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– Guys, I’m so clumsy. I need one of these. Ow! – Would you like that? – Thank you. See, I need this in my life. I need it and I like pizza. Win win. – In today’s video, we buy all our school supplies
in alphabetical order. But, before we get started,
subscribe to our channel and give us a big thumbs up. – [Everyone] Hi SOTY family. – Guys, it has came down to the wire. School is starting any day now! – Which means it’s time to go shopping! – But shopping’s boring, so we’re going to try to make it fun. – So we are gonna buy
our school supplies in – [All] Alphabetical order! – So we’re going to buy
all of our school supplies from A to Z which means how
much we’re going to get is (clock ticking) 26 things? – Yes, 26 things. – And we’re gonna do it
in our brand new shoes! – Cue the shoe montage! (playful pop music) – Now let’s go shopping! – All right, we’re here, crowds and all. – Apparently a lot of
people procrastinated back to school shopping. – Yeah, like us, guys. We’re so bad. – All right guys, let’s
jump right into it. Our first letter is obviously A. Doesn’t count. – All right, what school
supplies can we get that starts with the letter A? Apple. – That’s food. – A-rangutan? – Uh, you need to go back to school. That starts with an O. – Uh, what starts with an A? This is harder than I thought it would be! We can’t even get the first letter. – Guys, I know, know, know. Art supplies! – What’s the rush? – I have art supplies. – Wait! Look what I found, and it starts with A. – It’s clay! – (gasps) Forget this! Check off letter A. Moving on to B! – [All] Backpacks! – That by far was the easiest letter. – We’ve only done two so far. – There’s so many backpacks! – Ooooh. – [Girl] Backpack! – This is mine. – I can’t make up my mind,
where’s the Harry Potter ones? This will work, though. – I hate decisions, guys, and there’s so much to choose from! – So, can I get a backpack and a binder? I need one, really bad. – (sighs) Yes. – All right. – Really? And, guys, guess what? I picked my backpack! – I got a princess backpack. – Cue the backpack montage! (upbeat music) – All right, guys, it is
time for my favorite letter in the alphabet: C! I don’t know why, it
just is for some reason. Where are those cats? – What’s up with Stephen and animals? – Dogs. – Calculator? Color pencils? – Crayons? – Computer! – Yeah. (everyone screaming) – Wait, guys. We didn’t clarify. Are we really getting a computer? – Cellphone? – Colored pencils. I love colored pencils. – It’s pink, guys. – Crayons. – All right, guys, we’re
done with letter C, now we’re on to letter D. – I think Stephen might need deodorant. – [Parker] I need my own deodorant. – It happens to be right here! – And in our cart.
– Blake! – I guess Parker needs deodorant, too. She really did. – Wait, wait, guys. I have solved the issue with the letter D. I need a dry erase board. Dry erase board, we’re
getting a dry erase board. – You’re not going to school, Mom, but I’ll let you get it. – What about decorations? (gasps) Locker decorations! That starts with a D! – She doesn’t have a locker. – I don’t have one yet. This is so cute! What is it? – All right, guys, I have
the perfect thing for E. And you know what? E is my new favorite letter because it stands for everything! Guys, thanks for watching
today, this video is over. – Guys, don’t listen to him. – Literally, we can just say everything and be done, we can go home. We can play fortnight. – How about we just get an eraser and then move on to the letter F? These will work. – F, F. What starts with F? I have no idea what could start
with F for school supplies. – Folders! – Duh! (upbeat music) – The next letter is G. Glue! Glue is perfect! – This will make a lot of slime. – What about a globe? I always wanted one of those. – Me too! Let’s go get one. – Yes, I found one! Whooo! – All right, our next letter is: – [All] H! – That was kind of loud,
guys, we’re in a store. – I don’t have to move,
guys, I already see it. Headphones! – Cute! – Hey Stephen, I’m going
to put these ones for you. – [Stephen] Oh yeah, thanks. – All right, guys, I thought
H was going to be hard, but these kids are
surprising me, seriously. – It’s time for I! – Ice pack! – iPad! – I don’t think so. – I found a unicorn ice pack. – Guys, I’m so clumsy,
I need one of these. Ow! – Would you like that? – Thank you. See, I need this in my life. I need it and I like pizza. Win win. The next level is J. – Level? Don’t you mean letter J? – Yes, letter. – J is so hard. – What about a jacket? – That’s not a school supply. – What about a book jacket? Get it? A jacket for books? (chuckles) – It works. – I count it. – Blake!
– All right, we did J, now it’s time for K. – Clipboard! – Cubby! – Good thing school starts soon, guys. – Wait, I don’t get it. – Exactly. – Carrot? – Guys, help us. We have been roaming all of these supplies and we cannot find a single
thing that starts with a K. And guys, I need to get
to the Ls, seriously. I need something in the Ls. – Kitten. – You know what, get it. Gotta be done. – I’ve saved the day. – (gasps) So cute! Look at it. – Guys, it is finally letter L and I’m taking over because
I want something so bad. Is that okay? I don’t care what she thinks.
– Yeah. – Okay, guys, I want this! Label maker starts with
the letter L, guys. Yes! – Label makers? What about lunch boxes? – Cue the lunch box montage. (upbeat music) – Guys, we are on M. We’re halfway through. We’ve been doing this for awhile now, and guess what? The store is closing. – But I didn’t get all
of my school supplies! – M, we need to find an M! – [Man] May I please have your attention? The store will be closing in five minutes. – We’ve gotta go! – [Man] Please bring your
items to the checkout now. We thank you for shopping with us today. – Wait, wait, wait,
wait, guys, before we go. M for map! All right, now we’re going
to have to get out of here. All right, guys, we
successfully got A through M. Is that good? – And we got all these school supplies! (everyone cheering) – But we still didn’t
get everything we needed. – What about N through Z? – Does that mean we’ve
failed this challenge? – Then how do we get the
rest of our school supplies? – Subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow! – [All] Bye! – Calculator? – Color pencils. – Crayons? – Computer! – Yeah. (everyone screaming) (Lively Music)

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