Building an Inclusive Classroom: Learning Tools Help Students Thrive at Louis Riel
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Building an Inclusive Classroom: Learning Tools Help Students Thrive at Louis Riel

[MUSIC]>>What excites me is really finding new and different ways to help
students reach their potential. One of the goals of the
Assistive Technology Project was to keep students
with their peers.>>I really love, love stories, it’s just hard that I
can’t read or write one.>>With dyslexia, you’re having
to spend your day decoding.>>When I was in grade four, I asked my table, “How do you spell the word, lion?” And they laughed and laughed.>>In order to reduce
the achievement gap, we needed to leverage
Microsoft technology. We add 24 students
between the grades of four and eight within the English
and French immersion tracks.>>Our group of students included: learning disabilities, ADHD, dyslexia, Low Cog kids,
students with autism, and students with motor difficulties. We needed to ensure
that educators were set up for success and so we hosted
a half-day training session.>>I really like writing on
the computer because I don’t have to ask everybody,
“What does this say?”>>I think one of the
most exciting parts of the project is with Learning Tools, teachers were able to
see measurable outcomes. Beyond that it was free.>>One innovative way that
we’ve introduced OneNote to our classes is a digital
escape room to use Dictate, Immersive Reader,
or the Translate tool. For many students, the
pen is the cage that stops them from learning what
they’re truly capable of doing. As we shift into a more
differentiated learning model, we’re building a more
inclusive classroom. Office Lens has been very useful in allowing us to log student work specifically to those students. In that way, I can
have my class reading the same material at seven or
eight different reading levels.>>Microsoft Learning Tools have
created an equal playing field. Using Power BI, we saw definite
increases in academic achievement.>>I’m also dyslexic and I struggled in school but my
experience was very different. I’m always in awe of the
confidence that Payton exudes. I’m very proud of you. I always felt limited. Payton feels limitless.>>Even though I’m
dyslexic, I would say, if you’re having troubles
reading, writing, don’t be ashamed of yourself, be confident of where
you are right now. [MUSIC]

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