Charlie Puth’s Perfect Pitch Got Him Suspended from School
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Charlie Puth’s Perfect Pitch Got Him Suspended from School

-When did you realize that
you have perfect pitch? -Right.
-Do you know this? Do you know what that is?
Perfect pitch? Less than 1% of us have
this talent, but basically — -I think you might have it. The Roots told me you might
low-key have it. -Oh, I don’t think I have it. -It means you can like, hear,
like, any note. Like, if I were to tell you to
play an F sharp, it would be — [ Vocalizes note ] -Wow. -Or a G.
[ Vocalizes note ] Or C sharp.
[ Vocalizes note ] -What if I gave you,
like, B flat? -[ Vocalizes note ] -Is that right? -So, it’s almost like I
memorized the notes in my head, and I could do it from
when I was like four years old. It’s like a weird —
It’s a very odd thing. -That’s unbelievable.
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah, it definitely affects me
socially sometimes because I was in a hotel room
the other night, and usually when you hear
car horns and fire alarms, they’re at minor
second intervals, like… [ Vocalizes notes ] Like, “Jaws” is like, “Get out
of the water,” Jaws. [ Vocalizes “Jaws” theme ] And that’s what
a fire alarm is sometimes, and it’s two notes rubbing
against each other, and it tells you to get the hell
out the building, and I was on the 11th floor, and I wasn’t getting
out of the building. I was, like, rearranging notes
in my my mind, and I was like,
“What if it was like…” [ Vocalizes notes ] Like, there was one time — -You’re harmonizing with
the alarm? -I’m harmonizing with the alarm. I let my entire school out early
one time because there was a digital bell
that went like this. Rumson-Fair Haven Regional
High School. I got suspended for this. It went…
[ Mimics bell ] So, I was — I wanted —
It was almost summer break, and I went into the middle of
the hall and went into a very reverberant part of
the school and just went… [ Mimics bell ] I let the entire school out
early. -No way! That’s awesome! -I got suspended for that.
That was not good.

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100 thoughts on “Charlie Puth’s Perfect Pitch Got Him Suspended from School

  1. So he makes noises with his mouth? What am I missing? Notes are a thing. So why is it special to identify them? Anyone should be able to do that after hearing/studying notes.

  2. I knew he was talented I listen to his music quite often but I never imagined he had perfect pitch That's really rare shocked Guess you learn something new everyday.

  3. Of all the Pitches, Perfect Pitch is the better one (which I have), because Absolute Pitch will drive the person insane!

  4. if I were to have a trivia about Charlie puth I think I would pass it I I don't know I'm a really big fan LOL and I find a coincidence because one time I commented on one of Jimmy Jr say what are you going to bring Charlie puth and literally a couple months later he's on here LOL

  5. Charlie is so incredible he writes songs, sings and composes his own music. He isn't Problematic like other artists. He deserves a lot .

  6. When I was in high school, I was diagnosed with a perfect pitch from my music teacher when I said a note from a pipe being drilled next to the classroom.
    My teacher was like "you have perfect pitch!" And my music classmates were like "what is that?! Should we be concerned???" 🤣🤣 It was funny asf.

  7. I’m literally doing my English paper on perfect pitch (because I have it… but I learned it at fifteen, and I’m trying to prove you can do that) and I’m so happy that I found a video on it at a time like this 😂

  8. A friend of mine in music theory had that ability. That’s a big part of the syllabus in music listening classes. Experience. Being a pianist back home, Singing in chorus and band, marching and jazz etc. It helped me. My choir teacher in HS was incredibly talented and had that ability. The piano tuner f’d up and left without saying bye, but the grand piano at school was off a half step. My teacher was livid

  9. I used to prank my english class into thinking the bell rang (it was also the period before lunch so everyone was eager to leave) by playing a high 'B' on my metronome app. It turns out that the tone on the app was identical to the bell. It pissed people off so much lmao. Still got em though hahaha

  10. When he says the notes he is going to replicate ( C ,G etc. ) aren’t there different octaves for the note? C2 C3 C4…?

  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Charlie puth you are too funny you let the the whole school out early we could just imagine that

  12. 1:35 it is like the beginning of message to firefighters after Chernobyl explosion

    UPD: Charlie’s note is higher

  13. Ghost comes to Charlie's room..
    Ghost : booooooooo booooooooooooo
    Charlie : Come on that's a C major -_-zZ try again. no ghost is that happy

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