Career and College Promise at Durham Tech
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Career and College Promise at Durham Tech

Dr. Oluwunmi (Olu) Ariyo, College Recruitment and High School Partnerships. Career and College Promise provides dual enrollment opportunities for high school students to attend Durham Technical Community College. Students can earn degrees, certificates, and transfer their credits to 4-year institutions in North Carolina as well as free tuition for all their courses. Katie Kelly, Riverside High School, CCP student – While it is my full responsibility to juggle going between college and high school and taking all those classes together. It’s been really nice and it’s given me a chance to breathe and basically get a taste of the college life while still not being completely thrown into it at 16. My goal in joining the program was to get an associate’s before I graduated high school. It gives you a lot of freedom to decide what classes you want to take and when you want to take them while also giving you the safety net of high school to give you structure and something to lean back on. It also gives you the freedom to choose classes that actually are your own interests that your high school might not offer. So it gives you that ability to actually explore what you’re personally interested in. Henry Cruz Reyes, City of Medicine Academy, CCP student. Originally, when I got started in I just heard that freshman students could take college classes and I wanted to take something that was rigorous. I think that Durham Tech offers a wide range of classes and it’s allowed me to take classes from social diversity to conceptual Physics which has really allowed me to find out what I really want to do in my life. I think when I started I was a little hesitant on adding more classes, but the most recurring thing that I’ve heard from all the seniors and upperclassmen that have started doing CCP, is that they wished they would have started sooner. Um, it’s a great opportunity and I’m really grateful that I got the chance during high school. Ella Antoine, Hillside High School, CCP student – My Durham Tech liaison came and told me about it. I actually had no idea about the program at first. And I was wondering how I could try to get ahead in class ranks and so they told me about it. And I was o.k., cool, I’d totally be o.k. with doing stuff like that. The first benefit would be, definitely, would be the boost to my GPA. But another benefit, that I wasn’t expecting, was the great increase in my work ethic. I have to learn how to manage my time a lot better. So I’m learning those skills ahead of time so that I’m prepared for college. I feel that a lot of people are like scared of the idea of college classes because, just of all, the word “college” that gets big and scary but honestly it’s not that much different in terms of the level of challenging-ness. As long as you make sure to keep up with things. Like do things as soon as you know about them. Don’t let it wait until the last minute. Then you’ll be fine. Tre’Vaughn Cox, Southern School of Energy and Sustainability Graduate – My world experience at Durham Tech so far has been amazing. The people here are so kind. If you need help with anything the teachers, the instructors, everyone is willing to help you. Durham Tech is a, is preparing me for a 4-year university by helping me to build essential skills and a strong foundation for everything that I will need to do, and know, at a 4-year university. If one of my friends were on the fence of coming to Durham Tech, I would most definitely tell them, go to Durham Tech. No doubt.

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  1. As a friend of some of the people in the video, I can tell anyone reading this that they mean what they are saying- it's not just something they're telling the camera. This is a wonderful opportunity and such a great alternative or add-on to honors/AP classes. I'm a Middle College HS junior (first semester) but know many CCP students. Thanks to the diverse range of people I've met and the way I've been able to engage with the content, this semester has undoubtedly been the best of my high school career, and I look forward to future semesters! Go DT!!

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