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100 thoughts on “Can You Name a Country?

  1. OH MY GOD I‘d really like to be asked to do stuff like that because these people are so f*cking DUMB like wtf do you guys in american schools even learn?!

  2. we are all more used to seeing maps with americas to the left and asia/europe/africa to the right all the production did was flip that and they were gone

  3. Welcome to California. Note to commentators: not everyone in America lives in a dumbed down consumerist/materialist neo-socialist brain-washed state that promotes blissful ignorance.

  4. They obviously only showed the dumb people, it wouldn't be entertaining if they showed everybody who did this easily.

  5. A nice touch to finish with the young chap so effortlessly showing up that bunch of dills. They may be his elders, but they sure ain't also his betters. I look forward to his appointment as Secretary of State in a future Sasha or Malia Obama Administration.

  6. For a Paradox games player, this is like the easist thing to do. I can almost name all the countries and even explain to her most of their macro history.

  7. Omg… I kinda am shocked… Like I have learned every country in Europa and Asia when I was in 7/8th grade and these don't even know were America is🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. How can people be so ignorant in the US? It is absurd that adults cannot name any country in a map. Education in the US is bullshit

  9. Either this was entirely scripted or they chose only clips of the dumbest people they met (except for the kid at the end)

  10. Can anyone tell me the reason, why are the Americans so dumb at geography ? Like any other citizen in any other country can AT LEAST FIND THEIR OWN COUNTRY ON THE FRICKING MAP

  11. Old generation: “ugh the new generation is so ignorant and bratty”

    Also old generation: doesn’t know a single country on the world map


    New generation: is naming every single country in the world and is clearly educated

  12. A lot of people in the US don't know the history of their country and the geography of it and yet act all patriotic (false patriotism, just xenophobia) saying stuff like these immigrants they ruin America.
    All of you are funkin immigrants there (exception of native Americans) not just any immigrants, illegal immigrants. And don't gimme the bulshit about it was in the past it's not on the current generation on what our ancestors did, because your fukin ancestors invaded multiple countries for a better life. Now when other people want a better life for their family through immigration you cry wolf (because of socio-economic reasons or threat to one's well-being in the country of their origin). See the irony of it all?

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