Celebrities in College: Virat Kohli
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Celebrities in College: Virat Kohli

Sachin, who wil stand 1st
in the university after you pass out? He would solve
even the most difficult paper. Whose answers will these hands
check now? – 15,000 in externals.
– 15,000… – And 18,000 in internals.
– 18,000. Raju!
Go check who is at the ?? He fractured his elbow
while playing tennis once, Once while playing table
tennis his elbow was broken. but he still didn’t drop out of college. I have seen God! And he sits at roll number 10
in the examination hall. Oh God… Sir…! A 1st year student has topped
in the university. – What the hell!
– What?! Yes, sir.
He scored 100 in the 1st test itself. Really? I’ve also heard that he’s a gym freak
along with being a sapiosexual. Where did this boy come from? I’m from Delhi, you idiot. E is not equal to MC^2. E is equal to Yum…Cee…squared. The spelling of M in MC is not M. It is ‘y-u-m’. What crap is he talking about?
Nothing’s going into my brain. Physics, chemistry and biology
are one and the same. What’s he saying?
Bro, get out of here. That is because your vegan mind
cannot comprehend this. Vegan mind goes like-
Mmmm…. Boring! But, non-veg mind can comprehend this!
Non-veg mind goes- Ah…Ah… Sir, I am the CR of this class and I will
decide who will coach..teach me! Hello, Shastri.
Get here soon. Yeah, yeah. Finish your peg
and come here soon to teach. You get out of here! Baby, I’ll never force you
to be a vegan. Anushka, I’ll always give you
more importance than a friend. Awww. That Mohammad Amin from Lahore
college hit up Sharma again! F**k, get the car out,
I’m coming. Baby, I’ll thread Aman’s needle
and come. Let’s thrash them till the evening,
thier a** would be whooped. What’s up peanut head! Apologize right now, if not I’ll thrash
you at a strike rate of 200km/h. Hey, Rohit!
Get up, man. They’ll beat me up, man.
You act like a hitman, don’t you? Get up, man. Bro, I just work in our college,
not in others. Atleast you get up, Pandya. Look, all the girls are looking at you.
What’s the point of you showing off now? Get up. If not they’ll thrash your Chiku.
Come on, man. Come on, man.
Get up, you ass. They’ll finish me off! Get up, Dhawan. You’re my opener.
Get up now. Look here, asshole! Mahi! Mahi is coming after everyone’s
been thrashed. That is Mahi’s style. He comes
right in the end and thrashes everyone. Bloody old man! I’ve sold more tickets in the Bagalpur
express than the balls you’ve hit till now. Understand? – Sorry, Mahi. Sorry!
– That’s good! Now scoot! – Virat.
– Pandya, make some stuff first. Bro, this stuff is not that great. I’d went to my uncle’s place
during my vacation. To Jamaica. The stuff there. Then why are you living here?
Move there. Look at how Dhawan scores
from Jamna bar. Get your f***ing priorities right! Jadeja! dude, can you please do it. – Guys…! The internal results are out.
– Who stood first? – I am, right?
– Rohit stood first. How much did I get?
Tell me? Virat, how does it matter if your form
is bad? You’re top in aggregate. “You want to party more..? Learn something
from Mr. Sharma’s son.” “He scored 200%.” “This Viraat is useless. You know how tough
the question paper was during Sachin’s time?” “There’s no focus on studies
ever since he’s got a girlfirend..” Stop it, asshole! You see this?
This is my passion!

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