Cambridge Primary: Belgrano Day School, Argentina
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Cambridge Primary: Belgrano Day School, Argentina

I think Cambridge primary have changed the way we teach not only primary but thinking ahead for IGCSE and I think that that has been the great asset of having the Dixon at school the teachers are free to choose the resources they know the children will feel engaged and so we’re very pleased with that what I really enjoy about teaching Cambridge primary is the fact that my kids are highly motivated when I deliver my lessons and I also enjoy the fact that I can use different kinds of material in my lessons we adapted Cambridge primary objectives to ours according to our students needs and abilities and this has proved to be really successful Cambridge primary is very flexible even though we have our books and we have had different books so far we have always been able to adapt to the materials we have been using I used the Cambridge a primary teachers support website and I find it really useful because I have access to plenty of material Cambridge primary definitely allows me to teach creatively once I know which learning objectives to meet I start to think of my lessons and I just set my imagination racing and I am able to plan lessons that are really appealing to my learner’s in a way we had to rethink what we were going to teach and being a program in which you have to recycle the content of the time made the teachers more creative in doing so I’m feeling free to play with a with a with the content and syllabi which I think was very important for us you

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