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It’s one of the three most dangerous sharks
in the world and it can live in fresh water! I’m Jonathan Bird and this is Shark Academy! The Bull Shark is found all over the world
in warm, tropical, coastal waters. But, they also go up rivers into fresh water. This is
the only shark that has been found all the way up the Mississippi River…in Illinois!
That’s really far! These are sharks…they’re like ten feet long,
and they jump rapids like salmon to travel up the river from the ocean to lake Nicaragua. Bull sharks are pretty cool because they eat
just about anything. They will eat fish. They will eat stingrays. They will even eat other
sharks. In fact they will eat their brother-in-law’s kids. It’s true. The Bull Shark is one of the few sharks in
the world that has the physiology to be able to tolerate fresh water at all, and it’s a
great defense mechanism because: guess where they give birth to their pups? In fresh water,
up rivers, where other sharks can’t go. Pretty clever because their pups are born in a place
where they’re safe from larger sharks. Bull Sharks are known to be aggressive and
territorial, and they like to live in shallow, coastal, turbid, sort-of murky water. And
guess what also hangs out there? People! We like to go swimming off the beach where it’s
really murky and shallow and turbid. That is where a lot of Bull Shark attacks happen–not
because they want to eat a human. It’s just, you know, it’s kind of murky and they’re hungry,
and there’s some stuff moving over there and…what are you gonna do? So, you know that book and movie called Jaws
about a killer Great White Shark? Well, it turns out they were based on real-life shark
attacks called the Jersey Shore shark attacks, which happened in 1916. There’s only one small
detail: those attacks occurred way up a river in fresh water and there’s no way that a Great
White Shark did it. In fact we know now that because those attacks were way up a river
in fresh water, they were probably Bull Sharks. How can I possibly say everything there is
to say about Bull sharks in two minutes? I can’t do it, but I can tell you this: I had
an amazing experience feeding Bull sharks in Mexico last year and it’s amazing to see.
Click the link below and check it out! Until next time, I’m Jonathan Bird and this is Shark

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61 thoughts on “Bull Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. there shouldnt have to be an explanation on why bulls attack so many ppl. they live in the shallows, we swim in the shallows. that sentence alone should explain the attacks. bulls arent eating us, they're biting us. im sure we kill more bulls or sharks in general a year than sharks kill us. sharks are freakin awesome.

  2. I love your videos Jonathan keep up the good work I was gunna ask you how do you tell the difference between a male great white and a female great white?

  3. I love your video's man, your not one of those super scientific people who don't have much of any personality to talking about or explaining sharks you have humor and good facts which make it funner to watch 🙂 

  4. I know its most likely that a Bull Shark were responsible for the attacks of 1916, but could there also be a White Shark that killed a few people because people caught a White Shark in Raritan Bay and it had human bones inside its stomach. So could there have been a Bull Shark and a White Shark?

  5. One can easily tell the difference between white sharks and tigers, but aren't bull sharks a little bit hard to differentiate from other species such as reef sharks?

  6. I was once at a beach in Florida and I was boogie boarding. All of the sudden I felt something nudge my foot so I look down and it's a bull shark! I personally am terrified of the ocean so the fact that I was boogie boarding is beyond me. But I was also caught in a riptide being carried out to deep water. I was 11-12 at the time and read a lot about the ocean and shark behaviors so I knew that it was testing me to see if it would eat me. It did not andim even more afraid of the sea.

  7. You should know that modt sharks especially the top 3 man eaters have great vision. About as good as cats, so they know very well what they are biting.

  8. I love sharks. I have had an encounter with a bull shark in a lake that was extremely murky by my uncle's house. Me and my uncle were spear fishing and I went in the water and I had just speared a fish when the bull shark swam by me. It was close enough to touch so I gave it one of my fish that I had caught. It didn't bother me but it's skin was like sandpaper. That was my first ever experience with a shark and I was hooked on them from that day on . I still try to go back to that spot and see if anymore are there but I haven't had luck yet.

  9. From what I heard bull sharks are not the only fresh water sharks. I heard of other freshwater shark species in Australia which are extremely rare.

  10. Jonathan,I love and care for all sharks, they are so cute even if they are very deadly you should still care for them

  11. How are you going to use sugar Bay Beach Resort as an example of murky water? If you're going to use an example of murky water use Florida or something not the Virgin Islands.

  12. Hey Jonathan Bird did you know bull sharks are not the only freshwater sharks? The genus Glyphis is a group of sharks that live in freshwater: Borneo river shark, Ganges shark, New Guinea river shark, Speartooth shark, and Irrawaddy river shark. PS. I watch your videos over and over again, I really like them. Andy, 10 years old in San Diego.

  13. Hey Jonathan, did you know the first big shark I saw was the, Bull Shark?! And, I was scared of sharks back then, but now that I studied them, I LOVE THEM NOW!

  14. I think Bull Sharks, in my opinion, are cute. 🦈
    And when you said the Bull Shark would eat their brother in law's kids, BEST LINE EVER

  15. Jonathan, I have some more questions
    1. Did you use a re-breather when you were filming Thresher Sharks?
    2. Do you, well, do you think I'm funny?

  16. Jonathan I'm probably going to do my own Shark show that talks about
    Sharks just like yours! Called Awesome Sharks.
    Can you guess which shark is going to be in the first episode?

  17. I subscribed. I recommend you do a video on the box jellyfish but at least on blue world academy since they are small and poisonous and hard to see and it wouldn't be fun ti get stung by one on your trip to finds them. Love your channel. I hope you reach 1 million subscribers.

  18. Top 10 Most Dangerous Freshwater Fishes in the world
    1.Bull Shark
    3.Electric eel
    4.Wels Catfish
    5.Allagator gar
    6.Goliath Tigerfish
    8.Vampire fish
    9.Freshwater Stingray
    10.Freshwater Pufferfish

  19. Not to mention water hazards in golf courses heehee!!! There you are, playing golf in Melbourne, when your ball plunges into a water hazard. You think it's chill, cause Melbourne is in the south & salties are Northern Australian creatures. But NOPE!!! There are big old fins sticking out, fins like triangular warning signs alerting you to the presence of sharkies: Bull sharkies!!!

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