By the way, High School Dating Advice
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By the way, High School Dating Advice

D: Hi everybody! Today we’re gonna be talking about relationships D: I know, I know, I know- S: -No you don’t D: Why can’t we talk about something fun D: But this will be fun! Because right now we’re just about to listen to what Stephen has to say about relationships. D: Go ahead, Stephen S: Everything’s terrible, everything sucks S: Good night, everybody! That’s the episode for today. Thanks for joining us. We’ll see you next time *group chuckling* D: Hosuh, what do you think about relationships, like what are they even? H: Okay, Daniel, so when there’s a ma- D: If I met a girl in high school, right? H: Mm-hmm. D: We met on a date, and we’re friends, and we even held hands, but we never really D: officially said we were boyfriend and girlfriend- H: Wait, in high school?! D: Yeah, are we in a relationship? S: Of course? H: No wait YOU had this relationship? D: No, no this is just an example H: I was like, “I didn’t know about this” H: You guys have never spoken to each other that you guys like each other, but you guys just held hands D: We’ve held hands, we went on dates, we’ve done a lot of things, but it’s never official D: does that mean you never in a relationship or…? S: Yes, yea H: No. S: Why? H: Okay, I think yes in the sense that where you two like each other and you guys are good to go H: Good job, *clapclap* but like I think you should at least say it out loud and confirm that both of you like each other. D: You know, why Hosuh is saying this cuz cuz he has so many side chicks, he can’t handle it. *chuckling over Hosuh slamming his head in the background* S: Honestly, the most awkward thing you could ever do is think that you’re dating someone, and going S: into a relationship, but then all of a sudden they’re like, “What? I thought we were just friends.” D: So there’s a lot of students in high school and even middle school or even elementary school D: they they like someone but they can’t get the courage to ask them out, like, what would be your recommendation to them D: well, what would you say to them to help them H: So usually, H: when they’re scared to ask someone out, it’s because they think their friendships gonna be ruined if they ask them out H: which is true. S: WOW D: *laughs* S: So blunt H: No, but I think it is true H: once you ask someone out, it’s so awkward to keep being friends with this person afterwards H: I asked someone out and then they’re like, they shut me down and then, I don’t talk then more *more group laughing* S: Cut them out of your life you don’t need that negativity H: What if someone asked you out and you just wanted to be friends? S: Wouldn’t you want to know? S: That’s my idea behind it. Wouldn’t you want to know what they would say you’re sitting there? S: just waiting, just being anxious about what they’ll say, but don’t you want to just go up there and say like, S: “Hey, do you like me?” S: Not that bluntly, but like S: obviously, you can tell that I talked to so many girls I get more tail than a S: Vulpix. D: I do that thing. I do the D: “compliment and make fun of” test. S: “Hey, your boobs are nice” D: “It’s a test where you can do it, and afterwards, nothing will be awkward D: but you can kind of tell how they take your compliments, right? What is this? I’ve never heard of this H: What is this? I’ve never heard of this D: It’s called the “Daniel Strategy,” okay? H: “Daniel Strategy 101,” let’s hear it. D: So let’s say Stephens the girl- S: *In a high-pitched voice* “Oh hello Daniel! I didn’t know you swung this way! It’s okay!” D: “Hey Stephen man, your hair looks really beautiful today”- S: *still in the voice* “It always does, touch my body” D: I mean it looked like shit yesterday, but I guess it looks good today… *laughing at Stephen’s impression of the female gender* H: What (unintelligible) do you hang around with, Stephen? D: I don’t – Stephen have you never talked to a girl? S: *Finally, he’s returned to normal* I can’t do girl voices. That’s why I just pitch it higher. H: Okay, so what was the point of that Daniel? D: So, it’s called the push-and-pull effect, right. H: Kay. D: You pull them in with the compliment like “hey, you look really beautiful today but I mean I’m a blind bat D: so what would I know.” It’s kind of those things are like you you pull them in, but then you choke it off D: so the compliment isn’t awkward. If they like the joke more than the compliment, D: there’s a high chance. They don’t like you D: but if they like the compliment more than the joke, there’s probably the chance that they like you H: I don’t know, that wasn’t that wasn’t a good joke, so… S: Obviously. H: I’m pretty sure they’ll take the compliment more… S: Pessimist here. What are the only two outcomes of a relationship, marriage or otherwise? D: Either death and divorce. S: Yeah, exactly S: is the happiness worth the pain you feel at the end of it? H: My uncle passed away, if I were to ask my aunt, “was it worth it? H: Like was it worth the love or the effort you put in to it after he passed away?” H: I know she was really sad afterwards, but I 100% think she’ll say it was worth it. H: I don’t know what to say, I mea- S: WELL I DO, Stephen loves himself S: first and foremost, and every one of you out there should as well. You’re gonna be living with yourself S: for the longest. If you hate yourself, S: that’s gonna be the longest S: 70-some years of your life. So it’s honestly, love yourself first and foremost, then everyone comes second. H: I have a question, what was the point of this video though? *group “uhhh”* H: What were we trying to… D: I don’t know. H: I think we should have narrowed it down at least D: Yeah, like it should have been like breakups, ex, how to ask someone out. H: Yeah, why didn’t we do that? D: Yeah, don’t worry about it. It was fun. See you guys in the next video. D: Bye!

