Career and College Pathways at Spring Lake Park High School
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Career and College Pathways at Spring Lake Park High School

– [Student] I’m kind of an artistic person so I really enjoy sketching and design. – [Student] I’ve always
been interested in business and it’s helped me so much to know this is how a real business
operates every day. – [Student] I want to go into medicine. The EMT Program is so cool. We’re just learning so much. – Our Career & College Pathways were created here at Spring Lake Park in order to give our students
some real world exposure and help them determine
what are the next steps that they want to take in their future. – The more they can get
exposed to career pathways, the earlier they can start
kind of narrowing their focus. – [Melissa] One of our first pathways is the Business and
Entrepreneurship pathway. And this allows students to
explore all facets of business, including marketing and entrepreneurship, sales, as well as accounting. – It gives us that really
real, raw taste of everything. – [Melissa] Our second
pathway is Technology, Engineering and Design, and in that course students have the opportunity
to engage in classes in computer science,
engineering, Intro to Coding, and our Global Technology
Communication course. – I think that this course, overall, serves as a really good introduction to the engineering field and the things that you need to know in that field. – [Melissa] Our third pathway is a Health and Human Services pathway, where students can leave
with certifications that are extremely valuable,
nursing assistant registered, Emergency Medical Responder,
Emergency Medical Technician, and we added a teacher education course. – The Teacher Education course
personally gives me insight on what it’s like to be a teacher. – I think students are learning more about who they are as a learner. You’re going beyond your
traditional book academic skills. – They’re learning time management skills. They’re learning how to budget their time and figure out how to
prioritize different tasks. Those are life skills
that they need to know regardless of the field that they go into. – What we do is we bridge the gap between school and real life. – [Melissa] We are very
intentional in incorporating core credit and college credit options along with the career experience. I think this is a great
way to get some experience before you move off into the real world. – You have found an
isolated femur fracture. No other injuries suspected. – Through the pathway,
like the teaching pathway, I was able to really understand that I do truly want to be a teacher, and that kind of motivates me
to try a little bit harder. – They are growing so much as individuals and their lens of education and the world. – [Student] I think it’s
an amazing opportunity that the school has to offer for us. – You see your purpose. You find what it is
that you want to become. – If you’re up for that type of adventure and you want to learn new
things and try new things, I think Pathways is the way to go. – [Student] Given this knowledge, I’m going to be way more
successful in the future, for sure. (upbeat music)

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  1. What an inspiring video! Can I go back to High school…as a student!? I know which school I'd attend 😉

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