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Jesus is talking to his disciples for the last time before he leaves them. And he knows what’s going to happen to them. So he talks to his followers in very intimate terms. I do not call you servants anymore, he says, I call you my friends. He tells them he loves them. He reminds them to love one another, to take care of one another, to look after one another. He tells them, he’s going to send them the spirit of truth so they will understand everything he taught them while they were together. That’s what the Holy Spirit does. The Holy Spirit reminds us of Jesus’ teachings and helps us to live according to Jesus’ commands. And you know very well that his greatest command is that we should love one another. You might think that it is easy to love one another. But to take care of another person, takes a lot of hard work. It means that you have to put their needs first ahead of your own. It means that you have to forgive them when they make mistakes. It means you have to listen to them when they want to talk to you about something important. It means you have to support them when they need help. When we are young we often think a lot about ourselves. About what we want and what we need. And as we get older, we start to realize that we have to think about others and especially others who have greater needs. When we do that, we are maturing. And that is one of the important goals of Catholic education. To create young adults who are able to think about the needs of others and to help wherever and whenever they are able.

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