Choosing a College at Cambridge University
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Choosing a College at Cambridge University

– Cambridge is a collegiate university, which means you’ll be
a member of the College as well as the university,
and your department. Most Colleges can guarantee undergraduates accommodation for three years. But, they’re much more
than Halls of Residence. In your application, you can say if you’ve got a College preference or not. To help work this out, have a
think about the kind of place you’d like to live while you’re here. – The Colleges are more about the people who live, study, and work there. So you really make Colleges what they are. As well as accommodation,
the College system provides loads of academic
and personal support. – As well as a library and computers, they have common rooms, sports facilities, and music practise rooms,
and plenty of College clubs and societies too, so you’re
sure to have plenty to do and find like-minded people. – Students from all Colleges
go to the same lectures and classes in their department, so there aren’t any colleges
better for certain courses. Do you want a big college
with loads of people, or somewhere smaller? Do you mind what catering
facilities are on offer, or whether there are
sports pitches on site? If you have a disability, or
particular access requirements, our Disability Resource
Centre has useful information about facilities and accessibility. Have a look at the
information in our prospectus, and online, and make a short
list of your favourites. Then, take a look at
those Colleges’ websites and get in touch with them
if you want to find out more. If you can, come and look around a few at one of our open days. You might simply find
that there’s a College that you feel drawn to,
and if so, that’s great. If you don’t have a
preference, that’s fine too. You can pick the open application option and you’ll be allocated to a College. Whether you choose a College or decide on an open application, it makes no difference to your chances of being made an offer. Most students will tell you
their College is the best, which is how it should
be, and we’re pretty sure you’ll feel the same. And if you want to get in touch with any of the Cambridge
Colleges, then please do. Good luck with your application. (lively music)

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