Celebrities in College: Amitabh Bachchan
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Celebrities in College: Amitabh Bachchan

Brother… Rashid from 2nd year
has come to meet you. He wants our juniors
to complete some assignments. Hello, sir. Sir, I needed permission to make assignments
from the freshers of your hostel. I’ll also get your assignments done
before submission day. sir. I swear! Look, Rashid. I don’t know what you’ve heard
about my internal marks. But I agree, in this college
I do a lot such work which is against the law. But I read what I feel is right. It doesn’t matter if it’s out of syllabus,
out of course or even out of this
entire education system. Don’t look at me like that, Rashid. I can’t help you at all. Sir, we’ll both pass.
Please accept my offer. Hey Do you think he is nerd Do you know who
you’re talking to? He has 30 subjects back – I was just trying to explain…
– Don’t even try to, Rashid! I don’t want anyone to spread the poison of education
in the veins of those naive fresher nuts. So I won’t do it and listen I’m not going to let you do it either. Listen I won’t even let you date
Rekha from the first year. No, no, no! Please don’t that, sir.
Amar Singh, please tell him. Why are you mixingup 2 different things. What I’ve said is final. Listen if you have a type-c charger, leave it here.
I want to charge my phone. You must be very happy today. The student that never came to your staff
room’s corridor even to spit. The one that never
begged you for attendance. The one that never said “Good morning”
to you, is standing with open arms
in front of you. May I come in, sir? The door is open, Amitabh.
Come and sit inside. The student that saved every penny
through his semester, but never forgot to leave you a bribe
of 500 bucks in his answer sheet is sitting alone in the hostel today
and playing with his tools What did he do that was wrong
for you to fail him. Did he ever cheat?
Never! Did he ever bunk?
Never! Did he ever lie?
Never! Did he ever smoke weed in your class?
Never! – loadshading at his place
– Okay, okay… I’ll give him a better grade to pass. But before that, he’ll have to pay the fine
for the beaker he broke in the lab. I’ll do that. But first get the fine from the one
who eats Maggi every day at the canteen?? Get me the fine from the person
who wrote this on my hand. (Spend some days in Gujrat) How can one spend days in Gujrat
It’s a dry state. Look, I like your style Bachchan. I can get you to pass as well. Ramlal,
give him the notes. Forgive me, sir. Even today l don’t pick up notes
that are thrrown at me. Who was he?
who was he mimicking. Throw him out Today’s kids I tell you Give me the keys
i’ll drive today Parampara Pratishta and Anusha. Are 3 girls in this college those were going to get the
booze to this party. But unfortunately because the cabs
had surge prices, they couldn’t come here. Because of this reason.. – Jai
– Wow, bro! Let’s go the cab offices and revolt
against the surge prices. – No, no…
– Jai Maharashtra, Jai! Listen, neither am I “chuber”. nor am I “bhola”. I’ll just keep quiet about this. Then let’s do this, Jai.
Let’s go to the Basanti bar. The happy hours must be on, Jai! Look, the problem is that these guys
are hoping that I’ll give them drinks. And there’ll be a problem
if I leave. What do we do then, Jai? I think we just one option left, man. – We have to phone a friend.
– Wait, I’ll get my phone out. Let’s call Salim’s son, Jai. The virgin from mechanical? – Yeah.
– Go ahead. Hello Salman Uncle Dharam Do you have some booze, son?
We’re really desperate. I don’t have any alcohol.
My driver finished it all. Why don’t you check with Baba? Here you go, Baba?. He says his driver finished
all his booze. He always gives this excuse.
Hello? – Hello, I’m Amitabh Bachchan.
– Hello, Mr. Bachchan! Even I don’t have any alcohol.
I only have ‘that’. You know, the one that looks
quite sexy? – Jaya?
– No! The one because of which you get into trouble
if you wrap it and keep it under the bed. Who, Rekha? No Jai! – He’s talking about a gun, Jai!
– Oh, sorry, sorry. I know he got into trouble
for this. – I even saw it in the ‘Sanju’ movie.
– Okay… Salim and Sunil’s sons are both useless. Absolutely right!
These sons are useless once they grow up! Let me tell you ladies
and gentlemen. I’ll give birth to a son that will dance at the wedding of this country’s
richest man’s daughter. He will dance.
that too in the 3rd row from left. I’ll make my son a DJ, Jai! But make a call first bro. Who do I call? – Jai, there’s that shorty from mechanical.
– No, no, no! Don’t call that shorty! He took me to
such a flop party the last time. It was really flop.
I was Thugged We have just one
last option then, Jai. The one from M Tech
who puts up drunk tweets at night. – Chintu? Let’s call him.
– Yeah…Call him. Hello? – Mr. Chintu, I’m Amitabh Bachchan.
– And I’m Dharamendra. I’m not giving y’all any booze! You first return the 150 bucks
that you thugged from me the last time. Where will I get you the huge amount of
150 bucks from? I’m a small farmer from Illahabad…
from Prayagraj. How can I return such a big sum from? and look brother I have only
2 small sea-facing huts in Juhu hostel and if you want to ask for money
then ask half sum of 75 bucks from Aamir – Hello…
– I won’t listen to you -Sorry but your time is over
-I am sending Aliya – Too bad…
– Too bad, time is over – What do we do now, Jai?
– I’m so thirsty, man! – Bro,
-I downloaded PUBG. I’ll add you to a new game now.
What’s your player ID? The name is Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. Mother’s name Dinanath Chauhan. Father’s name Sunidhi Chauhan. Sister’s name Prithviraj Chauhan. Bro, you already have a 4 player team. I never thought of that.
PUBG is better than party. – You all leave go… Go now…
– I’ll go to the Basanti bar… Come on now… Get going now. I supported you in a bad phase of exam Listen, where are you going?
You come here…

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