Career Online High School – The Curriculum
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Career Online High School – The Curriculum

This module will help you understand how the Career Online High School curriculum and courses are organized and what the student should expect. Let’s take a look at the Career Online High School curriculum. The curriculum provides online courses specifically designed for adult learners. Students take courses through an online learning management system that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The curriculum focuses on four academic areas of study as well as the student’s chosen career certification electives. The student’s core academic credits come from familiar areas: Language arts, Mathematics, Social studies, and Science. We’ve mentioned the career certifications that students in Career Online High School acquire along with their high school diploma. Students can choose from eight different certifications: Office Management, General Professional Skills, Childcare and Education, Homeland Security, Certified Transportation Services, Certified Protection Officer, Retail Customer Service Skills, and Food & Customer Service Skills. Now, let’s take a closer look at a course. Students access their courses through the Career Online High School learning management system. Here they’ll find a welcome message and links to their courses and other Career Online High School campus tools. Here’s an example of what the individual career plan looks like. Notice that both academic and career courses are listed. As a student completes courses, they receive a little green checkmark. Notice the checkmarks for courses for which the student has received credit after their high school transcript has been provided to Career Online High School. You can click on a specific course to see more information. The student’s progress through the course is tracked, as you can see in this example. Notice the course table of contents on the left. Most of the course is grayed out, as those steps haven’t yet been completed. Career Online High School courses are sequential, meaning that one step must be completed before the student can move on. Here’s an example of a section from the Grammar and Composition course. The courses were developed for adult learners in an academic environment so they’re very engaging. Notice the icons along the bottom of the screen. These are used to navigate the course as well as provide help. It takes most students five months to complete the Career Online High School program, taking into account the average number of credits that transfer in for students. Students might assume the program takes much longer. However, it’s no longer attending a GED prep class! At the conclusion of the program the student is presented with a career certificate and an accredited high school diploma.

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