Cheating in College
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Cheating in College

Okay. I’m in Humanities class taking a test and in the corner of my eye, I notice a very suspici-oh-so looking book chilling underneath somebody’s desk. and then a few seconds later I see an equally suspici-oh-so toe creep in and turn the page and I’m like “oh, how cute” Somebody’s cheating. See in high school, if the teacher catches you cheating, you get a F in that class. In college, they kick you out of school so it’s a different Ball game. So I will take my F like a bihahou-sAH (Boss) Thank you very mas. then this girl Sarah takes a peice of paper And hands it back to my boy Sean sitting next to ME! And I’m like “Oh Sean, I didn’t know it was like that, I thought we was friends” he didn’t even include me in this whole cheating operation they got goin’ on But Sean sees me see him and he comes Up to me in the hallway after class he’s like “yo, Dande huh?” If you want, I could hand you the answers, you know, while we takin the test. and I looked up at him and I was like NEIN!!! and this would have been the first time that I actually get to be the freeloader. Cheating is an art, Ok? so you dont’ use Elementary cheat tactics, in college thats insulting. This is serious business, and when I get involved, Junk gets real and you already know when I cheat? I go all out, I assemble a team, I get matching MiniCoopers for all of us I enlist the aid of a tiny little Asian man to crawl through the ventilations, and by this point i had already given up my bad boy ways, I’m on the road less travelled. get up on my level. so I declined affiliation with his rudementarary outdated cheating tactics. but next test, oh look, a lone book coincidently open. I wonder how that got there. and it would’ve been so easy for me to cheat, Because the teacher was not paying attention, we were sat in the back row, at this point it’s free money. Imagine walking by an ATM its just spitting out money spitting out money and everyone’s just going “OH MY GOD!! LOOK AT ALL THIS FREE MONEY!!!” and you’re the only one being honest and not taking any of it. Huuuuuuh. It was at this point that I divised plan B. Cause I saw where all this was going. every test they’re getting As, I’m getting Cs, sometimes worser. end of the semester rolls around, last test before the finals, I start getting towards the end of the test, and I realised, “you aint gonna get a good grade in this class bro.” execute plan B. I put a little note on the page saying please see back, I start. (What he says is written on the screen.) Next day teacher calls me into his office i’m like “yes mister Osborne” you want to see me about something? and he’s like “yes, err… I read your little whatever on the back of your test” and I’m like “OK! I hope you aint call me in here to rat on nobody cos I aint no snitch, OK? no I didn’t call you in here for that I was actually gonna… ok fine should you put a gun to my head i’ll tell you, it’s Sean and Sarah, they been cheating all semester. and you don’t even be paying attention, i know you be over there doing your own thing but they been cheating, every test. and they’re getting As and I’m getting F. i’m just kidding guys, I don’t snitch. I aint no rat but he was like “yeah, if you want extra credit, do X, Y, Z, turn it in to me by this day and i’ll accept it. I got a c in that class, holla at your boy. Now granted, guys, a C is nothing to aspire after, However, being an honest student and sticking to your morals, that is. (Music)

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100 thoughts on “Cheating in College

  1. Hey sWoozie I’m gonna do the same thing as you and can you plz give me some advice also I will tag you in it’s on tiktok the is gonna be post

  2. I-i go to east Salisbury elementary school….and the g-gym teacher is n-named mr. Osborne……HOLY SH-

    Ima bout to call deh fbi….hold on…the fbi said its no prob and thw illuminate anint comming XD

    i never called them….i should of doug..

  3. So u a snitch ass nigga lol 💀 and u tried to snitch and get some extra credit after that. Lame ass boy

  4. 0:47–0:48 why do their legs look like Xbox and PlayStation Controllers😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌😂😂👌😂👌😂😂👌😂👌👌😂😂😂👌

  5. Yo I’ve rewatched so many of your videos in the past two hours, I can’t even complain about your uploading cuz no matter how times I rewatch it’s still entertaining. But yeah I have a broken foot so I haven’t reallly been able to train lately but thanks for keeping me entertained bro

  6. C? Thats good and im asian .. this is the first time geting 4 F 4!!!!! I WAS MEHH..

    Mom: :^)
    Dad: ok

    Next day
    Me: DEATH

  7. Once my science teacher told my class about a time where he was supervising an exam, and at the time kids were aloud to listen to music, I’m just gonna shorten it and tell you that one kid got caught bc he recorded himself saying all the answers so ya people weren’t aloud to listen to music during exams and tests after that