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100 thoughts on “By the way, High School Dating Advice

  1. I'd take the joke over a compliment. I fricking HATE romance


  2. My friend asked me out was at a school Camp trip ,my friends told me that (I will call him z) z wanted to talk to me and thay hid behind a log watching me and z. When he asked me out I died a was really awkward.
    It felt like hours of awkward silence.then I told him that I would think about it (because I didn't want to make him sad) then I told my friend to tell him I said no.

    Me and z are somehow still friends.

  3. that awkward moment when someone likes you and you like them back but nobody wants to make a move cuz you're so damn nervous 😂

  4. Daniels plan is actually smart, and it works. You flirt or compliment someone and just see how they react to it and then you’ll know. If it’s a good reaction then they clearly like you, if not, you’re just friends and can play off the flirting or compliment as a joke. 🤷‍♀️

  5. Do any of you think this would work
    Your eyes are pretty but what do I know I need a extra pair I have glasses

  6. this is in my recommendation..

    im actually a 10 year and i already know this things XD

  7. Remember: never watch DanPlan in bus. People will look at u and thing: ,,OMG. This kid is so annoying". 😶 -> cuz I laught so loud

  8. Wait! I did NOT sign up for this feels trip!! And to make it so blunt I was wheezing one minute and fails to contain my tears the next?…("worth it" "love yourself")

    Yep. I just love yall.

  9. For some reason when I have a crush or someone I like I can’t not tell them, I don’t know why but I just have a feeling, not really a nervous one but a nagging feeling that can’t allow me to keep it a secret.

  10. You can be with some one but at the same time not be in a relationship, it's very wired and complicated, you bought like eachuder but bought of yall are not sure yall are ready for the commitment just yet, so yall just keep it a secret from everyone

  11. Watching in 2019, and when it got to 4:47, I just remembered my great grandad passes away a few days ago…

    Also, sorry for your loss Hosuh

  12. Hosuh Having a bunch of Side chicks is so…………… not believable, he’s to much of a cinnamon roll 🥰🤧

  13. Can i just say that…. stephen’s first reaction that he said right in the intro of the vid was kind of the same of a protagonist of a yaoi manga before he started become a….well yeah gay. (😞こめんなさい for saying it)((don’t hate me pls))

  14. I'm not going to get in one
    I'm just not going to
    I don't need one
    Being singles great

  15. This is recommend to me after my crush who just made me friends with benefits abandoned me waw im a third year highschool student bte

  16. When you date you either get married or you get your heart broken. I am too young to get married and I don't want to get my heart broken so don't date in high school

  17. I’m still friends with my ex’s lmao 😂
    I live in a small reserve and guess what

    Some of them are my cousins ewww😂

  18. i will not listen to this
    take's off headphone's
    walk's down the street
    bye's potato's with pocket money
    walk's home
    Vid is still playing
    throw's the pc out the window

  19. Don't be wasting your time trying to get into a relationship in high school because that's going to make your grade go down south so education comes first

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