Capturing the Passion of Educators: Education Week’s Video Storytelling
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Capturing the Passion of Educators: Education Week’s Video Storytelling

– Just wait for it, wait
for it, wait for it. (whistle blows) (kids playing) (inspirational music) – These children work every day and I’m thankful that I
get to be a part of that. – This is my passion. I love this. This is who I am. (inspirational music) – Teachers need to understand that their kids probably know
a lot more than they can show. – Cory, don’t send him
back up here ever again ’cause he’s a meany. He’s got my crying. – I do believe in discipline at times. If you were to ask me back then would I let my kid be
paddled if I had kids then then I would tell you yes but after it happened to me I wouldn’t want to see
it happy to no one else, you know what I’m saying? – For every child who
dies in a school shooting 99 more die of gun violence
outside the school. – Sometimes I walk around Chicago worrying whether I will die or not. – I don’t want my children to
leave Flint Community Schools with the thinking that they’re damaged. (laughter) – It don’t matter what
you want to be in life. Have the passion. And that’s something that’s
gotta come from here. – 7,321 plus 5,266 is generally like overwhelms
short term memory. We need these other tools that we have. So it’s fascinating to me that a 4000-year-old technology that was probably used to
count sheep in Mesopotamia has a similar form of doing math that we now see in the common core. – What is the common core? The common core sets down
what students should know and when they should know it. – [Teacher] Students, put transfer. – Programs are tax credit
scholarships and education. (laughter) – I’ve found that while less than. (inspirational music) (laughter)

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4 thoughts on “Capturing the Passion of Educators: Education Week’s Video Storytelling

  1. Here is the thing about your Juul video that you disabled comments on any school that limits my bathroom breaks is absurd students like myself who have IBS are already faced with long bathroom trips and the internal embarrassment that one could feel. When I have a kid if some teacher comments or asked about my sons bathroom trips the school district will be slapped with a harassment suit. My older parents probably grew up with kids smoking cigarettes on the bathroom and didn’t have such rules. Nicotine addiction aside helps with stress no one needs more councils. There needs to be a re-evaluation on the excessive hw loads that teachers dump. HW is good and I’m not saying remove it but make it more effective in lowering amounts instead of each teacher not coordinating with staff and all assigning essays and tests in the same week.

  2. My name is Audrey Pee. I am from Mississippi and in 2007 I was beat by my principle alone in his office when I was 18. He paddles and bruises me in 6th grade which resulted in swelling and bruising and my mom pressed charges on him and eventually decided that it was probably a mistake and dropped the charges. He beat me because half way thru the school year on a Monday he randomly enforced a rule that students could not show their ankles at school so teachers and students were being sent home to change. I was absent that day and was unaware of the rule. I came to school the following day wearing Capri pants that I had worn to school several times that year This rule was never in a hand book or a rule at all up until that Monday. Upon arriving a teacher told me I was going to be wrote up because of my ankles. I explained to her I was absent and was unaware of the new rule and I’d be happy to go home and change but I shouldn’t be wrote up for something I was not aware of. That’s what I was beat for. He had me alone in his office and hit me once and it hurt so bad I got sick to my stomach and stood up and he told me to bend over and I said “it hurt so bad I can’t take another” he told me to bend over and hit me again. I was on the do not paddle list. The series of events that happened after my mom pressed charges was the worst time of
    My life. I was retaliated against and they kept me from graduating saying I failed a class I didn’t. The man the best me lied and said I didn’t have the grade average to be a cheerleader and kicked me off my senior yr. well another cheerleaders father was on the school board and for some reason felt like that was done miliciously and made him add up my grades to prove that I indeed didn’t have the average required. Well, he found that I in fact did have the grades required the entire time and after missing the entire summer of cheer camps and activities he was forced to allow me back on. Come to find out they had kicked me off and added a girl who didn’t make tryouts that year in my place. Her family had money and donated to the school. They made signs at fb games raising money for his lawyer fees and the signs said we support “school name”. A black lady who was helping my mom and I navigate how to go about things, she was ran off the road leaving board meetings, bricks thrown thru her window and even had a man call her and call her racist names and said he was watching her and I old her what she was
    Wearing and he threteaned to kill her. I was harassed to the point that my mother and I had to move away. Ya see it was a 1a school and ever since this man became principle all of our sports won state championships so parents had his back. I am wanting to share my story and make a change so this stops happening to our children. I feel like my teachers and school staff were supposed to protect me but they didn’t. No one cared. Everyone treated me like a liar. My mom was flown to Washington and spoke at a conference about my story. People magazine called wanting to do a
    Story on me as well as other talk shows and so on. Ya see at that time I was scared and just wanted my story to go away so people would stop harassing me but now I’m ready to fight. Violence does not change behavior and there are abusers and predators everywhere including schools. I am wanting to shed light on my story and other victims who have suffered at the hands of small town politics and corrupt systems and shame the victims. If anyone might know anyone who could help me or guide me please contact me. My name is Audrey Pee


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