  8. No one:
    Me: Cheating on tests
    Spanish Teacher: crashes me cheating stops me
    Every one: hahahahaah
    Me:smiles and waves as I’m getting pulled out in the hallway

    The life of a savage 13 girl ;(

  9. Idk if this is a pro-tip but, maybe if u gettin low a$$ grades, and u wanna cheat, you gon have to get a higher grade first, like if u get a (-F), you need like a (B) to make it seem like "oh he/she didnt RANDOMLY BOOST UP THEIR GRADE OVER NIGHT, they must've studied." Even then, Its WAAAAY to risky.

    Another "Pro"-Tip… NEVER COPY EXACT ANSWERS OFF ANOTHER STUDENT!!! The teachers check and they'll be like "Oh, THIS KID GOT DA SAME ANSWERZ AZ DAT OTHER KID! THEY CHEATIN!!!" and ur cover is blown. Randomize your rights and wrongs. Make sure you have AT LEAST 3 wrong. Sure, you'll get a lower grade but thats the price you pay for. (NOT Judging).

    Another quick pro-tip. ALWAYS COPY FROM THE SMART STUDENT!!! Smart meaning: Shows all of work, Def got da rite answers, and always doin gud.

  10. A- Amazing job son
    B-good job
    C- that's ok but try and bring that up
    D- yo do I gotta take that phone?

  11. Yeah, cheating never gets anyone anywhere. During my Calculus test, I knew NOTHING on the test because I had been studying for my two other finals that happened earlier. I was fucked and didn't want to get a low grade, though if I turned in what I knew I probably could've scraped by with a C+. My dumbass decided to pull out my phone. Yes. My PHONE. And I decided to look up a website that could solve the problems on the test for me. I got away with it for a while, until the girl sitting next to me snitched on me on the Professor took my phone. He saw I had been cheating, but I tried playing it off saying that it was already on there and I only took out the phone to put it away. Yep. I didn't even state the truth. Needless to say, I got an F on the test and failed the class. I thought I could work things out with more lies, but I was done. I knew that this was all my fault, and there was nowhere else I could run. No more lies, I had to be honest. When they presented me with the choice to either agree to the claims against me or refute them, I agreed. I got called into the Office of Integrity and they put me on Academic Probation as well as placed cheating on my record. They didn't kick me out of school, but I have to go through the rest of college with that on my record. I probably won't get into any further professional educational institution, but at least I learned the lesson the hard way.

    NEVER cheat. NEVER fall into temptation. Be honest, and if you didn't do well, that just means you have to try harder.

  12. Thats good god would like honest students but with low score and god dislikes the not honest student/s but with an A+

  13. Almost every single test I see these boys in my class cheating right next to me and I don’t snitch I’ve never really done it but boy is it entertaining to see that they still get a bad grade even though they have the answers right in front of them

  14. A= moms gonna buy u and Xbox code
    B= boi moms gonna be upset
    C= moms gin be angry and shout
    D= ur getting an ass whopping
    E= the belt
    F= u dead boi

  15. WTF I am in University and have a small homework that I should rephrase your video in formal language making a 3 min audio recorded 🙁 I am mad asf I hate you now

  16. OMG 😂😂😂 sWoozie you make me laugh 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 love yo vidz homie

  17. My physics professor makes us do exams/quizzes on a hard copy then submit the answers online using our phones or computers. The catch is, your not allowed to have the question sheet with you, you must turn it in once you’ve answered all the questions on a separate sheet, then submit your answers online.

    Long story short, about halfway thru the semester we all discovered a loop hole to our professors method. All you gotta do is Christmas tree the exam, submit your answers and leave, then log back into the program and change your answers to the correct ones once you’ve looked them up on Google.

    The day I realized my classmates were doing this, I was leaving class after half the class had gotten up and LEFT at the SAME time. They all sat directly outside of the class and were comparing answers with their laptops out. Then all of a sudden the teacher steps out and I KNOW he saw them… we are all awaiting to see what’ll happen next

  18. So what your saying is that if I make up a story on people cheating and write it on the back of one of my test I can get free extra credit

  19. The only thing that we’re going to use in real life that we learn in school is adding, subtracting and financial literacy

  20. I legit have a philosophy exam in 1 hour, I'm trying to learn some tactics. I think it's be weird if people saw me taking off my shoes in class though.

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