California’s 115th Community College: Serving Adult Working Learners
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California’s 115th Community College: Serving Adult Working Learners

[ Music ] I’ve raised my niece since the day she
was born, so I know that she looks up to me. I went to sign up for college, I’m like okay, I have to do this so that Reyna [assumed
spelling] can see, you can do anything, no matter the circumstances
of where you come from. Being able to be there for my family,
that’s honestly a really big part for me, I’m going to go through every
struggle I have to. That was my entire life gone. Having a full-time job and having to go to
college at the same time, you get off work and you’re tired and you don’t have the
energy to literally drive to the school or get up and walk out of your car. It was really money and time
because my family needed me. [ Music ] Being able to have that time to say, okay, well
at least I can do this while I watch my niece, that’s really the main thing is to be
there for her, and be that support, and she knows that I know that I went through
exactly what she’s going through in that moment because I didn’t have anybody to do that for me. [ Music ] Being a full-time online college, you really can
just kind of de-stress from work for, you know, an hour so and not have to worry about leaving
or wasting your gas if that’s all the gas that you have until your next paycheck. They’re at pace kind of thing, which
for some people, is a really good thing. I don’t have to worry about 30 minutes to get
there,10 minutes for everybody to get in class, and then only have that short, compacted time. [ Music ] I honestly just love — I love learning. It sounds nerdy or weird but that’s really it. I just like the feeling of getting
knowledge and having knowledge that I’ve never had before
and using it in real life. To me, the American Dream really
means to be able to be successful in anything that you want to do in life. [ Music ]

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