Celebrities in College : Kangana
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Celebrities in College : Kangana

Look here, will ya? Another time? Who is this person that didn’t turn
and look back at Poo ? Who is she? I look like I’m from Ghadwal
but I’m from Himachal. I’m Miss Kangana Ranaut and this
is my friend Pinky Paisewaloki. I studied at the Kapoor and sons
private college. I got my admission done through the outsider
quota and I’m a national level Ludo player. I majored in English literature
but I don’t speak in English. Good morning, KJo… Kangana, could you never ever cheat
from bits of paper I mean, stop copying
from bits of paper. I know English, pansy. – Well then, why are you cheating?
– I don’t know history, that’s why. – Whatever.
– Look, sir! Look! Even Jahnvi’s cheating. Well, that’s conjecture, Kangana. This poor girl with such low IQ
is trying to pass her exams. – Don’t you see her struggle?
– Yeah, sir… My eyes are welling up seeing her struggle.
Look at how wet my paper’s gotten. Sara? Saif’s little daughter? Jahnvi! What’s wrong with you?
Why are you using this chit? Use this one.
This one is correct. Hey, Taimur’s uncle?
Look at that pigeon. Guys, guys, guys!
Just one last joke, okay? Which cement does Anushka use
for her home? Think about it. Virat compressive cement. Didn’t I tell y’all?
I have a great sense of humor. Y’all will slowly discover it. Guys, you know what I’ve dreamt off
since my 1st semester? To bunk our classes
together like a Mass bunk. and play ludo at the
Eiffel tower Plinth Rajkumar, convince everyone
to bunk classes, will you? Do you remember the pinky promise
you made in front of Pinky? Kangana, we can’t bunk our classes. What do you mean?
You’re kidding right? I’ve prepared everything,
I even bought ludo. Now… Listen, just ask them all once
and get them to bunk classes. You had promised. I’m screwed over here and all you can
think about is bunking? How should I do mass bunk. I have such low attendance
that can get me debarred. I was a backbencher at first but then I
came right in front, don’t you get it? I’ve changed. Guys like you think girls can’t do
without y’all, right? I’m an independent girl. I spend all the money my dad sends
me all by myself. On my own. I’m even going to mass bunk
by myself today. I’m leaving. Kangana, welcome to
the Dean office. Sir, this isn’t mine. Kangana, the first accusation that
professor Nakesh Roshan’s son Hrithik has blamed you for is that you spammed his inbox with a million
emails to leak the question paper. Mr. Rajat You have no idea how much
I’ve had to struggle to get here. I didn’t even know the
way to the Dean’s office. I assumed that he’d tell me the questions
since he was the professor’s son. But he destroyed all my emails. That man didn’t give anything!
Not even one question. His dad and him have so many questions,
why didn’t he tell me even one then? Kangana, Krrish’s 2nd accusation
at you is about you writing your name first on the
project file and usurping all the credit Mr. Rajat can I talk? That man didn’t write a single page
in that file. Look at this. This file
is shabbily maintained. – Kangana, the 3rd accusation…
– Where’s the place for the 3rd one? The victim’s 3rd accusation states that you would perform black magic on him
to get your assignment completed by him. You would show him Kaalakandi
in between lectures. You got him ice candies for lunch, then would get him to smoke up and
make him listen to your song. How does that matter?
I even gift black things. Kangana you have answered all your
questions with brazen and shamelessness That’s why this court
insultingly acquits you. Thank you, thank you… My tummy is totally upset… Look, it’s not her fault, okay? It was all my fault, okay? – At 12 o’clock I whipped her with belt
– Hey, Swara, stop it! This is all because
of your Salt & Bread. Also, does this look like JNU to you for you
to call all these people here for a speech? Give them a drink! Look at how
they’re looking at with thirsty eyes. Make them a drink. Cheers! Hey, Swara! Look at how Hrithik
is dancing at my birthday party? This guys just has a soda and claims
that victory is in overcoming your fears. How is he so high then? He’s not just had a soda. He’s had liquor
which was brought by Mohan and gone nuts. Okay? Why hasn’t Rajkumar Rao
come to wish me? He’s trapped in the hostel room to save
himself from giving you a gift. Watchman! Blood? Chutney is also arranged
with Salt and Bread

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100 thoughts on “Celebrities in College : Kangana

  1. 5:17 "arre tisre ke liye jagah kaha hai" was so original and so much funny.i play that scene again and again. Its my favorite part of this video.😂😂😂😂

  2. lol..the girl who plays jhanvi kapoor in this video saying "sara? saif ki choti bachchi?" was the funniest part of this video.

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  4. Hats off. I am actually kangana's fan of her "acting" actually……..Damn it literally her voice seriously cheers

  5. Bhai kaha se pakad late ho ish ladki ko…..she is Soo talented….bilkul Kangna ka bolne ka style…..Amazing, Kudos to all..

  6. Gandmarey laundey aur low IQ wali ladkiyon tumne hi Congress ko 70 saal apni marwaney dee.
    Ab sudhar jao nahi to Congress to nahi phaad sak, par ab jaroor khoon nikelagaa.

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