BSD Teacher Provides Courageous Support Outside the Classroom
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BSD Teacher Provides Courageous Support Outside the Classroom

My name is David Tomihiro and I’m an
English teacher here at Bellevue High School. One of the things I think is
special about the district is how they value education and they, you know, they
put their efforts there. I think when it comes to safety or equity we’re always
at the forefront because we authentically care. So it was last June, right before finals
week. You know, beautiful, getting into the summer. And I’m going out to Baring,
Washington to camp at my, you know, buddy’s cabin. And then, you know, about
8:30 we heard “BOOM”. Jeremy like grabs his hatchet thinking, bear attack, and I’m
like – somebody’s hurt. I grabbed my med pack and we booked it over there. We’re
there in like less than 10 seconds and this guy is on the ground, just screaming. Next thing I know, I’m in the mud, I’m pulling my med pack open, pulling this tourniquet
out and like opening it up and strapping it to this guy’s leg. Once I had this
thing strapped on the guy’s leg, I’d done all I could and now it was out of my
hands. I sat down and I was holding his hand and we were waiting. And when
seconds count it’s like help is minutes away and for me it was 21 minutes. 21
minutes in the mud holding a guy’s hand is a really, really long time. And there’s
a sense of powerlessness that went with it. But the little I was able to do was –
it was effective enough to save a guy’s life. You know the training…what do you
say…it was the thing I fell back on, it wasn’t all the years of experience that
I had before. It was the most recent, the most advanced piece of training I had
and I just responded. Yeah, it was… life-changing, you know? And it could have
gone so much worse, right? Without this training, I’m probably watching this guy
bleed out. And that’s traumatic, right? Like it’s a completely different story
that I’m having to tell you. But because of this, you know, this life-saving
training, this thing has changed my life so substantially. And with just an hour
training, five minutes with this thing in your hands, you can save that life. And that would be like my message to
anybody – is, kind of get out there and raise your minimum level of training
because you make everyone else safer by just being safe yourself.

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