Career & technical education: Just enjoying its 15 minutes? | IN 60 SECONDS
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Career & technical education: Just enjoying its 15 minutes? | IN 60 SECONDS

Career and Technical Education is
enjoying a moment. Governors talk about it and education advocates celebrate it. Is
this a passing fad or something more? Our recent analysis of media coverage finds
that CTE has been growing steadily in popularity over the past two decades.
Since 1998, the number of articles mentioning CTE has risen more than a
hundredfold and the number of media mentions has doubled since 2012.
Attention to CTE now dwarfs that paid to education reforms like school vouchers
or personalized learning. Put in the context of pop culture, press mentions of
CTE rival mentions of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Steph Curry, or Queen
Elizabeth. The rise of CTE is part of a bigger trend: the increased attention to
skills training and workforce preparedness. A careful look at how CTE
got here suggests that, for better or worse, it’s likely to remain a focal point
of education reform in the decade to come. How do you think that America’s
schools can best equip students to succeed after graduation? Let us know in
our poll. Also, let us know what other topics you’d like our scholars to cover
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1 thought on “Career & technical education: Just enjoying its 15 minutes? | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. A passing fad? There are over 3 million vacant jobs that require technical education, many with starting pays in the 30 and 40k range. Thats with a 2yr degree or a 6 month certificate. You'd be a food to think that going for a BA or a BS for 30-40K a year tuition for an average of 5yrs with an average pay of 25K a year (the average of non medical and engineering degrees) would be a better option.

    The normal "4yr" degree is what needs to pass away, I wasted years and thousands of dollars on a degree that hasn't returned an ounce of value for me. Tech school is where it is at. If colleges and universities focused on actual education instead of indoctrination on gender and race issues they might be relevant once more. They also need to start competing in the cost region: it's simply too expensive to go to college considering what the degree is worth.

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