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5 thoughts on “Chicago’s Hijab Billboard Campaign Seeks To Educate

  1. It’s a scarf/ veil Beautiful , just should not be made ware one ,,. Just my thoughts Peoples should be able to put on what they like not long ago a woman would put on a scarf /Hat . But woman who don’t want to show curlers in there hair or there wet head put a scarf on .Also what about hoodies ,Caps ,snoods , wigs Tichel Yarmulke… No one says anything about that ,. Maybe that would make a wonderful Billboard…Smiles. ,,., just my input ,,Muchlove ps hijab… sorry for typos ,,oops had another wonderful thought a woman also would not go out without her / his /gloves so let’s also include Them..

  2. People should be able to do whatever they want as long as it's illegal. We see cultist and evangelical billboards all the time. What's wrong with this?

  3. A hijab is a SIGN OF OPPRESSION in SO MANY countries and these women want us to support it! It’s ridiculous!! Their god is NOT your Christian God. TRUTH IS. OT BIGOTRY! Taqqiya!

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