Campus Spotlight – Campus Center | De Anza College
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Campus Spotlight – Campus Center | De Anza College

[magical chimes] My name is Airan Sanchez, and I’m a Biology major here at De Anza College. So here behind me is our Campus Center. Inside the Campus Center, there’s a lot of things that are offered for students. You will also find Conference Rooms A and B, where a lot of events take place. We have different variety of food inside our cafeteria. You can get pizza … salad … to a burger. And as well as a noodle bar … which is my favorite place where I usually get a chicken teriyaki bowl. Downstairs is where the College Life department is at, where students are able to get their student ID, discount movie tickets … as well as if you ride the bus, you’ll get your VTA Clipper card … and students are able to sign up for clubs. You will also be able to find the Student Health Services. Inside there you will be able to get help if you’re feeling sick during the day. There’s always a nurse. So, yeah … overall, there’s a lot going on inside our Campus Center. Thank you guys for watching! Want more videos? Click here! You can also “like,” subscribe and follow below.

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