closed) LE of Blackboard, but also in OCW (arguments are: exposure, feedback, being part of a (worldwide) community), etc.. Stephanie Verbeken
Thanks Deon van der Merwe 1
see you mena! Christian M. Stracke
Christa: education is not completely free… (700 EUR per year for enrollment fee) but in comparison to UK and USA, our HE is very accessible Stephanie Verbeken
meena, sorry! Christian M. Stracke
so not so open the Christian. How do you propose to improve the situation? Christa
Yes Stephanie it was better here until our latest goverment introduced radical change! Christa
Challenges: technical realization, maintaining the quality of resources, copy right laws. Regina Schulz
Regina: +1 Stephanie Verbeken
@Stephnaie I can understand ll the objections to OER, very difficult to see clear benefits and making content open costs the organisation. Christa
@christa: exactly Stephanie Verbeken
One of the challenges related to open resources (besides from what Christian has mentioned) is also the use/confusion around open licenses. How to license materials/sites corectly, etc. Open Education Week
Christian what do you see as the benfits to Germany and your Universities of embrassing open? Christa
Christian – Do people use resources where thye are available? Christa
When talking to faculty, I notice that it is a great barrier to people to start looking for CC content! It is not a habit (yet), so it costs extra effort… Stephanie Verbeken
And people are not willing to take that effort Stephanie Verbeken
ICORE Christian M. Stracke
I agree with all that is said and I think one challange could be met if users could rate OERs based on their uses. Neil O’Sullivan
Internatinal Council for Open Research and Open Education Christian M. Stracke
@Stephanie exactly you need culture change and also searchability of the resources for encouragment Christa
Neill, are there already platforms/search robots/whatever… to establish that? Stephanie Verbeken
the UK has Jorum over the years it has improved and now feature resources each month to highlight particular resources but Im not sure what the uptake is Christa
@christa: and then again, when people do not feel the need in Open Education, they will NEVER investigate (their time) in Open Education – that is indeed a drama at Leuven 🙂 Stephanie Verbeken
@stephenie ODS plans this. Neil O’Sullivan
@stephanie – ah yes full circle of the problem 🙂 Christa
Sorry, Christian, could you repeat your question? Good practices of…? (Sorry 🙂 ) Stephanie Verbeken
International Council for Open Research and Open Education is launched by VOA3R: Christian M. Stracke
so what do other here se as the advantages to encouraging use & contribution to open? Christa
VOA3R=Virtual Open Access for Resources Christian M. Stracke
We have twitter edchats where teachers share resources but its a bit informal we also use social bookmarking with groups of interested parties to identify and share resources Neil O’Sullivan
There are representatives of various universities working on “open” here. Are there any efforts to create stretegies for validating/certifying learning via open education? Open Education Week
Does metadata & tagging need to be more standardised for searchability & discovery? Christa
@Neil – which social bookmarking tools do you use=we at Unisa are also wanting to start using Diigo Kerry de Hart
shouldn’t these initiatives (kuddos, bu the way! 🙂 ) be complemented by “official” initiatives by e.g. de OCWC? Stephanie Verbeken
and VOA3R has set up an online platform for combing and harvesting the different digital reosurces and their repositories worldwide Christian M. Stracke
@Christa: yes Stephanie Verbeken
imho, yes Stephanie Verbeken
@Kerry Diigo mainly but some use delicious Neil O’Sullivan
@stephanie: yes, of course, we should all work together and first discussion took already place 🙂 Christian M. Stracke
@Igor: validation/certifying: not so far in Leuven Stephanie Verbeken
@ Neil, do you know whether there is a rating system that can be applied? Kerry de Hart
I think there are efforts to join open access up but that can be a huge and costly task. There needs to be a vision of benefit for more people to be behind it. Christa
@kerry and nei: we have developed a rating system by VoA3R Christian M. Stracke
@kerry not aware of it but you can see how many people have bookmarked a rewsource which gives you some indecation Neil O’Sullivan
I am sorry, I can’t stay any longer, I have to attend another meeting Mihaela Coman Christian M. Stracke
@Neil – I have seen that but the problem is that just because someone has looked at a resource does not mean that they are used??? Kerry de Hart
@Neil perhaps the informal team/organisation approach is easier to manage and definately it has benefits Christa
Then you can learn a LOT from me. LOL (just joking) Stephanie Verbeken
What I am planning to do is use Yammer among users to discuss these shared resources Neil O’Sullivan
successfully, Neil? Stephanie Verbeken
sorry Stephanie Verbeken
‘planning’ Stephanie Verbeken
I use Diigo & Twitter to share resources I think are good but that is only my opinion Christa
Its a work in progress 🙂 Neil O’Sullivan
rating & recommendations are a good idea -they can be helpful Christa
Thank you all. I must leave now. Bye. Neil O’Sullivan
bye, Neil! Stephanie Verbeken
Could the participants who are academics at a university please let me know if any of your universities have Open Education strategies? Kerry de Hart
We at Leuven University have a policy about Open Access, but not yet about OCW or other Open Education initiatives (besides the OpenCourseWare project I am running and which ends Dec.2013 – future of OCW KU Leuven is uncertain at the time) Stephanie Verbeken
bye neil Christian M. Stracke
Thanks Stephanie Kerry de Hart
At least you have a policy Stephanie, Im not sure about UK Universities. Christa
So Christian, how do you see future of open education? Open Education Week
FYI: I am not faculty myself – I work as an educational technologist in order to develop OCW. Which is one of the disadvantages: I don’t have any content of my own to publicize – I depend much on the professors and teachers of our university Stephanie Verbeken
we do not have a OE strategy but our own research institute within the university 🙂 Christian M. Stracke
I have been tasked with a strategic plan as was hoping that there was an “open” one out there??? 😉 Kerry de Hart
what do you mean by “different approach”? Open Education Week
need to go now thanks and bye all Christa
Yes thank you. Open Education Week
Bye, Christa Stephanie Verbeken
bye jure and christa Christian M. Stracke
I there is lot to talk about in relation to future of Open Ed Open Education Week
At paneuropena level currently there is an institutional debate in order to assess how to push the Open Education Policies. Maybe this link can be interesting for all of you: Jonatan Castañ
Thank you for the link Joanatan Open Education Week
We will contribute as well – still in a brainstorm fase so far however Stephanie Verbeken
Thank you Christian and thank you all for your participation. Enjoy the events planned for the rest of this week and please give us feedback: Open Education Week
THanks the chat discussion was informative 🙂 Kerry de Hart
LINQ: Christian M. Stracke
16th + 17th May Of May in Rome Christian M. Stracke
ICORE Christian M. Stracke
thank you Christian (and OCWC for facilitating) Stephanie Verbeken
Thank you for the insights! Regina Schulz
Thanks for the intersting webinar! Jonatan Castañ
Thanks for the webinar… we have also an open call for papers at eLearning PApers on the topics of MOOCs and Beyond: Laia
Thank you Christian, we will spread the word about the conference Open Education Week

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